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Lunch Conversation

  • Work
    • Layoffs (you don't want people talking about them, don’t do them)
    • Travel
  • Weather
    • it is abnormally cold today. It is a wet nasty cold for us.
    • People traveling from the north side of the U. S. said it was warmer up there.
    • One of the folks tried traveling a couple weeks ago got stuck in the cold weather. She is traveling again tomorrow.
  • Some of us do not go to movies or watch commercials any longer so we are not up on the latest Hollywood bullshit. I think this is the first thing I’ve ever had in common with Robert.
  • Movies
    • Oscars
      • Only a couple people seem to care
      • saves you from having to watch that dribble.
  • TV
    • Game of thrones
      • The books were more interesting in the spot the shows are in.
      • South Park had a parody “dragons coming soon, but look at this penis.” Gotta watch that episode of South Park.
    • True Detective
      • Limited run
      • Awesome Show.
    • If you made limited runs of stories It would make for better stories.
      • Heroes
      • LOST

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