It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.


Alternative fuel

Not every one is a blithering imbecile. Someone at Rice University, in Houston by the way, came up with a way to better utilize a byproduct of making biodiesel. Glycerin is highly caustic. Remember, nitroglycerin is highly explosive. Well someone put two and two together to come up with a use for it as ethanol for another alternative fuel. Someone was paying attention in class.

Rice has always had a place in my hear. They were the first institution of higher learning to turn me down.

MS-13 Mistrial

As one juror broke down in sobs and two others started to cry, state District Judge Devon Anderson declared a mistrial Friday in the Ashley Benton murder trial, saying the jury had been deadlocked for six hours.

Anderson set a hearing in two weeks to determine how to proceed against Benton in the killing of a rival gang's leader. Both sides said they will evaluate their positions. The case could be retried or a plea deal may be struck.

I cannot believe this chick is going to get less than murder. She went to a gang fight with a knife. What the hell did she think was supposed to happen?

Is six hours all it takes to be deadlocked these days? Who the hell was on the jury? I'm sure the one who sobbed was a mother. This is the problem with having a diverse society. Pretty teenage murderers get off for no good reason. Let's hear the story of how she got in the gang. Did she have to commit a crime or have sex with people in the gang? Sometimes pretty rubs right off.

4x4 on the street

The other day I was waiting for Nat to pick me up at work and I noticed three huge diesel 4x4 pickups roll by. They were just lumbering through the city and each appeared to only have one occupant. I could feel the curvature of the Earth shift. How they didn't sink in to the concrete ... That heavy of a truck is all but useless as a 4x4 anyway. I have a buddy who put huge balloon tires on one and he can actual drive it on the grass without instantly sinking to the frame. If you have normal street tires you will get stuck in wet grass. I've seen it done. All four tires spinning. The grass was only deep as the tire. Everyone thought the driver found some mud, but no. The truck was simply spinning it's wheels on grass. ... Useless.

God, they are cool though.

Corporate Orgy Planner

Now, that's a job title I want on my resume. it all stems from an NPR story this morning about a book I believe was called working from IX to V. It's about jobs of ancient Rome and maybe some other places. Well, the first orgy planners were priests. Go figure.


Small Talk

Lunch Conversation

  • How much the rap phenomena was like 1970 country.
    • Bling, Country was all about dope, money and broads in the 1970's. Modern hip-hop is pretty much the same.
    • Lyrics: The lyrics are all about dope, money and broads.
    • They typically mention their own name in their music so you remember who you are listening to because all the songs sound the same.
    • Liberal sprinkling of the "N" word.
  • Video game rubbish.
  • Soccer tonight and the chances of rain.


I called my mom. I like calling her because she is always happy to hear from me. They are headed to a huge flea market this weekend. Sounds like one of those things I would have hated as a kid. I have no idea what Nat and I are up to this weekend. Elle has some party to go to. That should be interesting. I might end up with some pictures out of it.


What's up with the weather lately? I remember complaining that it rained every day at 3:00 when I walked out of work for the haul to the bus. Now, it is pretty much the same thing at 6:00. It didn't follow me. It is just sunny then rainy then sunny then rainy again all day. I thought it was supposed to be nice last weekend. It wasn't really. I've heard the weather will be yucky over the Fourth holiday. Great. I hope I heard wrong. As I type, there is thunder rolling around outside my window. Yet, the sun is shining in.


The email program I use at work is called Thunderbird. It sucks. It goes away every time you try to delete a bullet. Pain in the ass because half the emails I send around at work have some sort of bulleted list in them. I'm afraid to upgrade because it is Linux and thing fall apart if you don't do it right. They do in Windows too, but no one seems to care about that.


Aquatic Smart Car

Category: Dunk  Talk

I've had it in my head about modifying a Smart Car so that it floats and runs on water as well as land. Ever since I saw the episode of Top Gear where the guys made old heaps float, I've thought "You should use something small and light like a Smart Car." Well, I cannot get it o of my head. It would work I tell you.

The car is already plastic. Rig up a pan on the bottom and seal it. Use the guts from a Jet-ski. I bet you wouldn't even need to use the engine from the jet-ski. Those things are modular from what I've seen. The hard part would be making the controls and other stuff go through the water tight bits to the water. That is the challenge on all water craft.

(See what I mean about drunk talk?)

Programmers vs. Users (prerequisites)

Category: Venting

Programmers HATE the idea of prerequisite packages. That is when building a software package or an RPM, when a message pops up that says another package is required. This is wonderful. It keeps the bare minimum number of prerequisites for a given package. I'm just surprised how strongly programmers try to avoid them. That is a good thing too. It does help me understand why I have to do so much work to get things to work from a user point of view. On Windows, most packages include what they need. This leads to DLL hell.  In open source, you are not really aloud to include other folks stuff unless you comply with all kinds of rules so they don't. The user has to track shit down and make it work. Good for programmers. Bad for customers. Well, not so much bad as annoying.

Which is better? Well, It depends on who you are. They are both good and bad. Users buy software. If it is annoying, they will find alternatives. Programmers, well, are programmers. They want things to work. Every other decision we make is to eliminate users having to call us for support. that is a good thing for both users and programmers. Sacrifices are made in the design. Alternatives like etching your data on a clay tablet, start to look better.

You get the dilemma? I'm bad at explaining this stuff. I'll give up before I explain my way into a corner.

Blogging Stuff

Nat said I left a bunch of stuff out of the Smart Car post from yesterday. She said I left out the bit that she would like the car as a run-about during the day while Elle is in school and that sort of thing. I stick to the fact that it can't hold the family so there would come times that she would have to run home and get the other car when she could have just swept by and got us on the way home from her errands. That point kind of fell through.

I'm lucky in one way, I know for a fact that my boss reads my blog. I am not tempted to say anything bad about him (here). He is an old friend of mine so if I had anything to say, I could catch him outside of work if need be and bring it up. Our friendship would survive most crap. It has so far anyway.

I could probably think of other stuff. My blog serves the following purposes in my life.

  • Vent (bitch and moan).
    I need an outlet to say some of the things that I cannot say to people's faces. There are times it isn't a a person. I might be mad at God or tired of the world and I just want to stand on top of a mountain and shout at the whole place at once.
  • Other outlet.
    I'm not sure how to explain it, but this blog satisfies my creative need for the most part. I put pictures and thoughts up here. I sometimes get stories stuck in my head and put them here to get them out. Expect something about an aquatic Smart Car soon. Ever since I saw the aquatic Top Gear It has stuck in my head about building a home made Perfect Houston Car, an aquatic Smart Car.
    • Drunk talk.
      You know what I mean. Where you have a few drinks and cook up some goofy idea and people build on it. How many space stations or cures for cancer have been built in people's minds while having the drunk conversation that never got recorded? Well, people think up that goofy stuff and only feel confident enough to talk about it while getting smashed among fiends. I do it here, because I don't drink much.
  • Spark conversation.
    Nothing puts a smile on my face like blogging something that we spoke about somewhere or, even better, someone mentions that they saw something on my blog and we end up talking about it. That is a kick.
  • Remember things over the long term.
    I've blogged about things that I know I'll need to know about in the future. These are usually computer related and I have a feeling that I'll need the same info again someday. This is a bad use of a blog really.
  • Tell people about me.
    "How far can you see?"
  • Help people keep up with what is going on in my life.
    I am paranoid about blogging events before they happen because someone might use the info to rob my house or something. Blogging after the fact is OK. Besides, what else is a blog for?
  • Leave a legacy.
    Not that it is a wonderful legacy. It is nice knowing the information here has a chance of out lasting me. Maybe after I'm dead, I'll get some hits. =]

Everything on this blog is filtered through my prospective. I make plenty of excuses, but that is just the way it is. I do not let any one else put in their two cents unless in a quote, hearsay or a comment. I've been thinking of killing the comments because of all the spam that goes on. I haven't been hit too many times, but once is enough to piss you off.

My first post started with "So, why a blog?" I've had some time to work out the details.


Quick pic from a couple of days ago

Nat and Elle Reading on the couch

Smart Car

Nat and I pulled past our first Smart Car this morning on our way in. It was gray. I thought the whole point to a Smart Car is that they were hip and a bit outrageous. It seemed to be rolling along just fine. There are better ways to get 50 mpg. They are light, easy to park, good economy, and they are pretty cheap to begin with. They are little icy-tincy cars though. People worry about getting in wrecks with them. They are actually not that bad in a crash. Smart Cars are not highly rated though. There are worse new cars you could be caught dead in - so to speak.

Smart cars are all over Europe. They were featured in two movies that I remember lately. The remake of The Pink Panther, and The Da Vinci  Code. One of which had a car chase in a Smart.

I found out today they make a convertible. I thought it was a death trap before. Nat said she would like one for running around town. It will be fine when Elle is at collage, but there is no room for a child seat. I believe it has air-bags too. They are worth a look for sure.

Why do engineers like the Smart? Because there is plenty of room for improvement.

Screen Saver

I mentioned that I switched to the XScreensaver a couple of days ago. I wanted the one minute delay on the screen lock. There is one annoying feature of this screen saver. When you type in the wrong password, it says "Sorry" after not letting you in. That bugs me. I was the one who typed in the wrong password. The computer didn't do anything wrong. It should say "are you sure you are who you think you are?" or something like that.

Also, I felt a strange sense of accomplishment after making the screen saver work. It was nothing really. I should have done it a long time ago if it made me feel that much better about my computer. The one feature I wanted, I don't even use that often. Oh, well. I'll take it.


Toyota Prius

Rubbish! A good small diesel does better on economy. This is something I've heard elsewhere. Nat said she wanted to go do a test drive of a hybrid car. I don't mind that a bit. It really sucks that we have no diesel option for smaller vehicles in this country. They are a great idea. They have a few rankles to iron out yet.

We'll wait.


I've dreamed of taking a lap around the track on Top Gear. Well, it's been done. The bloke taking the plunge was blinded in military service to Great Briton. He beat some sighted folks. He did it with audible help from the host. The help wasn't that much. It reminds me of the 'navigator' in the passenger seat of a rally car.

Well done.


I think we should get better gas mileage in our Corolla. I did the math recently with Nat's help and it comes out to about 33 mpg. That is real rubber on the road numbers. Toyota claims it was supposed to get 41 (stick) or 38 (automatic) in normal driving. Where are they driving the cars they test anyway? I suspect that other five miles per gallon goes for air conditioning and sitting in fast food queues. It upsets me that the numbers are so far off.

I have to say, so far the car has been high quality. Nat and I both want a larger vehicle. It is going to be a while before we can afford one. I do not look forward to spending even more money on gas. We have cheap gas in this country relatively speaking. That doesn't make it any easier to pay the bill every month. I will insist on sticking with Toyota for the next vehicle. Even if it means sacrificing features or economy. I'm addicted to a vehicle that runs when you turn the key. Since I cannot go 'save' Nat when something goes wrong, I want to make sure as little goes wrong as I can.

The Math

Nat took down some numbers at a fill-up. I believe the car was at a quarter of a tank when this was taken.

  • 335 miles
  • 2.83.9 per gallon
  • $29.01 cost
  • (10.2 gallons)
  • 32.8 mpg (roughly)


Party pictures

Nat is off at a multi day party in Galveston. She took a few pictures with her phone. I have them here.

Friend's weddingFriend's weddingFriend's weddingFriend's weddingFriend's weddingFriend's wedding
Friend's weddingFriend's weddingFriend's weddingFriend's weddingFriend's weddingFriend's wedding
Friend's weddingFriend's weddingFriend's weddingFriend's weddingFriend's weddingFriend's wedding

That last row is a cake. Julie's husband Don did a wonderful job.


I bothered to change the software on my home machine (the one I'm typing on now) for one little feature. Normally, I use only the blank screen, screen saver. The screen saver I came off of is the gnome-screensaver. Competent, but lacking in the one feature I wanted. The XScreensaver seems to have all the same screen saver modes, but less choppy animation. It also has the one feature I wanted.

The one feature was a one minute delay between the screen saver kicking in and the computer requiring a password to clear. I had it with the screen saver kicking in and I had to type in my password to view the rest of my TV show. I've found myself watching TV on my computer more than on the box itself.


Little Things of the Day

  • I noticed three old yellow Jeeps on the way in this morning. I noticed Some kind of yellow Hummer, the military kind, as well.
  • Cindy Lopper is 54 today (Fifty-freaking-Four!!!!)
  • 311 does not cover where I live.
  • I'm missing a friend's wedding because I have to work and because I cannot drive.


Work Related Note

I do not miss the old job. I miss being the genius. At my old job, I was brilliant. Every one came to me with computer issues and I was able to fix things left and right. I was a go to guy. Now, I'm not a go to guy any more. I have gotten much better since I started this job. The people here are all brilliant. They are all capable. They are all excellent at what they do. At least, as far as I can tell.

At my old job, I was a cog in a huge machine. Here I'm a cog in a small efficient machine. There was a lot of waist at the old job. There were people who found their niche and just stagnated. At the new job, people are robust. I struggle to keep up. That's a good thing.I like the challenge. I worry I will satisfy the company's needs.

I have a buddy I've known for years who works here. He runs the DnD game most of the time. I always wondered how he did such a stressful job and still did all the stuff he managed to do in his home life. Now, I'm completely lost. I envy his balance.

This morning I thought I found a problem with one of our software packages. No biggie, that's why I'm here. I wrote up the bug and put it out on the bug reporting tool. Two minutes later someone replied "You are using the wrong variable." and showed me what I had done. I knew the moment I read that line that this was a case of creeping-dumbass. That is where an otherwise capable person makes a rookie mistake because they are too busy paying attention to everything else that's going on. It is a symptom of multitasking. The only cure I'm aware of is to slow down, focus on one thing at a time and make sure you complete tasks in stead of leaving things hang.

Half a hike

So, the tole road people hiked prices by $0.25 across the board. Then they hiked one tole road by double. Now they pulled the one tole road hike back. The $0.25 hike is still in effect. Sounds like a great way to distract people from remembering the across the board hike if you ask me. Reminds me of the temporary tax conundrum.


Yoda on the Desktop

Yoda on the desktop

This is the only perk for working at Blockbuster. He had to move it from his apartment to his parent's place because it was freaking him out every time he walked past it. Pretty cool in my book.

Shame on me

So, something interesting happened to me this morning on the way to work. It was out of the ordinary. It was kind of a pain in the ass, but not too threatening immediately. There was a stripped car abandon practically in front of my house. It was just a few meters toward Westheimer right in the middle of the road. I called Harris county and reported it. There was no engine or seats. The front clip had been taken. I explained to the lady on the other end that thieves take the engines out of Auras and put them in small Honda Civics. I have a friend with a similar car so it kind of hits close to home. One other thing about the car that worried me where the wheels. Whomever stripped it bothered to put some small crappy wheels on it. That means they either towed it there or pushed it. That means it was probably stripped in the shitty neighborhood I live in.

