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Lunch Conversation

  • Plane crash
    • We spoke a lot about the plane crash that happened earlier this weekend.
    • We also cracked some rather inappropriate jokes about it.
    • IBM exec on the plane that went down
  • Kids
    • Kids on flights
    • Kids in hotel rooms
    • Kids in cars

I pondered the number of flights in the world and wondered the number of them that have an IBM employee on them at any given moment. I bet every fifth flight in the world has someone from IBM on it.

The real talkers were not with us today apparently.  The ride back to work was nearly silent.

Then in the afternoon we did something at work we hadn’t done in a long time. We actually took an afternoon break about fifteen minutes long in the lunch room. It was spontaneous. Just a bunch of people who walked by.

  • Old TV shows
    • McGyver
    • Max Headroom
    • Jim Henson did a show with Muppets and real people that was cool stories.
    • Dark Crystal (movie)
    • Quantum Leap
    • That Andy Griffith show where he made a rocket and salvaged stuff from orbit.
    • Airwolf
    • Erkle
    • Twilight Zone
  • Time change
    • Some love it and some hate it

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