It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.


Bad night

I woke up gagging on some vomit that had come up in my sleep. I suffer from acid reflux. This was one of the worse episodes I've ever had. The acid went down my wind pipe and made me choke.

The sounds that came from me reminded me of the gasping death scenes in movies. two dozen times I made that gasping noise followed by a gagging swallow. I swallowed a lot of air. That is a bad thing because I know what is coming next.

I stood in front of the sink because the toilet is just too low for me to use. I only had to wait for a minute. I then vomited in the sink. It was asnasty as any time I have ever done so. I had eaten chereos before going tobed. There are more annoying foods I could have eaten.

There is a dish brush near the sink that I keep there for just such emergencies. I used it and hot water to clean out the sink. also used the plunger to clear the drane. I looked in the mirror and decided the rest of the night would be better.

I took some stomach medicen and got some water from the kitchen. All was not so much well as done. At least I wasn't hung over or sick with the flue. I didn't have work the next day or later that day thank goodness.

My throat hurt for days. I probably sitll have some cheerios in my lungs.

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