So, why shame on me? I didn't take a picture. What was I thinking? I had two cameras on me and I just walked off mumbling to myself about the shitty neighborhood I live in. It would have been a great time to use the phone camera if nothing else. I'm getting old.

This isn't the first time I've done this sort of thing on my morning commute. I have a history of warring blinders during my morning routine. I could walk past a flock of two headed terradacty. and not notice much less take a picture.

Frigging NPR

So NPR finally decides to cover the political blogs. They have a story titled "The liberal conspiracy". They only cover liberal blogs. They tout that the liberal world is beating the conservative world online. They say the liberal blogs are better organized and that they are better at rallying the troops.

I doubt all of that. They didn't mention the radical blogs that daily bash the troops and threaten the standing government of the U. S. with violence. They neglected to mention the out and out support of the U. S. enemies that shows up on so many blogs of all kinds. The trouble with freedom of speech is that most people are full of shit.

I'm not linking to these nut-balls.

Mini-Mag LED

So, I bought Nat a purple Mag light Mini a couple of months ago. She loves it. I also got her an LED converter, but she wasn't in to that. Fine, I dug out my old Mini-Mag and tried it out. I use it every day. There is one problem with this light. It unscrews itself at both ends in my pocket. I just had the batteries and ass end go flying when I pulled it out of my pocket. That is just about the last straw. That is just plane useless. You unscrew the head a bit to turn the light on. I've had a couple of people stop me with "your ass is glowing." How is that not embarrassing? I'm considering finding a different light to carry in my pocket. It hasn't pissed me off yet. It is getting close though.

The LED option for the Mini-Mag is a pretty good option. It is bright enough to work for most flashlight needs, It has enough of a beam and flood effect for up close work and walking around in the dark. It seems plenty tough. It just unscrews itself a bit much for me.


I got up early and mowed the back yard. We are in that summer rain cycle that makes it impossible to come home after work and mow because it just got through pouring down and everything is wet. The grass was still wet from the previous after noon's rain. The grass in the back was too high. I wish I could motivate myself to do it more often. I need to get the blade sharpened on the mower. I need to get all the maintenance done.

We went out to Tony and Christel's place today. I like their place, but they have trouble with things disappearing on their property. I could not abide. It is scary enough that it makes Nat want to get a gun for our house. I have a .45, but that won't due for her to shoot. I'm thinking the old Lady Smith, but in the normal frame model. I can't find the one I'm thinking of. I'll have to ask around at a gun shop. I want something that both of us can use if need be.

The most significant thing that happened today is the endless stream of questions that Elle comes up with. It is really getting on Nat and my nirves. We try to do the whole answer the questions thing, but it just gets old quick. Then Elle spouts one that floored both of us. "How do fish go potty if they don't have butts?"

Just a moment ago, Nat had to round up 25 doodle-bugs that made their way under the back door. We need to get that fixed. We have a friend of ours who will help us. We just need to pull the trigger.



It rained like mad last night. It was muddy and the grass was wet. You have to remember the grass i waist high in some places. I'm highly considering spraying some herbicide on the bad spots. That just causes mud though. What I would like is a sidewalk. I keep threatening to call 311 and finding out if they cover our territory. I have no idea who to contact about a sidewalk. I figure I'll google it for a start. I plan on writing a couple of letters. I'll play the old bitty card, or the disabled card if need be. I'm certainly not above it.

Commute related weather story

Speaking of rain, Here is the comment of high winds from a friend of mine about last night's storm.

When I got home from the gym at 7:45 last night it looked like a mini-tornado had gone down my street -- LOTS of limbs down.  I had to move 2 out of my driveway to drive in.  Winslow was still hiding in the closet & I had to go in there before he would come out.  I looked around the back yard & all looked well except for one tomato that had turned over.  I walked over to right it and saw the fig tree looked was leaning on the house.  I thought maybe a limb had broken, but  couldn't move it back enough to see what had happened (it has those big leaves).  So I went back through the house and thought he gate.  It's the entire center part of the tree out of the ground.
I looked at it more this morning and am thinking the ground may have gotten too wet.
It's about 15 feet tall and heavy (full of figs).  I'm not sure if it can be saved, if I can save it, how much it would cost for someone else to look at it, or what to do.
I hate to lose it, but don't want to spend a lot of money to save it. I wonder if that part comes out, if the two side parts will live on or  if they will die off too.  I'm not sure how the root structure is set. our fig tree...

Something that happened on the way to work (commute related)

So, I'm walking to work to get there early this morning when "gigigegegech!", then nothing. My left ear phone quits. Normally, they limp a while and you can bend the wire around to get some play before they completely go out. Not this time. I felt lop sided the whole way in to work.
I was asked at lunch if I wanted to go to Beck's, also known as $10 burger. I declined saying I was going to Target to get a $10 pare of head phones. They seem to work OK. They say Sony on them. I'm sure no one who works for Sony ever touched them.

Fact I heard on my commute

Something I learned today is that Coo-coos are parasitic. That is, they plant their eggs in the nest of another bird and let that bird raise their young. It is still not known how coo-coos find their way to East Africa and to their family group. And, I learned this with one ear tied behind my back, not bad.


Written yesterday 2007-06-14

Nat and Elle came by for lunch today. I left  my pack at work because we were coming right back. Elle asks "Where is your backpack?" Nat and I looked at each other and cracked up. It freaks me out because she is that observant.


Frying pan to Fire

Fighters from the Islamic party Hamas claimed full control of Palestinian Authority security agencies in Gaza late Thursday as Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas dissolved his unity government and declared a state of emergency.


Abbas adviser Tayeb Abdel Rahim said Hamas was attempting a military coup.

By late Thursday, Hamas had seized control of all Palestinian Authority security installations in the territory, Palestinian security sources said. The presidential compound in Gaza City fell shortly before midnight (5 p.m. ET), Hamas sources told CNN.


I have a problem with calling these assholes Islamic Party. They are frigging terrorists. They are just organized and in control of part of a country.

Here is a little survey for you. Which terrorist organization would you rather rule parts of Israel? Hamas, Fatah or the Palestinian Authority? Tough choice.



I never thought I would own a house where I walk around the last corner on the long, hot walk home and hope the place had burned to the ground while no one was home. I hate this house. I don't like the neighborhood. I don't like the things around the neighborhood (bar across the street). The bog bordering our property. The fish place across the streets stinks to high heaven on hot days. Hell, on cold days too. We paid too much. We are upside down in the house and the car now. I suppose we always will be. I even waited until I cooled off after the walk to write this. I'm still upset.

Stop to soar once in a while

Sometimes when I find myself trying to sleep, I had a hard day or maybe a fight, I lie there and try to think of something else. A friend of mine lost his father recently. That pain wars on me. Then I think of a hawk flying. The eagle is simply floating on the wind. His feathers flutter at the tips in the changing currents. The hawk doesn't pay any attention to the space. The hawk only has eyes for creatures running free on the ground. The hawk has no idea how beautiful and functional he is. Sometimes we forget to recognize the beauty of people. We float along, worried about the things happening around us. We forget to feel the wind. We forget to take a moment between mice and soar for the sake of being a hawk on the wing.

I've trained myself to think of the hawk when I'm trying to sleep. I imagine the ripples in the wing and twitches of the tail as the bird travels. Sleep comes pretty quickly if I can just keep it up for a while without other thoughts sneaking in.

We discussed lack of sleep today at lunch. It's been a while since I had trouble getting to sleep. I hope I do not jinx it. If it never happens again, it is too soon. When I mentioned I hadn't had a sleepless night in a while someone asked what the difference is. I said "A more challenging job." People agree that a stressful job does not help


Super Automatic

I finally found the super car I would own. Normally I blow them off as just plane out of reality. This one, ignoring the price, almost looks attainable and usable. It is the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren.

No more pick-your-part?

I was watching Top Gear the other day. They had a little entertainment contest where the three guys went off and  bought a car each. They could only spend 100 pounds. It had to be a running car with all tax (registration) and inspection up to date. the two are linked apparently in England. sounds like fun.

One guy got an old Audi. Another got a Vectra something or other (not sold in the U.S.). The last got an old Volvo station wagon (estate car). They ran all three for a road trip for mileage. They ran around the track. They counted all the electronics that didn't work. Then, they crashed them in to a wall and the drivers couldn't suffer any broken bones. The Volvo driver broke his thumb and lost the points. The one who ended up with the most points won.

The Volvo guy was at zero points going in to the tally. The last challenge was you get a point for every pound you spent under 100. The Vectra had 75 points at the end I believe. The Audi had 85 or so points when all was said and done. The Volvo guy, that had 0 points, only spent one pound on his car. That one fact won him the contest. He smiled from ear to ear.

The reason he was able to get the car for a single pound from a dealer was due to the recycling effort in England. Old cars have to be disassembled and disposed of with as little waist as possible. It costs a dealer 150 pounds or so to do this. If you walk on a lot and say "I'll give you a quid for that." you might just drive off the lot in a heap that will last to the end of the block.

This all made me think about the pick-your-part places. There must be zero market for used parts still on the car. I bet they can say they are recycling if the parts are logged and set on a shelf somewhere. Just piling the cars up and telling people to watch their step as they dig through the twisted metal. Keeping inventory of used parts costs money. The pick-your-part places just comb the yard periodically and shift the useless hulks to the scrapyard next door. One down side to recycling.


New one

Something I heard today "blah-blah only has four gigs of RAM." I don't get that one every day.


Someone asked today "What cartoon character would you be?" I thought about it for a moment and answered "Dexter from Dexter's Lab." The actor who does the voice for Dexter has the most unique accent I've ever heard.


Someone asked today (rather stupidly worded, but passable) "What inanimate object have you named and what was the name?" When I went to Florida we drove a 1973 Ram-Air Firebird Trans AM. I've linked to that exact page before. It broke down three times on the way. Once for the suspension on the side of the road in the pitch dark. Once to check a funny noise the engine was making. Once to fix the starter in the rain at a truck stop. We called it Jinx.


Pretty property

Tony and Dizzy live out in the boonies. Literally, the sticks. It is beautiful. They have a bazillion trees.  The family owns a bulldozer that performs the same function as my weed eater. They have a creek running through their property. They have chickens and cats and more chickens and a million frogs., several million mosquitoes

The Frogs

Just as dusk fell all around us, the frogs started to croak. More of w wheeze chirp really. I noticed they started at one end of the bog in front of Dizzy's place. Then the whole thing erupted. Then it died in the same left to right direction it built in. I didn't think much of it. Several minutes later, It started in a new bog on the other side of the driveway. Then both bogs blew up. I wonder if something slithered across the bogs and disturbed the frogs, because they would get quiet and stay quiet for such a long time in between. I never actually saw a frog while I was there.

The Cats

They have cats. For as feral as I'm used to cats being on plantations, these cats were quite tame. I bet there are a couple of wild strays on the property. The kittens are cute and will play endlessly. The mother will tackle dogs nine times her size if they get to close to the kittens.  You get the idea. I wanted to ask if they turned up with mice or whatever occasionally.

The Chickens

They have a chicken coop. Chicken coops have to be completely fenced in these days due to bird flue concerns. Tony's mom has a new batch of chicks. They keep a radio in the chicken coop and in with the chicks. There are lights for the chickens. They say it is for predators. It it funny because it looks like they are in a 24/7 disco or something.

The cocks are very young. They sounded like squeak toys when they crowed.

Snakes, Rats and Ducks, oh my

Mom told a story of a bunch of beautiful ducks landing all over the property. They were kind of interesting to watch. They had this habit of grabbing snakes and slamming them about the ground.The ducks would kill snakes even if they didn't eat them. All for the sake of their eggs I'm sure. Well, there is a side effect in the country of killing all your snakes. You get rats. Many, many rats. Mom said you could walk out after dark, hit the trees with a spotlight and rats would scurry around the branches one after the other. I wonder what happened to the squeals. The ducks didn't last long after the rats in the trees thing. Somehow, they just vanished. It is an interesting lesson in the balance on nature.

Good stake

With all the goings on yesterday I forgot to mention that Nat, Elle and I went over to my parent's place for some good grub. My dad grilled some stakes. We had salad, potatoes, corn on the knob, and a bunch of other great stuff. We had root-beer floats. I didn't even have enough room left over for cake and cool-whip. I'm kind of glad we ate before we got the phone call about Tony's dad. It was nice spending time with my whole family. Too bad it was cut a bit short, but it could have been worse.

My dad gave us a hook thing for turning food over on the grill. It had an antler handle. He got it from some Unibomber wanna-be who scared the hell out of them when they drove clear across creation a couple of weeks ago to pick it up. I gave it to Heath because he can probably get some use out of it. He says it works better as a back scratcher anyway. You have to be careful buying stuff off the internet. A guy got shot when he tried to pick up a car from an internet purchase a couple of months ago.

Lunch, or lack there of

I got in late today so I need to make up some time. I want a quick lunch. I walk over to Lon John Taco. Little bitty sign on a locked door that says "Drive through only" Whatever. They have crazy turnover at that place. It seems they can't find enough illegals to fill up taco shells. I walk over to this deli place down the street. They don't have a menu that I can read. They only have the one up on the wall that is no hope of me reading. The chick  behind the counter doesn't speak a word of English. Neither does the chick in the back.They could find some illegals apparently. On the way  back to the office, there is nice place that will take 45 minutes and there is the Chinese buffet of perpetual diarrhea. No think you.

Mind you, there was a 60000 Rang Rover, an expensive looking Audi, and a decked out brand new Toyota 4x4 parked right up front. I guess they need save money on lunch to pay for the gas those things guzzle.

No lunch for Kelly. =[ I'll get some Pop-Tarts later. Wait, I don't have any cash. I can't get those either. Being broke sucks!!!! At least I'll make it back to work in time for that short, useless, lunch.

A friend's loss

Tony's father passed away last night (Saturday). Nat and I heard about it this afternoon. We ran out to Christal and Tony's place. It was painful to know that such a loved man has gone. Philip's wife is of course devastated. They have been together forever. They have family and friends all trying to help out. Tony was on assignment in Pakistan. He was only able to call this evening to tell every one he was stuck in the airport trying to get a flight back. It wasn't until late this evening that he found a flight out. I have no idea how.

I didn't know Philip, Tony's dad, very well at all. I met him once or twice in passing really. He let us have some barbecues on his property. The whole family seemed inviting to me. He did one thing for me. I never asked him, but he knew what needed to be done and just did it. He saw me struggle walking through some underbrush on his property and he broke out the bulldozer to cut a trail between the two fields. He said "It needed to be done." I thank him for it regardless.

