It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



Sample of my handwriting.

I’ve found myself falling back in love with felt tip pens. I’ve given up on begging for roller ball kinds of pens. They used to buy them at work. They worked, but the new powers that be insist that shit ballpoints are good enough. That is fine for people with good vision, but my vision sucks and I’m sure I’m not the only person who likes a nice bold line. I put in a request for a pack of the pens above. I have no idea if I will get them or not. I’m sure I’ll complain here either way.

This pen was recommended to me in middle school. I think the one they used was not by Sharpie, but it was very similar. I don’t know what happened to felt tip pens. there must be some manufacturing requirement that makes them more difficult or rare. Did the market just demand cheap shit ballpoints that much?

I’ve been hoarding the old pens at work for months. The pickens have gotten more and more slim over the last several months. Our honeymoon is over where office supplies are concerned. The lady from HR said If I needed anything to give her a call, but I’m not pulling that except as an absolute last resort. I have never rarely been the kid to run to teacher when I don’t get my way. For under $10 of equipment that will last me a year, I’m might pull out the stop.

Kelly, why are you not using your laptop? Because I don’t want to drag my friggin high end 8kg development laptop all over the place. When they get us light tablets or the next way of connecting to the cloud to do our work, I’ll probably drop the nice bold felt tip pen on college ruled paper. I do it sometimes. I need the exercise.

My father makes pens. They are cool looking pens made from antlers and bone and such. He made some from empty ammunition shells. They rock. He uses roller balls for the pen part. If I could find a pen kit that used a bolder line, I would use the pen he gave me more often. Sorry Dad.

I write in all caps. I use half height caps for lowercase characters and full size ones for capitals. I need to do this if I intend to ever read it again. I found something that works for me. I’m going to stick with it.

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