It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



Pakistan and India have been at each other’s throats since day one. If they didn’t have nukes, no one would care.

“No zone” zone. I’ve heard that the reason we will not arm the Kurds is because every single other government in the fight against ISIS has threatened to pull out if we arm the only Christian group. No country for the Kurds. No arms for the Kurds. No recognition for them in any way.

I was listening to a podcast about road rage. I cannot watch road rage videos online or talk about road rage without getting the adrenalin rush. Now I have to add podcasts about road rage to that list. I was at work and had to just stop listening.

Went down to the lobby at work today for an ice cream social. They have it every year. The lady who got in line behind me was the most negative human I’ve met in a long time. She was down on sunshine and clean air. She bitched about free ice cream. She bitched about having to work for a living. I only do one of those on a daily basis.

I could not get my VPN client to connect last night. I could not get it to work today. I opened a ticket. I ran updates this morning on the work network and it updated the kernel. I went round and round with the forums on our intranet. I hit the internet. I found nothing. Not even people complaining about the issue. Then, I ran updates again near the end of the day. Low and behold another kernel update. (both minor updates) Turns out to fix the VPN client. Well, I’m glad it is fixed, but it drives me nuts I have to worry about it.

Ice cream social at work.

Sweaty selfi.

Someone mentioned that I Haddn't put up a selfi in a while. Here ya go.



I guess I’m the radical middle. I do not like Trump, even as a joke.

In all the games I've played, it is standing off and killing without your enemy noticing that wins all fights. This is showing in the F-35.

I’ve had nothing but trouble using the onscreen shutter button on my phone. It is a juggling act to take a picture. It dawned on me I can map that to the volume key.  I never use zoom on my phone. I prefer to crop after the fact. (It just works better for me than the digital zoom.)  I’ll try this setting for a while. I really hope it works. I’m sick of shaky looking photos all the time.

I think I have finally identified Houston’s smell. Crotch and diesel exhaust. Thoughts?

I’m back on the high contract kick. I go back and forth between normal looking themes and high contrast settings for the display. Neither really works that well for me all the time. They have good and bad.

Remember that 777 that vanished over the western Pacific last year? Well, this might be a lead.


Yard and garage and stuff


Fighting a real war. Countering drones and overwhelming (well aimed) direct fire. It is a whole new (old) kind of war. Turkey wants to kill everybody. NATO says go for it. Competent enemies are annoying.

I find myself writing more in my private journal and less in the public spaces. Not sure if this a good thing or bad. Maybe it is neither.

What is with me missing spaces? It isn’t like the spacebar is hard to hit.

I can’t wait until my phone can double as a tricorder. I really want a tricorder.

A million years ago I had a cool app on my Android phone that was basically a star trek tricorder. It used actual sensor input from the phone for the cool looking scifi screen.

Cluster fuck after cluster fuck. What really pisses me off is Obama will go down in history as a genious.

Sounds like fun. Cool new form of computer memory (storage). Almost non volatile RAM.



One of the Podcasts I listen to uses voice actors. I noticed one of them was a robot voice the other day. It was a security guard who was checking credentials. it was a one off character who would never be in the show again. That was amazing. At I wonder how many other voices have been robots. I also wonder when TV and movies will have the ability to simply drop in a character in post.

If I did this I would go to jail. Why are these people above the law? Well, maybe they are not. We shall see. I think there may be a movement growing of rich people going to jail when they break the law. It is the old saying, if you steal $75 you get arrested. If you steal $75 million dollars you get a position.

I tried to eavesdrop on a conversation about last night’s Astro’s game. I couldn't follow the names, terms or even the plot of what people were saying. It was like they were talking about a game I had never heard of. The deal is, they were talking stats and lawyer ball stuff. it really isn’t the game I know.

Savages with smartphones.” This guys is right this time. Humans are still the same genetic entities who huddled in caves and in tents in the planes all those thousands of years ago.

4:43 Woke up with a start thinking it was after my alarm was supposed to go off ..;. at 4:45. Damnit. Hell of a way to start a Friday.

How geeky am I? I fantasize about filling out Wikipedia pages for the books and fictional podcasts I read, their characters and a separate page for each spaceship in the fictional story. The tone of the wiki entries would be such that it would sound a bit like a Star Fleet report. If I could pull it off.

