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Wifi at work

The guest wifi at work for internet access only. It is ridiculous. We have network wifi for work stuff. The network wifi works pretty well, but the the guest wifi is jacked. Let me count the ways.

Often, it just gets you nowhere. You sign on to the guest wifi without a password. You then go to any web page and you get prompted for a login. We use our user log in and it lets you on the internet. This works well for phones and personal devices so they do not intermingle with the business wifi. Keeps the networks separate. The guest wifi never works properly.

Half the time you sign on to the guest wifi and never get prompted. All your internet applications default to using wifi so you phone sits there not connected at all. No texts and in my case no phone calls because that is over wifi when connected as well. If you don’t remember to turn off wifi, you are just offline.

When you are prompted for a login, you get flopped back and forth between access points until your battery goes dead. This means really bad connections and missed data. This just lures you in to thinking you are rightly connected when really, you are just dangling on a cliff near the internet and not on it.

The only solution is not to use the wifi. This leads to using my 4g more, but I don’t really stream anything. I don’t know if it is just my office (the access point nearest me) that is the issue, or if it is a systemic issue thought the building.

When I tried to get help from the help desk about this, they didn’t even know what I was talking about. I got the chat window equivalent of a blank stare. Clearly the person on the other end was helping multiple people at once. Just gotta love that chat support.

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