Today, it scares me how useless I felt. It didn't seem like we had any way to help. So ... We shucked peas. Don't tell any one, but The whole house sat there and shucked peas for well over an hour. The men in one room and the women in another, we pulled peas out of the little husks they come in from the ground. It felt like a family.  We (the guys) heard the girls cracking jokes in the other room and they (the girls) said the same about us guys. There was a huge trash bag of picked peas and we had shucked them all in no time. Now they have to blanch, dry, and freeze them.

I learned how to shuck peas today. I learned it can make you feel like part of a family too. I understand how Mexican women feel when they have the tamale gatherings. I understand how a family comes together a bit better. I've never had the extended family of my own. I have adopted the group of CB/Faire folks. More like they have adopted me. It is interesting to be part of an extended family like this. It hurts when someone's father, someone's husband who you love has to go.

I had a post recently about bad things happening to people around me. It is normal stuff. It hurts, but people are borne. People die. People live their lives. I hope there is no truth to the "These things happen in threes." crap. I don't want to loose any friends.


Some emailed videos from Nat

Hillary endurance drugs

I don't have a problem with Hillary Clinton. I just think she is a twit with bad ideas. I wouldn't want to sit down and have a Burger with her. I'll bet she doesn't play DnD.

Some thoughts on marriage

I've felt this way some times. It passes. I felt like this yesterday while Nat was trying to straighten up the living room after my parent's bought us some lovely new couches at an estate sale. I went outside for a couple of minutes. I came back. We got past it. The rough spots are normal. So are the smooth spots.

Note on the videos

Something I've noticed with emailed videos. They are all already on youtube if you just hunt them down. I sat there for half a second and dreaded loaning the mov files that I received in email to the web. Then it hit me, surely some sap has already done it for me.

This is defiantly one good thing youtube has accomplished. Though, I strongly recommend using to do the searches. For some reason they haven't gotten around to making the same results show up when you do the youtube search.



Paris Hilton has not eaten or slept since arriving at the medical ward of a Los Angeles jail and is being given psychoactive drugs, celebrity Web site reported Saturday, citing law enforcement sources.

Nevertheless, the socialite and hotel heiress said late Saturday afternoon that she had told her attorneys not to appeal the order that sent her back to jail on Friday after a day of house arrest.

"Being in jail is by far the hardest thing I have ever done," Hilton, 26, said in a written statement issued by her attorney, Richard Hutton. "During the past several days, I have had a lot of time to think and I believe that I am learning and growing from this experience."

Poor little baby. Get in trouble and have to pay the bill. You make me sick. I don't remember what you did to get this punishment, but it was something stupid. Then you drove again when you shouldn't have because you listened to your legal counsel, Oh wait, wasn't it your publicist? You are an idiot. You need to do something besides be a rich piece of ass.


Bad News

Wow, a bunch of bad things have happened recently to friends of ours.

  • A friend's sister was murdered. She was 18. She just finished her first year of collage. All the police have is a vague description of someone running away from the scene.
  • A long time friend of Nat's lost her son. He went to school. He stepped out on the basketball court in PE. He collapsed and died three days later. We have only heard speculation of an otherwise asymptomatic brain abnormality. (brain hemorrhage)
  • A friend of ours has a very nasty ex-husband. He has lost his parenting privileges, yet still has to pay child support. He is a bad man. He makes money in bad ways. The child support people are going after his assets. He is showing up around her and threatening her. I wish I could do something.

There isn't much to be done about the first two. The first requires fallow up. The second is done except for the crying. The third is the one I worry about. I prey for all of them. I want to tear off my shirt, swoop in and start saving people.

Clean it up

Clean it up is a song by the Butthole surfers. It is basically the sounds of people puking set to ... music. Some voice comes on and says "Clean it up! I said clean it up bitch!!!" There are some other words that sound a bit like a message left on voice mail that doesn't seem to have anything to do with the theme of the ... song.

It gives me the creeps when it comes on at work. Yet, I don't put it on my exclude list. It is worth the distraction for some reason.



Nat wants to go test drive a Toyota hybrid this weekend. I like the idea behind hybrids. I've read that the technology doesn't save enough money when you factor in initial cost, lifetime maintenance, and repairs.That will change. Nat heard somewhere that they drive a bit differently. She wants to find out for herself. Sounds like fun.

Hybrids get better gas mileage in the city over the open road because most of them run on batteries up to about 40 mph. The gas engine is not doing much until then. Between the zero shift technology, hybrid technology, lighter, tougher frames, and telecommuting, you would think things would be getting better. No, They are steadily getting worse. Higher carbon emissions, More cars on the road. Ah, I remember the good old days when the U. S. and Europe were the only places polluting the planet. Now every one has gotten in on the act.

Several "normal" cars beat the hybrid cars in mileage. They are just efficient. I really wonder where the small diesel engines are. They make a huge difference in SUV and small trucks. It would be awesome to get a 4x4 pickup that got 30 mpg. You think? I suppose nothing will happen until gas hits some magic number that the American consumer finally balks. I've blogged about this before. Nothing new yet.

An automatic transmission basically turns your engine in to a hydraulic pump. That is how energy is transmitted to the rear wheels and that is why so much energy is lost along the way. A hybrid does pretty much the same thing, except it uses electricity. The efficiency comes in when the engine is running and not much load is on it because, say, you are sitting at the light idling, the engine either turns off or charges the batteries. If you find a way to eliminate or recover the waisted energy of the engine in other ways, you do not need hybrid technology at all.

I heard on NPR that the government can't even tell us who the biggest polluters are. They only keep numbers for the country as a whole. Which makes me wonder how much they are missing. That sounds like the kind of thing you do when you have numbers to hide. I wonder what the real numbers are. It looks bad at any rate.


One of the guys got a USB headset. I haven't tried it out. he is making plans to use it while gaming. Apparently, it doesn't use a sound card at all. The USB drivers and software in the background just take care of it. Not a bad deal. I'm not sure of the advantages if you have a sound card, but what do I know?

You can get just about anything with a USB connector on it these days. My phone uses a standard USB cable. If only I had the software for Linux.

Cherry Coke Zero


I'm Old

My office mate has never seen an episode of Lavern and Shirley, or Welcome Back Kotter.


More Big Endian vs Little Endian

Remember, 16 bit hex is two digits at a time. so 01 = 1 and ff = 255 regardless of which endian you are using. It matters what order all your sets of two hex digits are set in that makes the difference in endian.

Big Endian Hex
Little Endian Hex
1 0001




Big endian puts the most significant byte first (two places in hex) This is how western culture is used to seeing numbers represented.
01 = 0001 = 000001 = 00000001 = 1

Little endian puts the least significant byte first. Back-assword from normal.
01 = 0100 = 010000 = 01000000 = 1

Understanding the concept is nothing. The trouble is knowing when to switch between them. PPC chips are big endian if I remember right. X86 (the standard Intel/AMD) chips are little endian. Every frigging chip and board has a potential of switching for no good reason. You just have to know which you are dealing with. Some say little endian has an advantage because you can just keep tacking bytes on and getting bigger numbers. I've never heard of a useful program that used that. It seems they all define a byte count before doing anything. I don't know. I can't imagine a real advantage of one over the other.

For the first time in my life today, I had to write code that deals directly with this issue. Normally, I skirted the issue closely, but never had to dive in. I never had to count bits and bytes until this project. I feel all grown up. =]

Who's rules?

Picture a sports event. One side is playing hockey and the other is playing basketball. They are playing on the same court with each side set up for that team's sport. How do you know who wins the game? You don't. The basketball players would slip on the ice and the hockey players wouldn't have much luck on the wooden floor I bet. Not to mention getting the puck through a basketball hoop using hockey sticks. That is a ridiculous match. It is no match at all. Each side can claim victory without any proof. It might be fun to sit back and complain, but I wouldn't want to be on either team.

That is what's going on between the U. S. and al Quaeda or Radical Islam or whatever you want to call the people who are trying to destroy our way of life and install their own. I've heard it said that all al Quaeda has to do is not be annihilated and they win. That is kind of true. Even if the al Quaeda movement is somehow squashed, there will still be people who want to take over the world in the name of a religion somewhere.

So, how do you defeat an enemy who will not play by the rules? Well, you either play by the rules you have and beat them anyway. That hasn't worked so far. You get them to play by the rules you want to play by. That is not going to happen here. Or, you start playing by their rules. I hope we don't have to resort to that in this fight. No one wins until someone looses. For us to win they must know they have lost. If you are not playing by the same rules, how can any one win?

Iran is fighting like mad to become a nuclear power. The moment they become a nuclear power, they will perhaps unwittingly level the playing field. They will be playing a game that has rules they cannot deny they break. Iran will know who wins that competition. History will not be able to deny who has won and who has lost. Those aren't stadium lights building over the horizon..

I say to Iran, be careful what game you want to play.

Regression Testing

A regression test is one that makes sure what worked before still works now. Regression tests are usually run after or at the same time as the program. I'm writing regression tests for some programs. It is kind of fun. There are different kinds of regression tests. One that tricks the user interface in to thinking there is a user there pulling on knobs and pushing the buttons. The other regression tests checks the oil and fuzzes. I'm writing the second kind right now. I've written the first kind before. They are harder. The nuts and bolts tests are easier to write in my book. This is the kind of thing that has to be done on every software project. Most programmers hate this sort of thing. I kind of enjoy it.

Web Page Woes

You know, I really should make backups more often. The latest web page that I had readily available was from last August. That's nearly a year. Yikes. I still have the pictures, but I may need to regenerate the web pages. I suppose that is not much of a hardship. I find messing with the web page kind of fun. It would be much more fun if I had something like Dreamweaver to create it with.  I just have simple editors and dead reckoning.

This would be the perfect opportunity to rebuild the page in with a better design, but that requires effort. I would like to get away from frames. Frames are bad. No one uses frames any more. I wish I knew that back when I put the page together in the first place. I will probably start with a new template at some point and just leave the existing stuff the way it is. That sounds like something I'd do.


Window Washer

The window washer just went by my window at work. It was kind of freaky. I remember stories of people washing windows in foreign lands  (I believe it was Pakistan) just standing one a ledge maybe 12 cm wide. When they fell, there were ten more people in line for the job. That is the problem with believing in destiny. When something bad happens to you, it was fate. So screw safety.

These guys were obviously Hispanic. They had ropes, pulleys, safety harnesses and I think there is someone on the roof because they have walkie-talkies. They were working on the other side of the building last week. I watched a guy dangle from a rope while washing windows on a building back when I worked at Software Dynamics (pre-web page). He was hauling ass. He was not in control of how fast he went so he had to get the windows done quickly. I was on the ninth floor of a parking garage across the street. He was not more than five meters from me at the closest.  I used to hang out in the parking garage at lunch back then too.

Page All

If I turn it up to hear the quiet people, I get blow out by the people who know how to use their diaphragm.  The madness has to stop. Someone needs to come out with a phone that levels the sheer volume of some one's voice over the Page All (public address). This cannot be an impossible request. Does it cost five more cents to ad it to a phone system? Is someone sitting on the patent waiting for a big payoff? Who will step up to the plate and make it happen? No one, that's who. No one is listening. No one cares.

I care. I, however, am lazy. I did notice that sound leveling doesn't always work. Nat burned some CDs for last weeks trip with a setting that was supposed to level the volume of the tracks. It sucked at it. It was almost the opposite of leveling. It seemed to make it worse. Maybe that's the real reason no one has it available in other areas. Maybe I should turn my music down. ... NEVER!!!


"Shrieking like a dog shitting razor blades." I think I've heard that before. Alkaline Trio, Radio. It just tickled me today.

Fringing Samba

Three days. Three days I've been fucking with the smb.conf file to no good end. It just plane won't let me in. I try ninety different combinations of shit.
So, what worked? <pause for effect> Cutting the file down to nothing.

    workgroup = WORKGROUIP
    netbios name = henry

# Kelly 2007-06-01
    comment = Public Stuff
    path = /space/public
    public = yes
    writable = yes
    printable = no

# Overnet
    comment = Overnet
    path = /home/kelly/.aMule/Incoming
    public = no
    writable = yes
    printable = no
    valid users = kelly
    browseable = yes

    comment = http top folder
    path = /var/www/html
    public = no
    writable = yes
    printable = no
    valid users = %S
    browseable = yes

That's it. Just the workgroup and the name of the server. Everything else is default. EVERYTHING else is default.

It pisses me off. The default file didn't work. Me messing with it didn't work. I could share files if I made everything world read and write. Screw that. I at least want to feel like I have some security set.



Oh, the upgrade went well with a couple of programs that needed to be uninstalled from Livna. I have to remember that no one gets paid to do this stuff. I'm glad it works at all. They apparently had a melt down recently so there are other things for them to worry about.

I found a good Fedora howto page on the lookout for repositories.

I'm off to sleep. It is amazing how much I didn't get done today. I could write a book with my lack of enthusiasm for bills and the lawn.