The closer I get to 50 the more I realize why people don’t hire people who are 50 or older. I feel like the toy whose spring has run down. I get friday-itus like no other time in my life. The very existence seems ridiculous. I dislike interaction with people more all the time. I feel like people airing their ideas makes them sound stupid more than I used to.

Star Trek Utopia

I fucking hate Star Trek sometimes. Roddenberry was a Socialist through and through. The concept of Star Trek is the ideal Socialist Utopia. I have heard people say that replicators (3D printing) will lead to there being enough resource for people not to have to fight over them any longer. I say, not as long as we have made up scarcity in the form of intellectual property.

Watch a bunch of Star Trek episodes. Note down how many non officers (enlisted) who have major roles. The number is low. That is because Socialism is all about the elite class. All the stories revolve around the upper level of the command structure. Reality is all about the leadership and the enlisted only exist to make that narrative work. This is how you end up with slavery.

Most cultures they come across have one world government that is fighting some level of rebellion. The elites concern themselves with maintaining their control and this is just normal everywhere all the time.

Capitalism is dealt with in the form of Ferengi. The entire race is comic relief and the butt of half the jokes. No Ferengi is allowed to succeed over the course of a show, or use their resources in a way that helps others. Nothing seems to cost money in Star Fleet until it is part of the story. Every episode starts off with a full complement of torpedoes and full stocks in the replicators.

I still take in as much of the stories as I can get.

Another thing I noticed is one person acting where someone else is. At any moment, the computer knows where everyone is and what they are doing. Officers just need to ask. Their com units give away their locations when outside of the ship/station.



India and Israel. Not so hostile via the UN any more? Perhaps India can read the writing on the wall. Who comes after Israel in the list?

I watched a video last night that had some assholes doing donuts on a pedestrian square in Russia somewhere I think. Someone walked up to one of the cars as it stopped, pulled out the driver and beat the shit out of him. A couple people got out of the car got out to pummel the attacker when a bunch of new people showed up and started defending the guy beating the driver. Indeed, picking more fights with the people who exited the car. I’m wondering now if the mob wasn’t the local watch.

Having trouble putting some videos on google photos that came off our dashcam. No ide what is going on. May have to load them on my phone and let it back them up.

Scientists have finally gotten round to proving that future events affect past events.
Time is neither static nor constant. Time is not a medium through which we move. Time is a perception of change. The universe is a state system. Time is one of the tools used to make changes in the universe.



Made it in this morning without incident. I left the GoPro at the house. Nat used it yesterday and I failed to get it back from her.

Trump is nuts. Leap out of the corner swinging and make sure you deck the guy in the stripy shirt while you are at it. At least he is entertaining at this point. I swear some people are egging him on just for the laughs.

This reminds me of that joke with the punchline “I told you I was a scorpion.” Iran still a pain in the ass. More.

Hitler had nothing in the creater of Planned Parenthood. This chick wrote the book on population control. She was raised in a world where Eugenics was all the rage.

Evernote does not only not support audio updates for notes, but it also makes it a pain in the ass to create them with an external app. I made a test note last night and found it highly annoying to create the note, say something in to the phone, save the note and put any sort of information (metadata) on the note for future searching. They are just not setup for it.

Lets just lock up all the people in camps who disagree with us. Then America will be Utopia. (I think not.) This guy is in a position of power and really believes that thought crimes should be punished by internment. I didn’t hear the word re-education, but it is in there somewhere I bet.

My new hat is hot. It is a good hat, but hot for Houston in the Summer. I’ve started carrying around the cloth hat  that I got on Amazon. It is more of a fishing hat. It is for very hot weather. The other day I walked home and nearly passed out three or four times on the walk.


I keep wanting to do a sort of captain's log kind of blog entry. It never works out. I just don’t do a burst of facts well. I don’t have very many facts either. My life is just one blurry daydream leading to another. That is, between work and sleep and work, I’m just wandering around wondering what is next. (That sentence came naturally). I’ve always had this strange need to write things down. It is just too bad that I don’t have much to say.

I swear Evernote used to have an audio functionality straight from the new note button. It is gone now if so. I’ll figure out this captain's log thing somehow.

Is there a more “Russian” name than Borisov? Belt-tightening at the Russian Military.

