It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



Someone at work said “... it makes me angry to think about plants again.” An admitted black thumb.

I listened to a fictional reenactment of the first race between horse and steam locomotive. It was amazing. It was originally done by CBS back in the radio days. I heard it on Journey In to.

How do you tell a podcast their quality has dropped. The content makes me want to stop the playback. The sound quality is getting more and more muffled. The editing is more and more laxed. They are doing it for free. they are a bit snobby about their content. The intro they recorded a long time ago sounds good. The tone of their voice sounds better, more alert and alive in that intro. The recent stories are depressing and muffled.

I listened to a podcast about NetFlix. Holy shit. The way they survive is to cut and run on all their employees. They reinvent themselves every time the whim grabs them. Some companies are looking at this as a long term model Essentially, Everyone at the company is a contractor. I had a hard time listening to the end of the show. It makes me not want to get NetFlix.


And it will get you laid at Faire.


Fence will son be replaced



Ive #Evernote had come before Google Docs I would be using Evernote for everything.

Some days it pays to procrastinate. I have two laptops. I got the Linux box up on the new key based wifi without any real problem. I had to do it manually because fuck making Linux automatic. I tried the Windows laptop because it was “automatic” and therefore much easier. Well, it got all kinds of errors and just refused to work. I said I would give up and try again next week. I can use the visitor wifi for now on that laptop. Well, an email turned up in my inbox today. “Wifi corrupt keys between these two dates. Please try again. Affects Windows only.” (paraphrasing)

Some poor bastard sent a chat request to the entire department. That includes several high-ups. It was worth a chuckle, but I had to find out what he did so I did not repeat it. It is so easy to do that I’m glad I found out through someone else's accident instead of my own.



Ran across the street to Target to get sugar again today. It was really easy to cross Walnut Bend at 10:15. There was a guy wearing a very similar hat to me with his sunglasses on the brim, just like I was wearing. I couldn’t find any sugar in the supply closet, but I found about 25 boxes of bandaids. Not normal sized boxes, the huge boxes you get at Sam’s. How many freaking bandaids do we go through in this place?

They are fixing the front door of the building. It has been blown out for two weeks. Someone probably flicked a cigarette at it. The doors on the other side of the elevator were not used to the extra load and one of the hinges seized, loudly. They were down to one functioning door, the furthest from the parking garage, on that side of the building. People were about to have to walk to the other side of the building to use the revolving door, that ground to a halt a couple years ago, as a backup. Repair folks turned up in the nick of time.

Yesterday Libreoffice substituted a bullet character for the letter “a”. There must be some combination of ctrl to hit that causes this because this is the second time in my history of Open Office and the like to have this issue. The only way I can repair it is to copy and paste all my document in to a new document. There must be an easier way, but I and Google are at a loss. What is that called exactly? You cannot search for “replace character” or any combination of that because you get examples of search and replace

The word Nirvana in Sanskrit means extinguish. The idea is that you extinguish all the bad and only the good is left behind. Carma is not punishment. It is an action and opposite reaction.


Who is that guy?


Song of the day

To the tune of If You are Happy and You Know it.

If she’s pretty and she’s single then she’s nuts.
If she’s pretty and she’s single then she’s nuts.
I know you want to hit it, but the lady just ain’t worth it.
If she’s pretty and she’s single then she’s nuts.

You get the idea. The above ditty was inspired by a buddy who has had more than a couple run ins with crazy chicks. I’m sure it is really him and not the women he winds up with

I do not believe this song is true. I’ve met pretty women who claimed to be single. It usually turned out they were not single and only trying to hide their relationships. Even the women who were nuts were taken for the most part.


They have run out of other people's money. Time to start slaughtering the masses before they starve.

Remember, there is no national database of 2x4s or hammers. Yet.

Money cluster-fuck on a global scale. The simple fact is that all markets and investments areesentally gambling.



The shit is just starting to hit the fan. World financials are really starting to show threads as all the monetary easing (printing money) starts to come home to roost world wide. The cry is “Print more money!” I hope no one heeds that call.

Wait a minute, Can’t you buy something like 200 A-10s for every F-35? I mean, the old planes have to be replaced at some point, but damn, how much is it supposed to frigging cost?

Drones in space. They are calling it an interceptor, but it is a fucking drone designed for taking out multiple targets as they fly around in orbit. That is a drone!

Bringing a gun to a card fight. or Got’a get’em all. That load it Texas would not be anything special if I’m honest. That is just a trip to the range.


New laptop (Talking about it)



Trying to figure out Snapchat. I am thinking hard of killing Twitter. I need an excuse to spend brain cycles on learning it.

One of the podcasts I listen to had a fiction story about alien races coming to Earth and conquering us by hard work and innovative thinking. They showed up and competed with us. Beat us at our own game. It was not long before we owed them more money than we could possibly pay back. People volunteered to work on other planets to repay their debts and to continue to get the amazing services. Thus, helping the aliens to enslave other entities. Diabolical.