Fedora 7 via Yum

 GConf2                  i386   fedora            1.6 M
 GConf2-devel            i386   fedora            102 k
 ImageMagick             i386    fedora            3.5 M
 NetworkManager          i386       1:0.6.5-2.fc7    fedora            486 k
 NetworkManager-glib     i386       1:0.6.5-2.fc7    fedora             29 k
 NetworkManager-gnome    i386       1:0.6.5-2.fc7    fedora            180 k
 ORBit2                  i386       2.14.7-3.fc7     fedora            256 k
 ORBit2-devel            i386       2.14.7-3.fc7     fedora            193 k
 PyQt                    i386       3.17.1-1.fc7     fedora            2.0 M
 PyXML                   i386       0.8.4-6          fedora            1.2 M
 SDL                     i386       1.2.11-2         fedora            218 k
 SDL-devel               i386       1.2.11-2         fedora            621 k
 SDL_gfx                 i386       2.0.13-8.fc7     fedora             52 k
 SDL_image               i386       1.2.5-4.fc7      fedora             43 k
 a2ps                    i386       4.13b-65.fc7     fedora            1.1 M
 aalib                   i386       1.4.0-0.12.rc5.fc7  fedora             74 k
 acl                     i386       2.2.39-3.1.fc7   fedora             68 k
 acpid                   i386       1.0.4-7.fc7      fedora             31 k
 agg                     i386       2.5-1            fedora            147 k
 alacarte                noarch     0.11.3-3.fc7     fedora            141 k
 alchemist               i386       1.0.37-1         fedora            115 k
 alsa-lib                i386       1.0.14-0.4.rc3.fc7  fedora            410 k
 alsa-lib-devel          i386       1.0.14-0.4.rc3.fc7  fedora            1.4 M
 alsa-oss                i386       1.0.12-4.fc7     fedora             11 k
 alsa-utils              i386       1.0.14-0.5.rc2.fc7  fedora            1.0 M
 anacron                 i386       2.3-47.fc7       fedora             36 k
 antlr                   i386       2.7.7-1jpp.2     fedora            1.1 M
 apr                     i386       1.2.8-6          fedora            124 k
 apr-util                i386       1.2.8-7          fedora             77 k
 arts                    i386       8:1.5.6-4.fc7    fedora            1.1 M
 arts-devel              i386       8:1.5.6-4.fc7    fedora            215 k
 aspell                  i386       12:0.60.5-3.fc7  fedora            967 k
 aspell-en               i386       50:6.0-7.fc7     fedora            1.6 M
 at                      i386       3.1.10-11.fc7    fedora             55 k
 at-spi                  i386       1.18.1-1.fc7     fedora            296 k
 at-spi-devel            i386       1.18.1-1.fc7     fedora            199 k
 atk                     i386       1.18.0-1.fc7     fedora            232 k
 atk-devel               i386       1.18.0-1.fc7     fedora            129 k
 attr                    i386       2.4.32-2.fc7     fedora             57 k
 audacious-libs          i386       1.3.2-1.fc7      fedora             47 k
 audiofile               i386       1:0.2.6-6.fc7    fedora            107 k
 audiofile-devel         i386       1:0.2.6-6.fc7    fedora             16 k
 audit-libs              i386       1.5.3-1.fc7      fedora             60 k
 audit-libs-python       i386       1.5.3-1.fc7      fedora             67 k
 authconfig              i386       5.3.13-4.fc7     fedora            400 k
 authconfig-gtk          i386       5.3.13-4.fc7     fedora             53 k
 autoconf                noarch     2.61-8.fc7       fedora            815 k
 autofs                  i386       1:5.0.1-9        fedora            824 k
 automake                noarch     1.10-5           fedora            518 k
 automake14              noarch     1.4p6-15.fc7     fedora            243 k
 automake15              noarch     1.5-22           fedora            283 k
 automake16              noarch     1.6.3-12         fedora            302 k
 automake17              noarch     1.7.9-8          fedora            285 k
 avahi                   i386       0.6.17-1.fc7     fedora            252 k
 avahi-devel             i386       0.6.17-1.fc7     fedora             39 k
 avahi-glib              i386       0.6.17-1.fc7     fedora             14 k
 avahi-qt3               i386       0.6.17-1.fc7     fedora             17 k
 basesystem              noarch     8.1-1            fedora            2.9 k
 bash                    i386       3.2-9.fc7        fedora            1.9 M
 bc                      i386       1.06-26          fedora            107 k
 beecrypt                i386       4.1.2-12         fedora            117 k
 bind                    i386       31:9.4.0-6.fc7   fedora            1.6 M
 bind-libs               i386       31:9.4.0-6.fc7   fedora            875 k
 bind-utils              i386       31:9.4.0-6.fc7   fedora            170 k
 binutils                i386   fedora            2.9 M
 bison                   i386       2.3-3.fc7        fedora            535 k
 bitmap-fonts            noarch     0.3-5.1.2.fc7    fedora            907 k
 bittorrent              noarch     4.4.0-5.fc7      fedora            403 k
 bittorrent-gui          noarch     4.4.0-5.fc7      fedora            109 k
 bluez-gnome             i386       0.6-2.fc7        fedora             31 k
 bluez-libs              i386       3.9-1.fc7        fedora             54 k
 bluez-utils             i386       3.9-2.fc7        fedora            407 k
 boost                   i386       1.33.1-13.fc7    fedora            854 k
 boost-devel             i386       1.33.1-13.fc7    fedora            2.7 M
 brlapi                  i386       0.4.1-3.fc7      fedora             78 k
 bsh                     i386       1.3.0-9jpp.2     fedora            557 k
 bug-buddy               i386       1:2.18.0-2.fc7   fedora            443 k
 byacc                   i386       1.9.20050813-1.fc7  fedora             39 k
 bzip2                   i386       1.0.4-10.fc7     fedora             48 k
 bzip2-devel             i386       1.0.4-10.fc7     fedora            283 k
 bzip2-libs              i386       1.0.4-10.fc7     fedora             37 k
 caching-nameserver      i386       31:9.4.0-6.fc7   fedora             58 k
 cadaver                 i386       0.22.5-2         fedora            100 k
 cairo                   i386       1.4.4-1.fc7      fedora            500 k
 cairo-devel             i386       1.4.4-1.fc7      fedora            146 k
 cairo-java              i386       1.0.5-7.fc7      fedora            134 k
 cairomm                 i386       1.2.4-1.fc7      fedora             43 k
 cdrdao                  i386       1.2.2-2          fedora            434 k
 chkconfig               i386       1.3.34-1         fedora            166 k
 clamav                  i386       0.90.2-1.fc7     fedora            530 k
 clamav-data             i386       0.90.2-1.fc7     fedora            9.1 M
 clamav-lib              i386       0.90.2-1.fc7     fedora            234 k
 clamav-update           i386       0.90.2-1.fc7     fedora             56 k
 comps-extras            noarch     12-1             fedora             44 k
 control-center          i386       1:2.18.0-18.fc7  fedora            2.8 M
 coreutils               i386       6.9-2.fc7        fedora            3.3 M
 cpio                    i386       2.6-27.fc7       fedora            129 k
 cpp                     i386       4.1.2-12         fedora            2.7 M
 cpuspeed                i386       1:1.2.1-1.57.fc7  fedora             30 k
 cracklib                i386       2.8.9-10         fedora             46 k
 cracklib-dicts          i386       2.8.9-10         fedora            3.6 M
 crontabs                noarch     1.10-14.fc7      fedora            6.4 k
 crypto-utils            i386       2.3-2            fedora             35 k
 cryptsetup-luks         i386       1.0.3-4.fc7      fedora            631 k
 cscope                  i386       15.5-15.4.fc7    fedora            137 k
 cups                    i386       1:1.2.10-10.fc7  fedora            2.9 M
 cups-libs               i386       1:1.2.10-10.fc7  fedora            185 k
 cups-pdf                i386       2.4.6-1.fc7      fedora             49 k
 curl                    i386       7.16.2-1.fc7     fedora            256 k
 curl-devel              i386       7.16.2-1.fc7     fedora            189 k
 cvs                     i386       1.11.22-9.fc7    fedora            1.1 M
 cyrus-sasl              i386       2.1.22-6         fedora             77 k
 cyrus-sasl-devel        i386       2.1.22-6         fedora            354 k
 cyrus-sasl-lib          i386       2.1.22-6         fedora            1.1 M
 cyrus-sasl-md5          i386       2.1.22-6         fedora             47 k
 cyrus-sasl-plain        i386       2.1.22-6         fedora             27 k
 dbus                    i386       1.0.2-4.fc7      fedora            467 k
 dbus-devel              i386       1.0.2-4.fc7      fedora            1.6 M
 dbus-glib               i386       0.73-1.fc7       fedora            160 k
 dbus-glib-devel         i386       0.73-1.fc7       fedora             38 k
 dbus-python             i386       0.80.2-3.fc7     fedora            169 k
 dbus-x11                i386       1.0.2-4.fc7      fedora             31 k
 dcraw                   i386       8.53-2.fc7       fedora            136 k
 dejavu-lgc-fonts        noarch     2.15-1           fedora            3.0 M
 desktop-file-utils      i386       0.12-4.fc7       fedora             51 k
 desktop-printing        i386       0.20-6.fc7       fedora             94 k
 devhelp                 i386       0.13-8.fc7       updates           185 k
 dhcdbd                  i386       2.7-4.fc7        fedora             59 k
 dhclient                i386       12:3.0.5-35.fc7  fedora            275 k
 dhcpv6_client           i386       0.10-42.fc7      fedora             84 k
 dialog                  i386       1.1-1.20070227svn.fc7  fedora            203 k
 diffstat                i386       1.43-5.fc7       fedora             19 k
 diffutils               i386       2.8.1-16.fc7     fedora            211 k
 dirac-libs              i386       0.6.0-9.20070325cvs.fc7  fedora            378 k
 directfb                i386       1.0.0-1.fc7      fedora            1.0 M
 dmraid                  i386       1.0.0.rc14-2.fc7  fedora            558 k
 docbook-style-xsl       noarch     1.72.0-2.fc7     fedora            2.5 M
 dos2unix                i386       3.1-28.fc7       fedora             14 k
 dosfstools              i386       2.11-8.fc7       fedora             71 k
 doxygen                 i386       1:1.5.2-1.fc7    fedora            2.4 M
 dump                    i386       0.4b41-5.fc7     fedora            147 k
 dvd+rw-tools            i386       7.0-3.fc7        fedora            122 k
 e2fsprogs               i386       1.39-11          fedora            966 k
 e2fsprogs-devel         i386       1.39-11          fedora            561 k
 e2fsprogs-libs          i386       1.39-11          fedora            113 k
 ed                      i386       0.5-1            fedora             57 k
 eel2                    i386   fedora            361 k
 eel2-devel              i386   fedora             53 k
 eject                   i386       2.1.5-5          fedora             49 k
 ekiga                   i386       2.0.9-1.fc7      fedora            6.6 M
 elfutils                i386       0.127-1.fc7      fedora            178 k
 elfutils-libelf         i386       0.127-1.fc7      fedora             53 k
 elfutils-libelf-devel   i386       0.127-1.fc7      fedora             21 k
 elfutils-libelf-devel-static  i386       0.127-1.fc7      fedora             60 k
 elfutils-libs           i386       0.127-1.fc7      fedora            107 k
 elinks                  i386       0.11.2-1.fc7     fedora            1.0 M
 enscript                i386       1.6.4-7.fc7      fedora            463 k
 eog                     i386   fedora            1.2 M
 esound-devel            i386       1:0.2.38-1.fc7   fedora             17 k
 ethtool                 i386       5-1.fc7          fedora             60 k
 evince                  i386       0.8.0-5.fc7      fedora            1.1 M
 evolution               i386       2.10.1-4.fc7     fedora             29 M
 evolution-data-server   i386       1.10.1-1.fc7     fedora            3.6 M
 evolution-data-server-devel  i386       1.10.1-1.fc7     fedora            601 k
 evolution-sharp         i386       0.12.2-2.fc7     fedora            117 k
 evolution-webcal        i386       2.10.0-1.fc7     fedora             93 k
 expat                   i386       1.95.8-9         fedora             78 k
 expat-devel             i386       1.95.8-9         fedora            129 k
 expect                  i386       5.43.0-8         fedora            262 k
 fbset                   i386       2.1-24.fc7       fedora             28 k
 fedora-logos            noarch     6.0.98-3.fc7     fedora            5.0 M
 fedora-release          noarch     7-3              fedora             20 k
 fedora-release-notes    noarch     7.0.0-1          fedora            1.3 M
 fedora-usermgmt         noarch     0.9-2.fc7        fedora            6.9 k
 fedora-usermgmt-core    noarch     0.9-2.fc7        fedora            7.9 k
 fedora-usermgmt-default-fedora-setup  noarch     0.9-2.fc7        fedora            6.8 k
 fedora-usermgmt-shadow-utils  noarch     0.9-2.fc7        fedora            7.7 k
 festival                i386       1.96-1.fc7       fedora            1.4 M
 fetchmail               i386       6.3.7-1.fc7      fedora            525 k
 file                    i386       4.20-1.fc7       fedora             28 k
 file-roller             i386       2.18.1-1.fc7     fedora            966 k
 filesystem              i386       2.4.6-1.fc7      fedora            117 k
 findutils               i386       1:4.2.29-2       fedora            268 k
 finger                  i386       0.17-34.fc7      fedora             21 k
 firefox                 i386    updates            21 M
 firefox-devel           i386    updates           3.6 M
 firstboot               noarch     1.4.35-1.fc7     fedora            298 k
 firstboot-tui           noarch     1.4.35-1.fc7     fedora            189 k
 flac                    i386       1.1.4-4.fc7      fedora            343 k
 flex                    i386       2.5.33-5.fc7     fedora            297 k
 fltk                    i386       1.1.8-0.3.r5750.fc7  fedora            424 k
 fontconfig              i386       2.4.2-3.fc7      fedora            176 k
 fontconfig-devel        i386       2.4.2-3.fc7      fedora            167 k
 foomatic                i386       3.0.2-47.fc7     fedora             15 M
 freealut                i386       1.1.0-3.fc7      fedora             40 k
 freeglut                i386       2.4.0-11.fc7     fedora            142 k
 freetype                i386       2.3.4-3.fc7      updates           324 k
 freetype-devel          i386       2.3.4-3.fc7      updates           156 k
 fribidi                 i386       0.10.7-6.fc7     fedora             52 k
 frysk                   i686  fedora             12 M
 ftp                     i386       0.17-40.fc7      fedora             54 k
 fuse                    i386       2.6.5-1.fc7      fedora             77 k
 fuse-libs               i386       2.6.5-1.fc7      fedora             57 k
