It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



Now low fat milk is bad for you? -Einstein-a-gogo

They are studying brains for remodeling, fixing of itself from injuries and disease, by scanning for cells that have been changed since the cold war with all the nuclear tests. Fascinating stuff. -Einstein-a-gogo

There are links between behavior and gut bacteria. -Einstein-a-gogo

A buddy of mine is in a 39 story building. I used this site to calculate his potential impact velocity.

PowerPoint is not the enemy. Learn how to communicate. Not just anyone is a good public speaker. Not Just anyone is a good author. Not just anyone is a good teacher. Not just anyone is a good student. These are all different things.

I got told I asked a good question in the weekly development meeting this morning. I’m such a dork. I’m all proud of myself.

Is QTPy (and QT) realy the industry standard for GUI?

Does anyone learn to read and write before learning to listen and speak? Then why are we trying to teach computers that way?

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