Today’s podcast
Still listening to Star Trek Outpost. I like this show. Ferengi brains are divided in to 4 lobes instead of 2. Learn something every day.

Something else learned, Be wary of buying a second hand decommissioned Klingon military shuttle and tooling around Federation space. There is a lot of prejudice against Klingons that might get you in trouble.

One cool thing in this show, they cover the difference between engineers and officers. They cover the different way of thinking for both. This reminds me greatly of the difference between managerial and technical tracks at my company. I’m telling you, it reminds me more and more of Starfleet every episode.

“We haven’t been business partners nearly long enough to want to kill one another.” Spoken by a murder suspect.

I’ve heard some of the people on this show on other podcasts. I heard one of the people who uses a pseudonym and sifted through the credits for a real name. Turns out, he used the pseudonym on this show as well. Damn.

Half the current episode (35) is an exchange between a Federation doctor and two Ferengi negotiating to perform an autopsy on their murdered brother. It is amazing. They really capture Ferengi in this show.



China: When everything is illegal, nothing is illegal. This is especially true when people cannot interpret the laws they are supposed to follow. Sounds familiar.

I have not been videoing my commutes when I walk too and from the bus stop. Bad Kelly. I didn’t get this GoPro to leave it in my bag when the important stuff to video comes round.



New ammo for our military. They only invented hollow points ammo over a century ago.

We are paying iran a $100/$150 billion dollars to fight us. What could possibly go wrong?

Small lightweight nuclear reactors. Oh, baby. The cool shit we were up to in the ‘50s and ‘60s.

They might have pulled it off. Large use of nukes planned in one of the contingencies put forth by the old Soviet Union to take out NATO.

Police ambushed in Mexico. I was not aware the police were still fighting the cartels. I guess they are caught in the middle of inter-cartel squabbles.

The outcome of this will be ... Germany 2.0.



This guy just can’t turn it off. If your car gets hit by space bits, ... Never mind. I already had a headache before reading this.


Life Flight takeoff - Ware a helmet



Great, now everyone is going to want nukes. “Historic mistake for the world.”

Short list today. I’m frazzled from work. Time to relax.



Here I sit in front of a box. A box I want to smash some days. The box that connects me to every other idiot on the planet. The box that tells me what to do. The boxes have already taken over. Surely we lost a war to the boxes. All my news comes out of the box. How would I know there was a war if it were not for the boxes?

We have surrendered. Now let’s vote on the surrender. This is going to be a very loud, huge, quiet little fight.

I work for a huge company. It has rules for everything. Sometimes five or six rules for every single thing. I’m listening to a podcast called Star Trek Outpost. It is starting to remind me a lot of working for the huge company. Rules for everything, and when the rubber meets the road, you have to break the frigging rules to get anything done. I’m living Star Trek without the sexy three tittied green chicks.
Got an email today. I’ll paraphrase.
Really Really Really important thing we need the entire team to do Almost right now. Don’t do anything yet. Hurry up and wait for further instructions.
I may start calling my company The Federation because it reminds me so much of Star Trek. I’ll change my name in the phone book to Ensign Deadman.

Lunch conversation. Phones, wook hockey, vacations.

Only Obama likes this deal. Iran won’t like anything that doesn’t lead to the destruction of Israel. The plan they have is far too close to that for Israel or even the rest of the middle east. Europe is sitting on their hands and will probably hand wave anything the U. S. dangles under their nose.

This is my keep an eye on the crackhead 4m away face.





The whole world is run by pretty idiots. Stop voting for the popular kids and start voting in some managers and accountants.

Web link of the day. Came up in conversation. Good for setting some geek arguments.

Listened to someone at lunch talking about sending around a bunch of emails and no one doing anything that was suggested in the emails. I’ve been in this situation before. The solution is to make plans to both include and not include people and if they bail on you, go without them.

My job includes writing down everything that happens. I’m listening to a Star Trek Outpost podcast. Listening to them make duty logs sounds very familiar. So does the leadership of a huge entity made up of people. So does having to circumvent regulations to get the job done. So does a bunch of other crap. I wonder if we live in the corporate/governmental overload environment that will become Star Trek.