 gail                    i386       1.18.0-2.fc7     fedora            359 k
 gail-devel              i386       1.18.0-2.fc7     fedora             20 k
 gamin                   i386       0.1.8-5.fc7      fedora            120 k
 gawk                    i386       3.1.5-15.fc7     fedora            956 k
 gcalctool               i386       5.9.14-1.fc7     fedora            1.1 M
 gcc                     i386       4.1.2-12         fedora            5.2 M
 gcc-c++                 i386       4.1.2-12         fedora            3.4 M
 gcc-gfortran            i386       4.1.2-12         fedora            3.1 M
 gd                      i386       2.0.34-2.fc7     fedora            158 k
 gd-devel                i386       2.0.34-2.fc7     fedora            160 k
 gdb                     i386       6.6-8.fc7        fedora            3.1 M
 gdbm                    i386       1.8.0-27.fc7     fedora             27 k
 gdbm-devel              i386       1.8.0-27.fc7     fedora             36 k
 gdk-pixbuf              i386       1:0.22.0-34.fc7  fedora            227 k
 gdm                     i386       1:2.18.0-14.fc7  fedora            4.3 M
 gedit                   i386       1:2.18.0-3.fc7   fedora            4.2 M
 gettext                 i386       0.16.1-8.fc7     fedora            1.5 M
 gftp                    i386       1:2.0.18-5.fc7   fedora            940 k
 ghostscript             i386       8.15.4-3.fc7     fedora            5.9 M
 ghostscript-fonts       noarch     5.50-16.fc7      fedora            802 k
 giflib                  i386       4.1.3-8          fedora             39 k
 gimp                    i386       2:2.2.14-5.fc7   fedora            9.8 M
 gimp-help               noarch     2-   fedora             60 M
 gimp-libs               i386       2:2.2.14-5.fc7   fedora            419 k
 glib                    i386       1:1.2.10-26.fc7  fedora            138 k
 glib-java               i386       0.2.6-8.fc7      fedora             41 k
 glib2                   i386       2.12.11-1.fc7    fedora            711 k
 glib2-devel             i386       2.12.11-1.fc7    fedora            854 k
 glibc                   i686       2.6-3            fedora            5.3 M
 glibc-common            i386       2.6-3            fedora             18 M
 glibc-devel             i386       2.6-3            fedora            2.0 M
 glibc-headers           i386       2.6-3            fedora            610 k
 glibmm24                i386       2.12.8-1.fc7     fedora            150 k
 glx-utils               i386       6.5.2-10.fc7     fedora             32 k
 gmime                   i386       2.2.3-5.fc7      fedora            203 k
 gmime-sharp             i386       2.2.3-5.fc7      fedora             44 k
 gmp                     i386       4.1.4-12.3       fedora            350 k
 gmp-devel               i386       4.1.4-12.3       fedora            523 k
 gnome-applets           i386       1:2.18.0-7.fc7   fedora             10 M
 gnome-audio             noarch     2.0.0-4          fedora            1.1 M
 gnome-backgrounds       noarch     2.16.1-1.fc7     fedora            1.0 M
 gnome-bluetooth         i386       0.8.0-4.fc7      fedora            249 k
 gnome-bluetooth-libs    i386       0.8.0-4.fc7      fedora             51 k
 gnome-desktop           i386       2.18.0-4.fc7     fedora            846 k
 gnome-desktop-devel     i386       2.18.0-4.fc7     fedora             36 k
 gnome-doc-utils         noarch     0.10.3-1.fc7     fedora            256 k
 gnome-games             i386       1:  fedora            8.5 M
 gnome-icon-theme        noarch     2.18.0-1.fc7     fedora            3.3 M
 gnome-keyring           i386       0.8-1.fc7        fedora            179 k
 gnome-keyring-devel     i386       0.8-1.fc7        fedora             27 k
 gnome-mag               i386       0.14.3-1.fc7     fedora            144 k
 gnome-media             i386       2.18.0-3.fc7     fedora            2.5 M
 gnome-menus             i386       2.18.0-1.fc7     fedora            169 k
 gnome-mime-data         noarch     2.18.0-2.fc7     fedora            724 k
 gnome-mount             i386       0.6-2.fc7        fedora            112 k
 gnome-netstatus         i386       2.12.1-1.fc7     fedora            298 k
 gnome-panel             i386       2.18.0-9.fc7     fedora            3.3 M
 gnome-panel-devel       i386       2.18.0-9.fc7     fedora             55 k
 gnome-pilot             i386       2.0.15-5.fc7     fedora            599 k
 gnome-pilot-devel       i386       2.0.15-5.fc7     fedora             32 k
 gnome-power-manager     i386       2.18.2-4.fc7     fedora            2.8 M
 gnome-python2           i386       2.18.1-1.fc7     fedora            129 k
 gnome-python2-applet    i386       2.18.0-1.fc7     fedora             13 k
 gnome-python2-bonobo    i386       2.18.1-1.fc7     fedora             65 k
 gnome-python2-canvas    i386       2.18.1-1.fc7     fedora             26 k
 gnome-python2-desktop   i386       2.18.0-1.fc7     fedora             46 k
 gnome-python2-extras    i386       2.14.3-2.fc7     fedora             25 k
 gnome-python2-gconf     i386       2.18.1-1.fc7     fedora             34 k
 gnome-python2-gnomeprint  i386       2.18.0-1.fc7     fedora             78 k
 gnome-python2-gnomevfs  i386       2.18.1-1.fc7     fedora             65 k
 gnome-python2-gtkhtml2  i386       2.14.3-2.fc7     fedora             16 k
 gnome-python2-gtksourceview  i386       2.18.0-1.fc7     fedora             58 k
 gnome-python2-libegg    i386       2.14.3-2.fc7     fedora             54 k
 gnome-screensaver       i386       2.18.0-13.fc7    fedora            1.8 M
 gnome-session           i386       2.18.0-7.fc7     fedora            476 k
 gnome-speech            i386       0.4.10-2.fc7     fedora             50 k
 gnome-spell             i386       1.0.7-4.fc7      fedora             90 k
 gnome-system-monitor    i386       2.18.0-1.fc7     fedora            2.2 M
 gnome-terminal          i386       2.18.0-1.fc7     fedora            2.3 M
 gnome-theme-clearlooks-bigpack  noarch     0.6-5.fc7        fedora            870 k
 gnome-themes            noarch     2.18.0-1.fc7     fedora            2.5 M
 gnome-user-docs         noarch     2.18.0-1.fc7     fedora            9.0 M
 gnome-user-share        i386       0.11-2.fc7       fedora             44 k
 gnome-utils             i386       1:2.18.0-1.fc7   fedora            4.9 M
 gnome-vfs2              i386       2.18.1-4.fc7     fedora            1.3 M
 gnome-vfs2-devel        i386       2.18.1-4.fc7     fedora            269 k
 gnome-vfs2-smb          i386       2.18.1-4.fc7     fedora             35 k
 gnome-volume-manager    i386       2.17.0-7.fc7     fedora            431 k
 gnomebaker              i386       0.6.0-2.fc7      fedora            991 k
 gnupg                   i386       1.4.7-6          fedora            1.9 M
 gnutls                  i386       1.4.5-2.fc7      fedora            372 k
 gok                     i386       1.2.2-1.fc7      fedora            1.6 M
 gphoto2                 i386       2.3.1-5.fc7      fedora            1.4 M
 gpm                     i386       1.20.1-83.fc7    fedora            185 k
 gpm-devel               i386       1.20.1-83.fc7    fedora             27 k
 grep                    i386       2.5.1-57.fc7     fedora            175 k
 grip                    i386       1:3.2.0-16.fc7   fedora            438 k
 groff                   i386       fedora            1.9 M
 gsm                     i386       1.0.12-3.fc7     fedora             27 k
 gstreamer               i386       0.10.12-1.fc7    fedora            585 k
 gstreamer-plugins-base  i386       0.10.12-2.fc7    fedora            696 k
 gstreamer-plugins-good  i386       0.10.5-6.fc7     fedora            652 k
 gstreamer-tools         i386       0.10.12-1.fc7    fedora             18 k
 gthumb                  i386       2.10.2-3.fc7     fedora            2.2 M
 gtk+                    i386       1:1.2.10-57.fc7  fedora            923 k
 gtk-doc                 noarch     1.8-2.fc7        fedora            116 k
 gtk-sharp               i386       1.0.10-12.fc7    fedora            602 k
 gtk-sharp2              i386       2.10.0-4.fc7     fedora            692 k
 gtk2                    i386       2.10.11-7.fc7    fedora            6.7 M
 gtk2-devel              i386       2.10.11-7.fc7    fedora            3.0 M
 gtk2-engines            i386       2.10.0-3.fc7     fedora            383 k
 gtkhtml2                i386       2.11.0-4         fedora            185 k
 gtkhtml3                i386       3.14.1-1.fc7     fedora            923 k
 gtkmm24                 i386       2.10.9-1.fc7     fedora            1.1 M
 gtksourceview           i386       1.8.5-1.fc7      fedora            532 k
 gtkspell                i386       2.0.11-3.fc7     fedora             30 k
 gucharmap               i386       1.10.0-1.fc7     fedora            2.5 M
 guile                   i386       5:1.8.1-3.fc7    fedora            1.4 M
 gzip                    i386       1.3.11-1.fc7     fedora            112 k
 hal-cups-utils          i386       0.6.9-1.fc7      fedora             30 k
 hal-devel               i386       0.5.9-8.fc7      fedora             29 k
 hal-gnome               i386       0.5.9-8.fc7      fedora             91 k
 hdparm                  i386       6.9-3            fedora             48 k
 hicolor-icon-theme      noarch     0.10-2           fedora             32 k
 hpijs                   i386       1:1.7.2-10.fc7   fedora            293 k
 hplip                   i386       1.7.2-10.fc7     fedora            7.8 M
 hsqldb                  i386       1:  fedora            1.6 M
 htdig                   i386       3:3.2.0b6-11.fc7  fedora            1.0 M
 htmlview                noarch     4.0.0-3.fc7      fedora            8.8 k
 httpd                   i386       2.2.4-4          fedora            988 k
 httpd-manual            i386       2.2.4-4          fedora            834 k
 hwdata                  noarch     0.200-1.fc7      fedora            263 k
 id3lib                  i386       3.8.3-15.fc7     fedora            398 k
 imake                   i386       1.0.2-4.fc7      fedora            318 k
 imlib                   i386       1:1.9.15-2.fc7   fedora            422 k
 imlib2                  i386       1.3.0-3.fc7      fedora            574 k
 indent                  i386       2.2.9-16.fc7     fedora             94 k
 info                    i386       4.8-15           fedora            172 k
 initscripts             i386       8.54-1           fedora            1.5 M
 intltool                i386       0.35.5-3.fc7     fedora            121 k
 iproute                 i386       2.6.20-2.fc7     fedora            812 k
 ipsec-tools             i386       0.6.6-6.fc7      fedora            351 k
 iptables                i386       1.3.7-2          fedora            250 k
 iptables-ipv6           i386       1.3.7-2          fedora            163 k
 iputils                 i386       20070202-3.fc7   fedora            125 k
 irda-utils              i386       0.9.18-2.fc7     fedora             77 k
 irqbalance              i386       2:0.55-2.fc7     fedora             17 k
 isdn4k-utils            i386       3.2-54.fc7       fedora            3.9 M
 iso-codes               noarch     1.0-1.fc7        fedora            1.5 M
 jack-audio-connection-kit  i386       0.102.20-4.fc7   fedora            137 k
 jpackage-utils          noarch     1.7.3-1jpp.2.fc7  fedora             61 k
 jpilot                  i386       0.99.9-3.fc7     fedora            975 k
 js                      i386       1.60-2.fc7       fedora            404 k
 jwhois                  i386       3.2.3-11         fedora             95 k
 kbd                     i386       1.12-21          fedora            1.0 M
 kdeaccessibility        i386       1:3.5.6-3.fc7    fedora            8.7 M
 kdeartwork              i386       3.5.6-5.fc7      fedora            5.9 M
 kdebase                 i386       6:3.5.6-12.fc7   fedora             28 M
 kdelibs                 i386       6:3.5.6-9.fc7    fedora             18 M
 kdelibs-devel           i386       6:3.5.6-9.fc7    fedora            1.3 M
 kernel-headers          i386       2.6.21-1.3194.fc7  fedora            658 k
 kpartx                  i386       0.4.7-11.fc7     fedora            409 k
 krb5-auth-dialog        i386       0.7-2            fedora             24 k
 krb5-devel              i386       1.6-6            fedora            1.1 M
 krb5-libs               i386       1.6-6            fedora            643 k
 krb5-workstation        i386       1.6-6            fedora            440 k
 ksh                     i386       20070111-1       fedora            1.1 M
 ktorrent                i386       2.1.4-1.fc7      fedora            3.0 M
 kudzu                   i386       1.2.71-1         fedora            224 k
 kudzu-devel             i386       1.2.71-1         fedora            131 k
 lcms                    i386       1.16-3           fedora            172 k
 less                    i386       394-9.fc7        fedora            102 k
 lesstif                 i386       0.95.0-15.fc7    fedora            748 k
 lftp                    i386       3.5.10-3.fc7     fedora            837 k
 libICE                  i386       1.0.3-1.fc7      fedora             56 k
 libICE-devel            i386       1.0.3-1.fc7      fedora             13 k
 libIDL                  i386       0.8.8-1.fc7      fedora             87 k
 libIDL-devel            i386       0.8.8-1.fc7      fedora             18 k
 libSM                   i386       1.0.2-1          fedora             27 k
 libSM-devel             i386       1.0.2-1          fedora            9.5 k
 libX11                  i386       1.0.3-8.fc7      fedora            795 k
 libX11-devel            i386       1.0.3-8.fc7      fedora            664 k
 libXScrnSaver           i386       1.1.2-1.fc7      fedora             15 k
 libXScrnSaver-devel     i386       1.1.2-1.fc7      fedora             13 k
 libXau                  i386       1.0.3-1.fc7      fedora             22 k
 libXau-devel            i386       1.0.3-1.fc7      fedora             11 k
 libXcomposite           i386       0.3.1-1          fedora             11 k
 libXcomposite-devel     i386       0.3.1-1          fedora            7.2 k
 libXcursor              i386       1.1.8-1          fedora             32 k
 libXcursor-devel        i386       1.1.8-1          fedora             14 k
 libXdamage              i386       1.1.1-1.fc7      fedora             11 k
 libXdamage-devel        i386       1.1.1-1.fc7      fedora            7.0 k
 libXdmcp                i386       1.0.2-2.fc7      fedora             24 k
 libXdmcp-devel          i386       1.0.2-2.fc7      fedora            7.8 k
 libXevie                i386       1.0.2-1          fedora             14 k
 libXevie-devel          i386       1.0.2-1          fedora            8.8 k
 libXfixes               i386       4.0.3-1          fedora             14 k
 libXfixes-devel         i386       4.0.3-1          fedora            9.5 k
 libXfont                i386       1.2.8-1.fc7      fedora            228 k
 libXfont-devel          i386       1.2.8-1.fc7      fedora             21 k
 libXfontcache           i386       1.0.4-1.fc7      fedora             12 k
 libXfontcache-devel     i386       1.0.4-1.fc7      fedora            8.4 k
