It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



I have gotten in the habit of putting notes in Evernote. Lately, I’m running round the house and taking pictures of all those stickers on things that have serial numbers and other information. I did the car last night and got everything except the license plat. It was late and I was tired. I will do my guns next. I intend to do this for everything I buy from now on.

This Logitech keyboard I have at work has lowered the number of types. I switched from a Dell fancy keyboard to a cheap Logitech and my typing has improved in both quality and speed. I do not know if the Dell fancy keyboard was just not for me, or if it was genuinely crap. I did notice other people had issues on it when they used my computer to change their password.

Voodoo script: One of those scripts that turn up occasionally that make no sense, but some process will not work without it. used a lot in project builds.

I want to get rid of cable. Not just for the reasons listed at the link. I want to drop cable, get a good internet connection and just do streaming. It is cheaper and offers more freedom. Nat is set against it. it will come though. I insist.

My stomach is distended. Not much. it just stick out like a pot belly. It is the muscle and some fat outside the muscle. I must have a bunch of fat under the muscle. I cannot suck my gut in any more. I’m 45 and I’m fat. This is a bad combination in my family. Whatever I am doing is not working.

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