Elle is in Hawaii visiting her Dad. He is in the Military and stationed there. Must be rough. Anyway, I have requested pictures. She hasn’t sent any. I texted her about it. Isn’t that cool? We can just text each other at the drop of a hat and think nothing of it. Anyway, no pictures. It turns out her Google photos backup thing is not working on her phone. The camera she got for the trip has wifi. I wonder if they have setup for Google Photos or other services like that. I miss Elle. Can’t wait for her to get back.

After walk



I got up early this morning and thought of something that I need to add to my to do list. I even remember thinking that if I didn’t put it in my phone, I would not remember in the morning. I don’t remember what the item was, but I remember every single other thought surrounding it. What is with that?

This happens to me all the time. I have simply learned not to trust anything I think I dreamt about or to believe myself when I think I will remember something I think of if I was just asleep.

Dr Karl had a story where he tried putting a pad and pen next to the bed. When he would waken in the middle of the night with a thought from a dream, he would write it down for posterity and maybe get some good thoughts about science in the process.

When he looked at the paper in the morning, it would say “Write it down.” over and over.

This makes me wonder if the spirits of our ancestors were trying to tell him that writing it down and recording things is the answer. Maybe that is what matters on the other side.

I’ve had more than one person tell me I talk in my sleep. I’ve had some real issues with it. I have thought about setting up some kind of camera or audio recorder to catch what is going by, but from what I’ve heard second hand, it is all nonsense and idiocy. No deep secrets being passed from points beyond.


Some days I want to Hulk out on people. Today I might Godzilla if crossed. (Not really, just wanted to say that on the blog.)

Greece has run out of other people’s money. That single payer healthcare system is not looking so great right now. It is cash and limp for the time being.

The real solution is to make it harder to get a D. Grades are divisive. They should ban them. Won’t someone think of the children?! When I was a kid, they messed with the grading system like this. It didn’t really make that much difference to me. Not sure if the numbers changed.

Toddler lost at sea. Rescued. Talk about put a lump in your throat. Really like the guy in charge of the rescue. Hell of a guy.

Thing is, I’m hearing whispers that the market suddenly leveled off. This smells funny to me. What if there is a Communist hand involved on that leveling off? What if there is some hand waving by some powerful officials to prevent bedlam in the streets. Only Chinese citizens are allowed to invest in much of that stock market so does it matter to we Americans and other foreigners?

Please work. I need driverless cars to work ASAP.

New hat in raised brim configuration.



China in trouble. The stock market in China is reflecting a couple of bubbles popping at the same time. This is going to lead to people not having access to food. They will end up raiding pensions and the like. Investors are going to take it in the wallet. They are blaming stimulus actions for how bad this is. If it wasn’t for the stimulus, this would have been happening over a couple of years instead of a couple of months.

The touch pad for the pointer died on my work laptop. It has one of those eraser doohickies in the middle of the keyboard. I HATE those things, but it is better than lugging a mouse around.

Lock the bastards up. Maybe it is time they discovered they are subject to the fucking law of the lans.


Password entered 41 times today


Haircut. Theft. People who owe money will still owe it and people who saved will simply have their money stolen from them. This is happening in Greece and will happen in China soon. When will it happen here? That money is just sitting there only doing one person good. Think how much good the government could do with all that money in their hands.

The war is in Eastern Europe, that is where we should trane. My cousin asked me where “All those tanks were going” some time late last year. I told him Poland. I suppose they went to Bulgaria as well.

Bullshit sanctions on Russia. It doesn’t work.

I ran updates on my windows machine last week. I just ran it again and there are 1 critical and 52 important updates. That is just unacceptable. This is going to take all afternoon. I thought it was supposed to run this stuff in the background.

Tuesday, getting home in the daylight.



Greece. The same thing will not happen in the U. S. because we have a military.
More. At some point there will not be noone left to bail out everyone else.
More. No society is more than 9 meals from collapse.

Nukes nukes everywhere. No country with nukes has ever been successfully invaded. That is a difficult fact to walk past when you are some backwater with enemies. Then comes Russia.

China tretery. It almost sounds like the people in charge of the Chinese government are not really in charge of their clandestine services. That thought is even more frightening than the thought of China not hiding their spying any longer.

Obama administration has become Iran’s attorney. I hadn’t thought about it like this, but it is true.

The idea is to make you afraid to speak out about anything except accepted specific approved talking points. It is all about control.