 libXft                  i386       2.1.12-1.fc7     fedora             44 k
 libXft-devel            i386       2.1.12-1.fc7     fedora             16 k
 libXi                   i386       1.0.4-1          fedora             29 k
 libXi-devel             i386       1.0.4-1          fedora             52 k
 libXinerama             i386       1.0.2-1.fc7      fedora             12 k
 libXinerama-devel       i386       1.0.2-1.fc7      fedora            8.2 k
 libXmu                  i386       1.0.3-1.fc7      fedora             63 k
 libXmu-devel            i386       1.0.3-1.fc7      fedora             21 k
 libXpm                  i386       3.5.6-1          fedora             45 k
 libXpm-devel            i386       3.5.6-1          fedora             31 k
 libXrandr               i386       1.2.0-3.fc7      fedora             21 k
 libXrandr-devel         i386       1.2.0-3.fc7      fedora             16 k
 libXrender              i386       0.9.2-1.fc7      fedora             27 k
 libXrender-devel        i386       0.9.2-1.fc7      fedora            9.0 k
 libXres                 i386       1.0.2-1.fc7      fedora             16 k
 libXres-devel           i386       1.0.2-1.fc7      fedora            9.0 k
 libXt                   i386       1.0.4-1.fc7      fedora            175 k
 libXt-devel             i386       1.0.4-1.fc7      fedora            331 k
 libXv                   i386       1.0.3-1.fc7      fedora             18 k
 libXv-devel             i386       1.0.3-1.fc7      fedora             28 k
 libXvMC                 i386       1.0.4-1.fc7      fedora             22 k
 libXvMC-devel           i386       1.0.4-1.fc7      fedora            7.2 k
 libacl                  i386       2.2.39-3.1.fc7   fedora             19 k
 libacl-devel            i386       2.2.39-3.1.fc7   fedora             81 k
 libao                   i386       0.8.6-4          fedora             33 k
 libart_lgpl             i386       2.3.19-2.fc7     fedora             77 k
 libart_lgpl-devel       i386       2.3.19-2.fc7     fedora             21 k
 libattr                 i386       2.4.32-2.fc7     fedora             12 k
 libattr-devel           i386       2.4.32-2.fc7     fedora             33 k
 libbeagle               i686   fedora             44 k
 libbonobo               i386       2.18.0-3.fc7     fedora            511 k
 libbonobo-devel         i386       2.18.0-3.fc7     fedora            512 k
 libbonoboui             i386       2.18.0-1.fc7     fedora            396 k
 libbonoboui-devel       i386       2.18.0-1.fc7     fedora            204 k
 libbtctl                i386       0.8.2-3.fc7      fedora             48 k
 libcaca                 i386       0.99-0.1.beta11.fc7  fedora            160 k
 libcap                  i386       1.10-29          fedora             24 k
 libcap-devel            i386       1.10-29          fedora             20 k
 libcddb                 i386       1.3.0-1.fc7      fedora             70 k
 libdaemon               i386       0.10-4.fc7       fedora             24 k
 libdrm                  i386       2.3.0-5.fc7      fedora             24 k
 libdrm-devel            i386       2.3.0-5.fc7      fedora             72 k
 libdv                   i386       1.0.0-1.fc7      fedora             79 k
 libdvdread              i386       0.9.7-2.fc7      fedora             66 k
 libevent                i386       1.3b-1.fc7       fedora             49 k
 libexif                 i386       0.6.15-1.fc7     updates           229 k
 libfontenc              i386       1.0.4-2.fc7      fedora             23 k
 libfontenc-devel        i386       1.0.4-2.fc7      fedora            8.9 k
 libfreebob              i386       1.0.3-1.fc7      fedora            154 k
 libgail-gnome           i386       1.18.0-2.fc7     fedora             28 k
 libgcc                  i386       4.1.2-12         fedora             88 k
 libgcj                  i386       4.1.2-12         fedora             19 M
 libgconf-java           i386       2.12.4-8.fc7     fedora             72 k
 libgcrypt               i386       1.2.4-1          fedora            175 k
 libgcrypt-devel         i386       1.2.4-1          fedora            274 k
 libgdiplus              i386       1.2.3-1.fc7      fedora            360 k
 libgfortran             i386       4.1.2-12         fedora            225 k
 libglade-java           i386       2.12.5-6.fc7     fedora             78 k
 libglade2               i386       2.6.0-3.fc7      fedora             96 k
 libglade2-devel         i386       2.6.0-3.fc7      fedora             52 k
 libgnome                i386       2.18.0-4.fc7     fedora            971 k
 libgnome-devel          i386       2.18.0-4.fc7     fedora             82 k
 libgnome-java           i386       2.12.4-6.fc7     fedora            328 k
 libgnomecanvas          i386       2.14.0-5.fc7     fedora            222 k
 libgnomecanvas-devel    i386       2.14.0-5.fc7     fedora             74 k
 libgnomeprint22         i386       2.18.0-1.fc7     fedora            418 k
 libgnomeprint22-devel   i386       2.18.0-1.fc7     fedora             92 k
 libgnomeprintui22       i386       2.18.0-1.fc7     fedora            369 k
 libgnomeprintui22-devel  i386       2.18.0-1.fc7     fedora             34 k
 libgnomeui              i386       2.18.1-2.fc7     fedora            1.0 M
 libgnomeui-devel        i386       2.18.1-2.fc7     fedora            331 k
 libgomp                 i386       4.1.2-12         fedora             76 k
 libgpod                 i386       0.4.2-1.fc7      fedora            203 k
 libgsf                  i386       1.14.3-4.fc7     fedora            110 k
 libgsf-devel            i386       1.14.3-4.fc7     fedora            109 k
 libgssapi               i386       0.10-3.fc7       fedora             22 k
 libgtk-java             i386       2.8.7-4.fc7      fedora            2.1 M
 libgtop2                i386       2.14.8-1.fc7     fedora            145 k
 libgtop2-devel          i386       2.14.8-1.fc7     fedora             93 k
 libicu                  i386       3.6-18.fc7       fedora            5.2 M
 libidn                  i386       0.6.8-4          fedora            198 k
 libidn-devel            i386       0.6.8-4          fedora            241 k
 libiec61883             i386       1.1.0-1.fc7      fedora             37 k
 libieee1284             i386       0.2.9-4          fedora             33 k
 libmatroska             i386       0.8.1-1.fc7      fedora            200 k
 libmodplug              i386       1:0.8.4-1.fc7    fedora            170 k
 libmp4v2                i386    fedora            279 k
 libmusicbrainz          i386       2.1.4-1.fc7      fedora            107 k
 libnotify               i386       0.4.4-2.fc7      fedora             39 k
 libogg                  i386       2:1.1.3-3.fc7    fedora             19 k
 libogg-devel            i386       2:1.1.3-3.fc7    fedora             70 k
 liboil                  i386       0.3.10-1.fc7     fedora            150 k
 libopensync             i386       0.22-3.fc7       fedora            312 k
 libpcap                 i386       14:0.9.5-1.fc7   fedora             99 k
 libpng                  i386       2:1.2.16-1.fc7   fedora            244 k
 libpng-devel            i386       2:1.2.16-1.fc7   fedora            106 k
 libraw1394              i386       1.2.1-7.fc7      fedora             42 k
 librsvg2                i386       2.16.1-1.fc7     fedora            179 k
 librsvg2-devel          i386       2.16.1-1.fc7     fedora             27 k
 libsane-hpaio           i386       1.7.2-10.fc7     fedora             61 k
 libselinux              i386       2.0.13-1.fc7     fedora             98 k
 libselinux-devel        i386       2.0.13-1.fc7     fedora            138 k
 libselinux-python       i386       2.0.13-1.fc7     fedora             58 k
 libsemanage             i386       2.0.1-2.fc7      fedora            137 k
 libsepol                i386       2.0.3-1.fc7      fedora            130 k
 libsepol-devel          i386       2.0.3-1.fc7      fedora            190 k
 libsidplay              i386       1.36.57-12.fc7   fedora             84 k
 libsoup                 i386       2.2.100-1.fc7    fedora            150 k
 libstdc++               i386       4.1.2-12         fedora            355 k
 libstdc++-devel         i386       4.1.2-12         fedora            9.4 M
 libsysfs                i386       2.1.0-1.fc7      fedora             48 k
 libtheora               i386       1.0alpha7-2.fc7  fedora            709 k
 libtiff                 i386       3.8.2-7.fc7      fedora            312 k
 libtiff-devel           i386       3.8.2-7.fc7      fedora            474 k
 libtool                 i386       1.5.22-11.fc7    fedora            688 k
 libtool-ltdl            i386       1.5.22-11.fc7    fedora             38 k
 libupnp                 i386       1.4.6-1.fc7      fedora            108 k
 libusb                  i386       0.1.12-7.fc7     fedora             27 k
 libuser                 i386       0.56.2-1         fedora            437 k
 libuser-devel           i386       0.56.2-1         fedora             54 k
 libvolume_id            i386       106-4.fc7        fedora             48 k
 libvorbis               i386       1:1.1.2-2.fc7    fedora            192 k
 libvorbis-devel         i386       1:1.1.2-2.fc7    fedora            348 k
 libvte-java             i386       0.12.1-7.fc7     fedora             71 k
 libwmf                  i386   fedora            818 k
 libwnck                 i386       2.18.2-1.fc7     updates           193 k
 libwpd                  i386       0.8.9-2.fc7      fedora            213 k
 libwvstreams            i386       4.2.2-3.fc7      fedora            658 k
 libxkbfile              i386       1.0.4-1.fc7      fedora             73 k
 libxklavier             i386       3.1-2.fc7        fedora             88 k
 libxml2                 i386       2.6.28-2         fedora            811 k
 libxml2-devel           i386       2.6.28-2         fedora            2.1 M
 libxml2-python          i386       2.6.28-2         fedora            698 k
 libxslt                 i386       1.1.20-1.fc7     fedora            522 k
 libxslt-devel           i386       1.1.20-1.fc7     fedora            323 k
 lirc                    i386       0.8.1-1.fc7      fedora            240 k
 lm_sensors              i386       2.10.3-2.fc7     fedora            512 k
 lockdev                 i386       1.0.1-11.fc7     fedora             15 k
 lockdev-devel           i386       1.0.1-11.fc7     fedora             16 k
 logrotate               i386       3.7.5-3.fc7      fedora             48 k
 logwatch                noarch     7.3.4-6.fc7      fedora            301 k
 lsof                    i386       4.78-5.fc7       fedora            323 k
 lvm2                    i386       2.02.24-1.fc7    fedora            974 k
 m4                      i386       1.4.8-2.fc7      fedora            175 k
 mailx                   i386       8.1.1-46.fc7     fedora             57 k
 make                    i386       1:3.81-6.fc7     fedora            466 k
 man                     i386       1.6e-3.fc7       fedora            267 k
 man-pages               noarch     2.44-1.fc7       fedora            4.2 M
 mcs-libs                i386       0.4.1-3.fc7      fedora             19 k
 mcstrans                i386       0.2.5-1.fc7      fedora             16 k
 mdadm                   i386       2.6.1-4.fc7      fedora            825 k
 mesa-libGL              i386       6.5.2-10.fc7     fedora             11 M
 mesa-libGL-devel        i386       6.5.2-10.fc7     fedora            466 k
 mesa-libGLU             i386       6.5.2-10.fc7     fedora            204 k
 mesa-libGLU-devel       i386       6.5.2-10.fc7     fedora             92 k
 metacity                i386       2.18.0-2.fc7     fedora            2.1 M
 mgetty                  i386       1.1.33-10.fc7    fedora            441 k
 mikmod                  i386       3.2.2-2.fc7      fedora            228 k
 minicom                 i386       2.2-1.fc7        fedora            269 k
 mkinitrd                i386       6.0.9-5          fedora             91 k
 mktemp                  i386       3:1.5-25.fc7     fedora             14 k
 mkvtoolnix              i386       2.0.2-1.fc7      fedora            893 k
 mlocate                 i386       0.16-1           fedora             53 k
 mod_perl                i386       2.0.3-7          fedora            3.8 M
 mod_python              i386       3.3.1-3          fedora            334 k
 mod_ssl                 i386       1:2.2.4-4        fedora             85 k
 module-init-tools       i386       3.3-0.pre11.1.0.fc7  fedora            412 k
 mono-core               i386       1.2.3-3.fc7      fedora             12 M
 mono-data               i386       1.2.3-3.fc7      fedora            1.8 M
 mono-data-sqlite        i386       1.2.3-3.fc7      fedora             70 k
 mono-web                i386       1.2.3-3.fc7      fedora            2.6 M
 moto4lin                i386       0.3-6.fc7        fedora            118 k
 mtools                  i386       3.9.10-4.fc7     fedora            210 k
 mtr                     i386       2:0.72-2         fedora             51 k
 multisync               i386       0.91.0-1.fc7     fedora             28 k
 mutt                    i386       5:1.5.14-4.fc7   updates           1.5 M
 nano                    i386       2.0.3-1.fc7      fedora            537 k
 nash                    i386       6.0.9-5          fedora            158 k
 nautilus                i386       2.18.1-2.fc7     fedora            4.3 M
 nautilus-cd-burner      i386       2.18.0-2.fc7     fedora            503 k
 nautilus-extensions     i386       2.18.1-2.fc7     fedora             39 k
 nautilus-sendto         i386       0.10-4.fc7       fedora             80 k
 nc                      i386       1.84-12.fc7      fedora             56 k
 ncurses                 i386       5.6-6.20070303.fc7  fedora            1.0 M
 ncurses-devel           i386       5.6-6.20070303.fc7  fedora            642 k
 nedit                   i386       5.5-11.fc7       fedora            616 k
 neon                    i386       0.25.5-6         fedora             95 k
 neon-devel              i386       0.25.5-6         fedora            137 k
 net-snmp-libs           i386       1:5.4-13.fc7     fedora            1.1 M
 net-tools               i386       1.60-81.fc7      fedora            361 k
 netpbm                  i386       10.35-12.fc7     fedora            147 k
 netpbm-devel            i386       10.35-12.fc7     fedora             82 k
 netpbm-progs            i386       10.35-12.fc7     fedora            2.0 M
 newt                    i386       0.52.6-3.fc7     fedora            129 k
 newt-devel              i386       0.52.6-3.fc7     fedora             40 k
 newt-perl               i386       1.08-14          fedora             79 k
 nfs-utils               i386       1:1.0.12-4.fc7   fedora            327 k
 nfs-utils-lib           i386       1.0.8-8.fc7      fedora             57 k
 notification-daemon     i386       0.3.7-2.fc7      fedora             56 k
 notify-python           i386       0.1.0-4.fc7      fedora             12 k
 nscd                    i386       2.6-3            fedora            159 k
 nspr                    i386       4.6.6-1          fedora            118 k