Anyone know a good fence guy?





Broken fence


Taiwan and China are going to scrap at some point. China has to win, but Taiwan just has to not be over run.

What a new real war will look like. Not pretty, not easy. “Hybrid Warfare” “nonlinear warfare” “non state actors”. I watch RT service all the time. I make sure to not pay attention to anything they same. Same with Al Jazeera.

I went to lunch today. Woody was there. I think I had a longer conversation with him than I had ever had before. He is a cool guy, but we don’t have many overlapping interests, except as it turns out, children. We talked about kids and schools. Pretty cool.

Age gap in candidates. Opposite of what I might expect.

There is a milk war going on in England over price. The stores are paying less for hosail milk than it costs most farmers (ranchers) to produce. There are actions like taking cows down to supermarkets and such. I am torn. I don’t want people to lose their job, but the market demand should hold true. Those farmers who cannot compete should get out of the market. The price of mil will go up and the strong/sneaky will survive. Besides, milk isn’t really all that good for more than half of humans. The amount of milk used in everything should drop a bit. We as a society will be better for it.

2 table day at La Fiesta


Are they still saying 50 deaths? Explosion crater in China.

Week o clips

My tree is the grass' best friend


Click repair

Had to crack open the new clock to kill the alarm. Yup, lower left is a chunk of concrete for weight.



We got clocks.



Science is bullshit. Why do so many people worship at the altar of science?

I would go to jail if I pulled this shit. So should she. Bring them all down dammit. I want justice. Those are my secrets you are being intrusted with you power grabbing politician. More.

Because we don’t care what you think, and we do not fear you, that’s why. People ask why the Nazies bothered writing everything down if it was so damning, regarding the killing of an entire religion of people. Well, the Nazies did not fear getting brought to justice. They just didn’t have time to redact the really damning bits before losing the war.

We had an oopsy. Doing anything to get their way since 2008. Welcome to the new and absolute EPA.

Dammit. I ate too much for lunch. My back hurts. I’m worried it has something to do with the antibiotics I'm taking which would be bad. If so, it’s possible I have a kidney infection from it. That is not how it feels. It feels like a pulled muscle, but too deep for a pulled muscle.

WARNING - Use at your own risk!
When you have more than 1000 processes to kill. (without the brackets)
sudo kill `ps -ef | grep [what you are searching for] | grep -v grep | awk '{print $2;}'`

I need to invent a chair that takes the stress off my spine. Perhaps a hanging chair that loops under my arms or perhaps a gravity (upside down) computer desk. That would be awesome! #work


With words come thoughts. With thoughts come actions.
Life uses words to control life. The rules mean more than the sticky hardware we live in.
Of commands, functions, variables and the magic or in which they lay.
Life will create life in software long before hardware catches up.
Speak the rules. Write the thoughts. Guide the actions. The hardware will come.

(I’m a code jockey, so everything looks like a software solution.)

Lunch Conversation

Adam, you missed a doozy.

Whatawalk. That is our walk to Whataburger on Wednesdays. It requires a trek across several parking lots and an open field. Two street crossings and dodging cars in a drive through are in there somewhere as well. Today was really busy, but man, Whataburger was on the spot. They took 35 orders (not just us) and had our food out in no time. The line for cars at the windows was a mile long as well.

I don’t normally tag along, but I did today. I felt like a sandwich and I felt like a walk. I’m sick of McDonald’s, which is much closer than Whataburger. There is a dedicated group that heads over there on Wednesdays. I like the conversations. This is a mostly younger and extremely intelligent crowd. Here is a paraphrase of our multiple conversations.

Do you think 4K TVs will take off?
No, I think 4K VR will take off.
No, 16K VR will take off. There are 4K 360 videos on the net already. Ride in a racecar or fighter jet and look around as you please.
Video Games already render that high in some cases.
Do you think people will show up at a Super Bowl party and all put on VR glasses for the game?
I will.

Rick and Morty
Total Recall (old vs new)

Possible mind controlled everything coming.
The internet of things talking to one another is cool.

Autonomous vehicles
The number one type of wreck with Google Cars is being rear ended at a light.
I can believe Houston leads in red light deaths.
Why did people have an issue with red light cameras?
I would rather cameras track me than police. Mail me a ticket
Track my phone and send me a ticket that way.
I’d be willing to pay more to drive faster.
How are we going to fund police after we move to autonomous vehicles.
I can’t wait for autonomous vehicles.
Me either. I’m already sick of driving in this city.
Note: Not one mention of being attached to being in control of vehicle.

Me speaking with the fellow old guy in the next table
I pulled my back five days ago. It only hurts when I sit still.