 nspr-devel              i386       4.6.6-1          fedora            111 k
 nss                     i386       3.11.5-2.fc7     fedora            800 k
 nss-devel               i386       3.11.5-2.fc7     fedora            218 k
 nss_db                  i386       2.2-36           fedora            946 k
 nss_ldap                i386       254-2            fedora            147 k
 ntfs-3g                 i386       2:1.516-1.fc7    fedora            148 k
 ntp                     i386       4.2.4p0-2.fc7    fedora            1.4 M
 ntsysv                  i386       1.3.34-1         fedora             25 k
 numactl                 i386       0.9.8-2.fc7      fedora             44 k
 opal                    i386       2.2.8-1.fc7      fedora            2.9 M
 openal                  i386       0.0.9-0.9.20060204cvs.fc7  fedora            150 k
 openjade                i386       1.3.2-28.fc7     fedora            991 k
 openldap                i386       2.3.34-0.fc7     fedora            290 k
 openldap-devel          i386       2.3.34-0.fc7     fedora            1.6 M
 openobex                i386       1.3-5.fc7        fedora             35 k     i386       1:2.2.0-14.8     fedora            884 k     i386       1:2.2.0-14.8     fedora            6.9 M     i386       1:2.2.0-14.8     fedora             74 M     i386       1:2.2.0-14.8     fedora            1.1 M  i386       1:2.2.0-14.8     fedora             73 k  i386       1:2.2.0-14.8     fedora            196 k  i386       1:2.2.0-14.8     fedora            1.6 M  i386       1:2.2.0-14.8     fedora            158 k     i386       1:2.2.0-14.8     fedora            1.3 M    i386       1:2.2.0-14.8     fedora            189 k  i386       1:2.2.0-14.8     fedora            411 k   i386       1:2.2.0-14.8     fedora            2.9 M  i386       1:2.2.0-14.8     fedora            107 k
 opensp                  i386       1.5.2-4.fc7      fedora            1.1 M
 openssh                 i386       4.5p1-6.fc7      fedora            267 k
 openssh-askpass         i386       4.5p1-6.fc7      fedora             37 k
 openssh-clients         i386       4.5p1-6.fc7      fedora            444 k
 openssh-server          i386       4.5p1-6.fc7      fedora            260 k
 openssl                 i686       0.9.8b-12.fc7    fedora            1.4 M
 openssl-devel           i386       0.9.8b-12.fc7    fedora            1.8 M
 oprofile                i386       0.9.2-8.fc7      fedora            1.8 M
 orca                    i386       2.18.0-1.fc7     fedora            1.4 M
 p7zip                   i386       4.44-2.fc7       fedora            733 k
 pam                     i386   fedora            1.0 M
 pam-devel               i386   fedora            188 k
 pam_ccreds              i386       4-2.fc7          fedora             19 k
 pango                   i386       1.16.4-1.fc7     fedora            356 k
 pango-devel             i386       1.16.4-1.fc7     fedora            302 k
 paps                    i386       0.6.6-19.fc7     fedora             32 k
 parted                  i386       1.8.6-4.fc7      fedora            570 k
 passwd                  i386       0.74-3.fc7       fedora             33 k
 pciutils                i386       2.2.4-3.fc7      fedora             86 k
 pciutils-devel          i386       2.2.4-3.fc7      fedora             41 k
 pcmciautils             i386       014-7.fc7        fedora             38 k
 pcre                    i386       7.0-2            fedora            128 k
 pcre-devel              i386       7.0-2            fedora            201 k
 pdfedit                 i386       0.3.1-1.fc7      fedora            2.5 M
 perl                    i386       4:5.8.8-18.fc7   fedora             10 M
 perl-Archive-Tar        noarch     1.30-4.fc7       fedora             47 k
 perl-Cairo              i386       1.023-1.fc7      fedora            111 k
 perl-Event              i386       1.08-1.fc7       fedora            292 k
 perl-Glib               i386       1.144-1.fc7      fedora            420 k
 perl-Gtk2               i386       1.144-1.fc7      fedora            2.3 M
 perl-HTML-Parser        i386       3.56-1.fc7       fedora            110 k
 perl-HTML-Tagset        noarch     3.10-5.fc7       fedora             15 k
 perl-IO-Socket-SSL      noarch     1.02-1.fc7       fedora             50 k
 perl-Net-DNS            i386       0.59-2.fc7       fedora            215 k
 perl-Net-IP             noarch     1.25-3.fc7       fedora             31 k
 perl-Tk                 i386       804.027-11.fc7   fedora            2.4 M
 php                     i386       5.2.2-3          fedora            1.3 M
 php-cli                 i386       5.2.2-3          fedora            2.5 M
 php-common              i386       5.2.2-3          fedora            205 k
 php-ldap                i386       5.2.2-3          fedora             29 k
 php-pear                noarch     1:1.5.0-3        fedora            401 k
 pilot-link              i386       2:0.12.1-6.fc7   fedora            540 k
 pilot-link-devel        i386       2:0.12.1-6.fc7   fedora            163 k
 pinfo                   i386       0.6.9-3.fc7      fedora            116 k
 pirut                   noarch     1.3.7-1.fc7      fedora            265 k
 pkgconfig               i386       1:0.21-5.fc7     fedora             66 k
 planner                 i386       0.14.2-4.fc7     fedora            3.5 M
 pm-utils                i686       0.99.3-6.fc7     fedora             26 k
 policycoreutils         i386       2.0.16-2.fc7     fedora            615 k
 poppler                 i386       0.5.4-7.fc7      fedora            3.0 M
 poppler-utils           i386       0.5.4-7.fc7      fedora             74 k
 popt                    i386       1.10.2-46.fc7    fedora             69 k
 postgresql-libs         i386       8.2.3-2.fc7      fedora            195 k
 ppp                     i386       2.4.4-2          fedora            383 k
 prelink                 i386       0.3.10-1         fedora            1.0 M
 procmail                i386       3.22-19.fc7      fedora            167 k
 procps                  i386       3.2.7-11.fc7     fedora            208 k
 psacct                  i386       6.3.2-44.fc7     fedora             58 k
 psmisc                  i386       22.3-2.fc7       fedora             66 k
 pwlib                   i386       1.10.7-1.fc7     fedora            823 k
 pycairo                 i386       1.4.0-1.fc7      fedora             71 k
 pycairo-devel           i386       1.4.0-1.fc7      fedora            5.9 k
 pygobject2              i386       2.12.3-3.fc7     fedora             98 k
 pygobject2-devel        i386       2.12.3-3.fc7     fedora            7.9 k
 pygobject2-doc          i386       2.12.3-3.fc7     fedora             38 k
 pygtk2                  i386       2.10.4-2.fc7     fedora            1.1 M
 pygtk2-codegen          i386       2.10.4-2.fc7     fedora            165 k
 pygtk2-devel            i386       2.10.4-2.fc7     fedora            1.1 M
 pygtk2-libglade         i386       2.10.4-2.fc7     fedora             18 k
 pyorbit                 i386       2.14.2-2.fc7     fedora             48 k
 python-crypto           i386       2.0.1-7          fedora            192 k
 python-devel            i386       2.5-12.fc7       fedora            3.5 M
 python-ldap             i386       2.2.0-3          fedora            628 k
 python-numeric          i386       24.2-4.fc7       fedora            771 k
 python-urlgrabber       noarch     2.9.9-5.fc7      fedora            122 k
 pyxdg                   noarch     0.15-5.fc7       fedora             95 k
 pyxf86config            i386       0.3.33-1.fc7     fedora             66 k
 qt                      i386       1:3.3.8-4.fc7    fedora            3.6 M
 qt-devel                i386       1:3.3.8-4.fc7    fedora             11 M
 quota                   i386       1:3.14-1.fc7     fedora            356 k
 rdesktop                i386       1.5.0-2.fc7      fedora            135 k
 readahead               i386       1:1.4.1-2.fc7    fedora             46 k
 readline                i386       5.2-4.fc7        fedora            181 k
 readline-devel          i386       5.2-4.fc7        fedora            133 k
 redhat-artwork          i386       7.0.0-9.fc7      fedora            6.1 M
 redhat-lsb              i386       3.1-14.fc7       fedora             21 k
 redhat-menus            noarch     8.9.10-1.fc7     fedora            204 k
 redhat-rpm-config       noarch     8.0.45-15.fc7    fedora             53 k
 rhgb                    i386       0.17.6-1.fc7     fedora            138 k
 rhpl                    i386       0.208-1          fedora            244 k
 rhpxl                   i386       0.47-1.fc7       fedora            106 k
 rmt                     i386       0.4b41-5.fc7     fedora             22 k
 rp-pppoe                i386       3.8-1.fc7        fedora            110 k
 rpm                     i386       4.4.2-46.fc7     fedora            639 k
 rpm-build               i386       4.4.2-46.fc7     fedora            559 k
 rpm-devel               i386       4.4.2-46.fc7     fedora            1.3 M
 rpm-libs                i386       4.4.2-46.fc7     fedora            970 k
 rpm-python              i386       4.4.2-46.fc7     fedora             54 k
 rsh                     i386       0.17-40.fc7      fedora             43 k
 rsync                   i386       2.6.9-2.fc7      fedora            232 k
 samba-client            i386       3.0.25-2.fc7     fedora            4.4 M
 samba-common            i386       3.0.25-2.fc7     fedora            6.7 M
 sane-backends           i386       1.0.18-6.fc7     fedora            1.0 M
 sane-backends-libs      i386       1.0.18-6.fc7     fedora            2.3 M
 sane-frontends          i386       1.0.14-3.fc7     fedora             55 k
 screen                  i386       4.0.3-5.fc7      fedora            556 k
 scrollkeeper            i386       0.3.14-11.fc7    fedora            284 k
 seamonkey               i386       1.1.2-1.fc7      updates            15 M
 sed                     i386       4.1.5-7.fc7      fedora            175 k
 selinux-policy          noarch     2.6.4-8.fc7      fedora            373 k
 selinux-policy-targeted  noarch     2.6.4-8.fc7      fedora            986 k
 sendmail                i386       8.14.1-2         fedora            842 k
 setarch                 i386       2.0-4.fc7        fedora             10 k
 setserial               i386       2.17-20.fc7      fedora             22 k
 setup                   noarch     2.6.4-1.fc7      fedora            126 k
 setuptool               i386       1.19.2-2         fedora             51 k
 sgml-common             noarch     0.6.3-20.fc7     fedora             40 k
 shadow-utils            i386       2:  fedora            1.1 M
 shared-mime-info        i386       0.20-2.fc7       fedora            150 k
 sip                     i386       4.6-1.fc7        fedora            234 k
 slang                   i386       2.0.7-2.fc7      fedora            329 k
 slang-devel             i386       2.0.7-2.fc7      fedora            214 k
 slib                    noarch     3a4-1.fc7        fedora            690 k
 slrn                    i386  fedora            750 k
 smartmontools           i386       1:5.37-2.fc7     fedora            303 k
 sound-juicer            i386       2.16.4-1.fc7     fedora            1.1 M
 sox                     i386       13.0.0-1         fedora            230 k
 spamassassin            i386       3.2.0-1.fc7      fedora            1.1 M
 specspo                 noarch     14-1.fc7         fedora            5.8 M
 speex                   i386       1.2-0.2.beta1    fedora            475 k
 sqlite                  i386       3.3.13-1.fc7     fedora            226 k
 sqlite-devel            i386       3.3.13-1.fc7     fedora            277 k
 startup-notification    i386       0.9-1.fc7        fedora             38 k
 startup-notification-devel  i386       0.9-1.fc7        fedora            9.0 k
 strace                  i386       4.5.15-1.fc7     fedora            104 k
 stunnel                 i386       4.20-2           fedora            120 k
 subversion              i386       1.4.3-4          fedora            2.3 M
 sudo                    i386       1.6.8p12-14.fc7  fedora            219 k
 swig                    i386       1.3.31-0.fc7     fedora            3.0 M
 symlinks                i386       1.2-29.fc7       fedora             11 k
 sysfsutils              i386       2.1.0-1.fc7      fedora             39 k
 sysklogd                i386       1.4.2-5.fc7      fedora             82 k
 syslinux                i386       3.36-4.fc7       fedora            673 k
 sysreport               noarch     1.4.3-10         fedora             21 k
 system-config-date      noarch     1.9.0-1.fc7      fedora            1.1 M
 system-config-display   noarch     1.0.51-1.fc7     fedora            188 k
 system-config-keyboard  noarch     1.2.11-1.fc7     fedora             69 k
 system-config-language  noarch     1.1.16-1.fc7     fedora             66 k
 system-config-lvm       noarch     1.1.1-1.0.fc7    fedora            700 k
 system-config-printer   i386   fedora            173 k
 system-config-printer-libs  i386   fedora            338 k
 system-config-rootpassword  noarch     1.1.10-1         fedora             50 k
 system-config-securitylevel  i386       1.7.0-1.fc7      fedora            288 k
 system-config-securitylevel-tui  i386       1.7.0-1.fc7      fedora            263 k
 system-config-services  noarch     0.9.8-1.fc7      fedora            188 k
 system-config-users     noarch     1.2.56-1.fc7     fedora            377 k
 systemtap               i386       0.5.13-1.fc7     fedora            593 k
 systemtap-runtime       i386       0.5.13-1.fc7     fedora             29 k
 t1lib                   i386       5.1.0-9.fc7      fedora            316 k
 taglib                  i386       1.4-5.fc7        fedora            142 k
 tar                     i386       2:1.15.1-26.fc7  fedora            746 k
 tcl                     i386       1:8.4.13-16.fc7  fedora            1.8 M
 tcpdump                 i386       14:3.9.5-3.fc7   fedora            327 k
 tcsh                    i386       6.14-15          fedora            462 k
 telnet                  i386       1:0.17-38.fc7    fedora             57 k
 testdisk                i386       6.6-1.fc7        fedora            844 k
 tetex                   i386       3.0-39.fc7       fedora             13 M
 tetex-fonts             i386       3.0-39.fc7       fedora             29 M
 texinfo                 i386       4.8-15           fedora            754 k
 theora-tools            i386       1.0alpha7-2.fc7  fedora             25 k
 thunderbird             i386    fedora             23 M
 time                    i386       1.7-29.fc7       fedora             24 k
 tmpwatch                i386       2.9.11-1         fedora             19 k
 tomboy                  i386       0.6.1-1.fc7      fedora            1.2 M
 tomcat5-jsp-2.0-api     i386       5.5.23-9jpp.2.fc7  fedora             89 k
 tomcat5-servlet-2.4-api  i386       5.5.23-9jpp.2.fc7  fedora            144 k
 traceroute              i386       3:2.0.3-1.1.fc7  fedora             40 k
 tree                    i386       1.5.0-7.fc7      fedora             34 k
 ttmkfdir                i386       3.0.9-24.fc7     fedora             46 k
 tzdata                  noarch     2007e-1.fc7      fedora            748 k
 udev                    i386       106-4.fc7        fedora            301 k
 unix2dos                i386       2.2-28.fc7       fedora             13 k
 unzip                   i386       5.52-4.fc7       fedora            143 k
 usermode                i386       1.91.1-1         fedora            186 k
 usermode-gtk            i386       1.91.1-1         fedora            104 k
 util-linux              i386       2.13-0.51.fc7    fedora            1.8 M
 valgrind                i386       1:3.2.3-2        fedora             11 M
 vconfig                 i386       1.9-3.fc7        fedora             55 k
 vim-common              i386       2:7.0.235-1.fc7  fedora            6.4 M
 vim-enhanced            i386       2:7.0.235-1.fc7  fedora            870 k
 vim-minimal             i386       2:7.0.235-1.fc7  fedora            349 k
 vino                    i386       2.18.0-1.fc7     fedora            411 k
 vixie-cron              i386       4:4.1-82.fc7     fedora             92 k
 vnc                     i386       4.1.2-16.fc7     fedora             90 k
 vnc-server              i386       4.1.2-16.fc7     fedora            1.8 M
 vorbis-tools            i386       1:1.1.1.svn20070412-2.fc7  fedora            190 k
 vte                     i386       0.16.3-2.fc7     fedora            481 k
 wavpack                 i386       4.41-1.fc7       fedora            120 k
 webalizer               i386       2.01_10-32       fedora            106 k
 wget                    i386       1.10.2-15.fc7    fedora            585 k
 which                   i386       2.16-8           fedora             23 k
 wine                    i386       0.9.36-2.fc7     fedora             17 k
 wine-capi               i386       0.9.36-2.fc7     fedora             24 k
 wine-cms                i386       0.9.36-2.fc7     fedora             36 k
 wine-core               i386       0.9.36-2.fc7     fedora            9.1 M
 wine-esd                i386       0.9.36-2.fc7     fedora             33 k
 wine-jack               i386       0.9.36-2.fc7     fedora             22 k
 wine-ldap               i386       0.9.36-2.fc7     fedora             85 k
 wine-nas                i386       0.9.36-2.fc7     fedora             22 k
 wine-tools              i386       0.9.36-2.fc7     fedora            587 k
 wine-twain              i386       0.9.36-2.fc7     fedora             46 k
 wireless-tools          i386       1:28-4.fc7       fedora             94 k
 words                   noarch     3.0-12.fc7       fedora            1.4 M
 wpa_supplicant          i386       1:0.5.7-2.fc7    fedora            241 k
 xine-lib                i386       1.1.6-2.fc7      fedora            2.5 M
 xml-common              noarch     0.6.3-20.fc7     fedora            6.1 k
 xmms                    i386       1:1.2.10-36.fc7  fedora            1.6 M
 xmms-libs               i386       1:1.2.10-36.fc7  fedora            243 k
 xorg-x11-apps           i386       7.1-4.fc7        fedora            254 k
 xorg-x11-drivers        i386       7.2-6.fc7        fedora            5.3 k
 xorg-x11-drv-acecad     i386       1.1.0-3.fc7      fedora             10 k
 xorg-x11-drv-aiptek     i386       1.0.1-3.fc7      fedora             18 k
 xorg-x11-drv-apm        i386       1.1.1-3.fc7      fedora             67 k
 xorg-x11-drv-ark        i386       0.6.0-3.fc7      fedora             14 k
 xorg-x11-drv-ast        i386       0.81.0-4.fc7     fedora             23 k
 xorg-x11-drv-ati        i386       6.6.3-2.fc7      fedora            346 k
 xorg-x11-drv-calcomp    i386       1.1.0-2.fc7      fedora             11 k
 xorg-x11-drv-chips      i386       1.1.1-3.fc7      fedora             74 k
 xorg-x11-drv-cirrus     i386       1.1.0-3.fc7      fedora             41 k
 xorg-x11-drv-citron     i386       2.2.0-2.fc7      fedora             29 k
 xorg-x11-drv-digitaledge  i386       1.1.0-2.fc7      fedora             11 k
 xorg-x11-drv-dmc        i386       1.1.0-3.fc7      fedora            9.7 k
 xorg-x11-drv-dummy      i386       0.2.0-3.fc7      fedora             11 k
 xorg-x11-drv-dynapro    i386       1.1.0-3.fc7      fedora            9.3 k
 xorg-x11-drv-elographics  i386       1.1.0-2.fc7      fedora             13 k
 xorg-x11-drv-evdev      i386       1.1.2-3.fc7      fedora             23 k
 xorg-x11-drv-fbdev      i386       0.3.1-2.fc7      fedora             14 k
 xorg-x11-drv-fpit       i386       1.1.0-2.fc7      fedora             11 k
 xorg-x11-drv-glint      i386       1.1.1-5.fc7      fedora            106 k
 xorg-x11-drv-hyperpen   i386       1.1.0-3.fc7      fedora             12 k
 xorg-x11-drv-i128       i386       1.2.0-5.fc7      fedora             31 k
 xorg-x11-drv-i740       i386       1.1.0-3.fc7      fedora             26 k
 xorg-x11-drv-i810       i386       2.0.0-3.fc7      fedora            294 k
 xorg-x11-drv-jamstudio  i386       1.1.0-2.fc7      fedora            8.9 k
 xorg-x11-drv-keyboard   i386       1.1.0-3.fc7      fedora             14 k
 xorg-x11-drv-magellan   i386       1.1.0-2.fc7      fedora            8.9 k
 xorg-x11-drv-magictouch  i386    fedora            5.6 k
 xorg-x11-drv-mga        i386    fedora             83 k
 xorg-x11-drv-microtouch  i386       1.1.0-2.fc7      fedora             12 k
 xorg-x11-drv-mouse      i386       1.2.1-2.fc7      fedora             29 k
 xorg-x11-drv-mutouch    i386       1.1.0-3.fc7      fedora             13 k
 xorg-x11-drv-nsc        i386       2.8.1-3.fc7      fedora            134 k
 xorg-x11-drv-nv         i386       2.0.2-2.fc7      fedora             81 k
 xorg-x11-drv-palmax     i386       1.1.0-2.fc7      fedora             11 k
 xorg-x11-drv-penmount   i386       1.1.0-3.fc7      fedora             10 k
 xorg-x11-drv-rendition  i386       4.1.3-3.fc7      fedora             48 k
 xorg-x11-drv-s3         i386       0.5.0-3.fc7      fedora             31 k
 xorg-x11-drv-s3virge    i386       1.9.1-3.fc7      fedora             41 k
 xorg-x11-drv-savage     i386       2.1.2-3.fc7      fedora             71 k
 xorg-x11-drv-siliconmotion  i386       1.5.1-1.fc7      fedora             49 k
 xorg-x11-drv-sis        i386       0.9.3-2.fc7      fedora            283 k
 xorg-x11-drv-sisusb     i386       0.8.1-5.fc7      fedora             44 k
 xorg-x11-drv-spaceorb   i386       1.1.0-2.fc7      fedora            8.5 k
 xorg-x11-drv-summa      i386       1.1.0-2.fc7      fedora             12 k
 xorg-x11-drv-tdfx       i386       1.3.0-4.fc7      fedora             38 k
 xorg-x11-drv-trident    i386       1.2.3-4.fc7      fedora             74 k
 xorg-x11-drv-tseng      i386       1.1.0-5.fc7      fedora             28 k
 xorg-x11-drv-ur98       i386       1.1.0-2.fc7      fedora             12 k
 xorg-x11-drv-v4l        i386       0.1.1-5.fc7      fedora             12 k
 xorg-x11-drv-vesa       i386       1.3.0-6.fc7      fedora             18 k
 xorg-x11-drv-vga        i386       4.1.0-3.fc7      fedora             15 k
 xorg-x11-drv-via        i386       0.2.2-1.fc7      fedora            141 k
 xorg-x11-drv-vmware     i386       10.14.1-1.fc7    fedora             28 k
 xorg-x11-drv-void       i386       1.1.0-4.fc7      fedora            7.8 k
 xorg-x11-drv-voodoo     i386       1.1.0-4.fc7      fedora             19 k
 xorg-x11-font-utils     i386       1:7.1-5.fc7      fedora             75 k
 xorg-x11-fonts-100dpi   noarch     7.1-3.fc7        fedora            3.2 M
 xorg-x11-fonts-75dpi    noarch     7.1-3.fc7        fedora            2.8 M
 xorg-x11-fonts-ISO8859-1-100dpi  noarch     7.1-3.fc7        fedora            1.1 M
 xorg-x11-fonts-ISO8859-1-75dpi  noarch     7.1-3.fc7        fedora            933 k
 xorg-x11-fonts-Type1    noarch     7.1-3.fc7        fedora            1.5 M
 xorg-x11-fonts-base     noarch     7.1-3.fc7        fedora            3.7 M
 xorg-x11-fonts-misc     noarch     7.1-3.fc7        fedora            2.2 M
 xorg-x11-fonts-truetype  noarch     7.1-3.fc7        fedora            428 k
 xorg-x11-proto-devel    i386       7.2-9.fc7        fedora            284 k
 xorg-x11-resutils       i386       7.1-3.fc7        fedora             61 k
 xorg-x11-server-Xorg    i386    fedora            2.9 M
 xorg-x11-server-utils   i386       7.2-1.fc7        fedora            174 k
 xorg-x11-util-macros    i386       1.1.5-1.fc7      fedora             14 k
 xorg-x11-utils          i386       7.1-4.fc7        fedora            117 k
 xorg-x11-xauth          i386       1:1.0.2-1.fc7    fedora             35 k
 xorg-x11-xdm            i386       1:1.1.3-1.fc7    fedora            131 k
 xorg-x11-xinit          i386       1.0.2-19.fc7     fedora             27 k
 xorg-x11-xkb-utils      i386       1.0.2-3.fc7      fedora            176 k
 xorg-x11-xtrans-devel   i386       1.0.3-1.fc7      fedora             75 k
 xosd                    i386       2.2.14-9.fc7     fedora             47 k
 xrestop                 i386       0.4-1.fc7        fedora             22 k
 xsane                   i386       0.994-3.fc7      fedora            2.0 M
 xsane-gimp              i386       0.994-3.fc7      fedora            249 k
 xscreensaver-base       i386       1:5.02-1.fc7.1   fedora            616 k
 xscreensaver-extras     i386       1:5.02-1.fc7.1   fedora            3.3 M
 xscreensaver-gl-extras  i386       1:5.02-1.fc7.1   fedora            3.5 M
 xterm                   i386       225-2.fc7        fedora            333 k
 yelp                    i386       2.18.1-4.fc7     updates           682 k
 ypbind                  i386       3:1.19-9.fc7     fedora             36 k
 yum                     noarch     3.2.0-1.fc7      fedora            530 k
 yum-metadata-parser     i386       1.1.0-2.fc7      fedora             25 k
 zenity                  i386       2.18.0-1.fc7     fedora            1.4 M
 zip                     i386       2.31-3.fc7       fedora            127 k
 zlib                    i386       1.2.3-10.fc7     fedora             72 k
 zlib-devel              i386       1.2.3-10.fc7     fedora             81 k
Installing for dependencies:
 ConsoleKit              i386       0.2.1-2.fc7      fedora             50 k
 ConsoleKit-libs         i386       0.2.1-2.fc7      fedora             13 k
 ConsoleKit-x11          i386       0.2.1-2.fc7      fedora             13 k
 GConf2-gtk              i386   fedora             17 k
 alsa-oss-libs           i386       1.0.12-4.fc7     fedora             29 k
 busybox                 i386       1:1.2.2-8.fc7    fedora            1.1 M
 clamav-filesystem       i386       0.90.2-1.fc7     fedora             16 k
 cracklib-python         i386       2.8.9-10         fedora             11 k
 esound-libs             i386       1:0.2.38-1.fc7   fedora             30 k
 fast-user-switch-applet  i386       2.17.4-4.fc7     fedora            640 k
 fedora-bookmarks        noarch     7-1              fedora             11 k
 festival-lib            i386       1.96-1.fc7       fedora            470 k
 festival-speechtools-libs  i386       1.2.96-1.fc7     fedora            1.2 M
 festvox-slt-arctic-hts  i386       0.20061229-1.fc7  fedora            1.6 M
 file-libs               i386       4.20-1.fc7       fedora            311 k
 gnutls-devel            i386       1.4.5-2.fc7      fedora            920 k
 groff-perl              i386       fedora             23 k
 hal-info                noarch     20070516-2.fc7   fedora             41 k
 hunspell                i386       1.1.5-2.fc7      fedora            145 k
 hunspell-en             noarch     0.20040623-1.fc7  fedora            499 k
 jasper                  i386       1.900.1-2.fc7    updates           174 k
 java_cup                i386       1:0.10-0.k.6jpp.1  fedora            180 k
 kde-settings            noarch     3.5-28.fc7.1     fedora             13 k
 kde-settings-kdm        noarch     3.5-28.fc7.1     fedora             16 k
 kernel                  i686       2.6.21-1.3194.fc7  fedora             16 M
 keyutils-libs           i386       1.2-2.fc6        fedora             18 k
 libdhcp                 i386       1.24-4.fc7       fedora             61 k
 libdhcp4client          i386       12:3.0.5-35.fc7  fedora            247 k
 libdhcp6client          i386       0.10-42.fc7      fedora             78 k
 libgnomekbd             i386       2.18.0-1.fc7     fedora             79 k
 libiptcdata             i386       1.0.2-1.fc7      fedora             42 k
 libopenraw              i386       0.0.2-5.fc7      fedora             53 k
 libopenraw-gnome        i386       0.0.2-5.fc7      fedora            5.5 k
 libpurple               i386       2.0.1-1.fc7      updates           6.0 M
 libsmbclient            i386       3.0.25-2.fc7     fedora            894 k
 libsmbios-libs          i386       0.13.6-1.fc7     fedora            234 k
 libsoup-devel           i386       2.2.100-1.fc7    fedora            126 k
 libthai                 i386       0.1.7-5.fc7      fedora            154 k
 libtirpc                i386       0.1.7-5.fc7      fedora             72 k
 meanwhile               i386       1.0.2-4.fc7      fedora            108 k
 mono-winforms           i386       1.2.3-3.fc7      fedora            3.2 M
 nas                     i386       1.9-1.fc7        fedora            647 k
 perl-CPAN               i386       1.76_02-18.fc7   fedora            127 k
 perl-ExtUtils-Embed     i386       1.26-18.fc7      fedora             33 k
 perl-ExtUtils-MakeMaker  i386       6.30-18.fc7      fedora            290 k
 perl-Test-Harness       i386       2.56-18.fc7      fedora             77 k
 perl-Test-Simple        i386       0.62-18.fc7      fedora            108 k
 perl-devel              i386       4:5.8.8-18.fc7   fedora            388 k
 perl-libs               i386       4:5.8.8-18.fc7   fedora            571 k
 python-libs             i386       2.5-12.fc7       fedora            568 k
 redhat-artwork-kde      i386       7.0.0-9.fc7      fedora            559 k
 tetex-dvips             i386       3.0-39.fc7       fedora            587 k
 tetex-latex             i386       3.0-39.fc7       fedora            5.4 M
 texinfo-tex             i386       4.8-15           fedora             32 k
 vnc-libs                i386       4.1.2-16.fc7     fedora            166 k
 xdg-user-dirs           i386       0.8-1.fc7        fedora             31 k
 xorg-x11-drv-amd        i386       0.0-9.20061016git.fc7  fedora            129 k
 xorg-x11-drv-nouveau    i386       2.0.2-2.fc7      fedora             60 k
 xorg-x11-drv-tek4957    i386       1.1.0-2.fc7      fedora             10 k
Updating for dependencies:
 db4                     i386       4.5.20-5.fc7     fedora            1.1 M
 device-mapper           i386       1.02.17-7.fc7    fedora            456 k

Transaction Summary
Install     82 Package(s)        
Update     948 Package(s)        
Remove       0 Package(s)        

Total download size: 1.1 G
Is this ok [y/N]:

What would you do? This is how I went from Fedora core 5 to Fedora core 6. Now I'm headed from Fedora core 6 to Fedora 7. I tried using the DVD, but I couldn't boot my machine with it. It worked fine on my HP server. I know that Ubuntu boots live and so does Knoppix. It's just Fedora that has problems.

I'll have to get back to you about if it works or not. It will probably be tomorrow before you hear the tortured wails of lament.