That is how it gets me too. Moving around helps, but sitting still hurts.


Many years. I don’t think I’m in any of these people’s email lists so I’m good? No, I think the Chinese have been snooping on all mail. You know, just like the NSA.

I survived leaving my phone at work last night. Elle texted me they were on site to pick me up and I was in such a hurry that i never bothered putting it in my pocket before walking out the door. You know what? It wasn’t all that bad. I set my old alarm clock. I woke up before my alarm clock and switched it off. I wonder if that makes the alarm clock feel inadequate?

Looks like as of Sunday, it is only the nineties for several days. Must be a cold front.

I will never come up with a tattoo worthy of my body. Maybe when I’m so old that it makes zero difference. By then you will just print or zap them on the skin. Maybe even change them at a whim. What will be the point then?

Maritime insurance companies do not change their rates for the Bermuda triangle. Therefore, it does not exist. End of discussion.

War in Iran in 2026. Well, by then I guess. The exact same shit is going down for iran that happened in Iraq before those wars.

In Britain, farmers say it costs thirty cents to make a liter of milk. They get something like twenty one cents for each liter. Guess what. A bunch are going to get out of the business. That should fix things. It will be a pound fifty next year and they will ask why no one did anything back when it was so cheap.

One of my go to Linux guys.


Mars selfie



Trying to be calm today. I have been flipping out at every opportunity lately it seems. I need to relax a bit and just make it work instead of taking it on the chin and blowing a gasket.


I'm calling this one the before we got the covered patio pic


Do not adjust the color on your screen. That is East Texas yellow grass.


Sick and tired, First one then the other


Don’t have well trained troops, use drones. Russia running low on people willing to fight? Reading the writing on the wall? Keeping up with the Joneses?

Just barely getting back in the mood to shoot videos. Wonder if the illness is going away. I haven’t felt like yapping at the camera in a while. I miss it.

Venezuela food riots. This is what happens when you run out of other people’s money. Instead of fixing the issue, they fix the blame. This saddens me so much that Socialists refuse to believe this is the fault of a mad man in charge of a broken method of organizing a society.

Child’s note
Enter classroom.
Find your seat.
Open book.
Take out paper.
Sharpen pencils.


Life’s note
Leave those whom you defeat in the dust.

Leave those whom defeat you scared.

Work Stress

Isn’t the whole reason people pay us to do thing is to put the stress on us instead of them?

Worked a 15 hour day yesterday. I know that is not a record or anything. There are people out there who pull full on 24 hours shifts at really stressful jobs all the time. It is hard for me. I am not strong. I question my career path every time this sort of thing happens.

It is not the hours. it is the stress. I’m not one of those focused detail freaks. Employers expect robots with imagination these days. I do not fit the bill.

Walked in this morning and finished up some paperwork on what kept me so long yesterday. The thing that I couldn’t get working yesterday and thus caused me nightmarish stress is still broken but it turns out it isn’t my fault. It is working as designed. That file is not supposed to let you change it. No message pops up “Hands Off!” or anything. It just fails without error or notification.

On a related note, I slept like a baby last night. Not sure where that came from.

Good looking old girl in our parking garage.



The impending fall of the American Ruling Class. I hope so. It would be great if several very rich and powerful people wound up in prison.

Trying to take some church property in the Fifth Ward here in H-town. They gettin’ a foot in they ass ovit.

It has been for ever since I put a video up. I just don’t have the muze. Need to grow one. I like being on YouTube/ online. I have a feeling vloggers will start bailing to other services soon. Google is turning the screws on content providers.

Out Sick

I was sick from Thursday evening 2015-07-30 Through Monday 2015-08-03. I returned to work the next day working from home and went to work on Wednesday. Today is Thursday and it is the first day I felt normal in over a week. I lost at least 4 days somewhere. It feels like last Thursday was day before yesterday.

It is funny how time compresses when you feel bad. I don’t want to remember what was going on so my brain just suppresses those memories for me. Kind of nice.

Doctor says I had (mild) food poisoning. He gave me an antibiotic designed for such things. I hope it is what is making my urine smell so bad.

I’ve had several sick days this year for digestive ailments. Nothing like this bout. Everything else seems like a cakewalk compared to this past weekend. I think I will raise the bar for taking a sick day after this. Grin and bare it a bit more often. It is difficult to face that walk in the hot Houston Summer if I’m not feeling 100%. My 46 year old 100% is not what my 18 year old 100% was.

One symptom I get when I’m sick is loss of night vision. I’ve always had faire night vision compared to the rest of my vision. Sometime superior because so many people cannot see in even a dark room. I only just this morning noticed my night vision coming back after a full week of needing to turn the light on to go pee in the middle of the night. I was able to stand up and make it to the bathroom door without.

Now to finish up the antibiotics and get better.


At the doctor's office


The Banach–Tarski Paradox