It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



All this means is the phone and internet companies will use other words to describe their shit connections. The only people benefiting from this decisions are marketing firms.

Most open administration EVER! I love the last line of that article. Even the meeting on openness was a closed meeting. What a world we live in.

Because we already negotiated with the Taliban. Thus, they cannot be called terrorists.





Can Israel survive? Short answer, she better.

Who is trying to kill us anyway? And Why? You can never defeat an enemy you refuse to admit exists.

Whitehouse falls over itself backwards to avoid calling a terrorist a terrorist. Didn’t I just say you will never defeat an enemy you refuse to admit exists?

74 million iPhones in a quarter is about 9 per second. If I did the math correctly. Both of my parents are among them.

Still foggy



Another act of war against the U. S.. At some point we just need to stop calling them acts of war.

Yes, the oldest story in the world. We could do it so much better if all the existing shit would get out of the way. This is what wars are fought over. If only those pesky Slovs would hand back the Rhineland we wouldn’t have to conquer all of Europe. If only those pesky roads weren’t in the way, we could put in rails. If only those pesky rails weren’t in the way, we could put in roads.


New cold war. Just don’t call it a cold war. It is a hot war dammit. People are fighting. It is only colde for NATO itself. They have not gotten ensnared fully yet. Poland

We are a nation of laws, not men. That is the idea anyway. I think we are a nation of political parties. That has got to be worse than that of men.

Why is it that I can hear the cursor blink in my headphones very faintly in the form of static. Even when it is off the screen. When I click on a program that has no blinking cursor, it stops.

There is a trend that says skills are the resource and people who have them are interchangeable. Basically all engineers with the same label in front of the word engineer can perform the job at a given price without need to worry about the individual person performing the acts of design. This just isn’t true. You wonder where the flying cars are, wonder no more. The idea of interchangeable professionals has clobbered creativity. Think about it. You are telling people that if they do not do exactly what everyone else would do then they are in deviance.

I don’t care. If it is the end of the world, buy a Mac.

Drones used by smugglers. 150 trips my ass. I bet they are making as many as they can cram in to a day.

I was just wondering what happened to this guy.

While you are at it, ban cars, crowbars shoes and phones. They are used to aid lawbreaking as well.


Got a complement on my shirt


Resource speak

Want to talk about something? Know the lingo.

lingo: Definitions of words and phrases as expressed in relationship to a specific topic.

This is true. Dilbert creator talks about speed being the new intelligence. So many games are just speed identification of some stimulus. it is not what problems you can figure out, it is how quickly you can identify a target and execute an action. That isn’t what he is talking about .He is talking about trial and error. “launch ugly and figure it out from there.” He means parallel testing.

The issue is resource management. If you have the resource to expend, in the case above, the clout to withstand the political fallout of several failed attempts to get one that works is the resource being expended.

Resource expenditure definitions
luxury: Resource you expend with little or no negative.
credit: Expend resources you have not acquired.
need: Resource you do not have and cannot acquire without opportunity cost or at all.
want: Resource you do not require that is expensive or out of reach.
prejudice: Filter for decision making (generic term for things like racism, sexism, zenophobia ...)
dream: Filter for decision making (as in “I dream of running a restaurant some day.”)
religion: Filter for decision making
manipulation: Getting someone to apply filters to make the decisions you want them to make.
politics: Act of becoming (or remaining) a manipulator.
trust: Basis for extending credit
happiness: No outstanding transactions
transaction: Exchange of resources based on perceived value

Speed is a resource sometimes called time. Quality is also a resource. They sometimes conflict. If you can get one without expending the other, please do.

I had an old manager many moons ago while working at a retail printing place. he would say “I have three things in every sail. Price, time and quality. You choose one. I chose the other two.” What he wanted was a world where if you wanted it fast, he chose the price and quality you paid.l if you wanted high quality, he chose the price and time you would get it. If you wanted low price, he chose the time and quality.

That was the best example of resource management I can think of.

Me again

Still sends a shivver up my spine

Yesterday's comtrail



Former adviser says our president is on Iran’s side against congress. Says we should not treet Israel as the problem.

Shit. Largest restructuring in history they say. It sounds like this is an effort to move IBM opperations offshore to me. The U. S. corporate tax rates are too high.

This is all we need. We aren’t bringing our own country down fast enough apparently. The U. S. is just a way of these assholes to one up each other.

Rynair has been sniffing around Air Lingus for a long time.”  ... What? ... heard on BBC Wakeup to Money.

Obama bad mouthing stay at home moms. If it is a job maybe we should tax it.

Lunch conversation today consisted of talking about movies. Recent ones and how they related to older ones mostly. That is about normal for movie talk. Notably absent in the conversation and really the reason I went to lunch today was layoffs. Our company is going through the largest corporate reconstruction in history. I kind of wanted to talk about it. No dice.


Dry erase wall paper sticker

Dry erase wall paper


Someone gets it


The Middle East in Flux. Everywhere that has humans still living there is in flux. That is how life works.

99% hydrogen peroxide experiments. Watch and learn. This is why you can only get 50% or so in stores.

Russia invokes Storm Troopers. How convenient. “Salvation of the Motherland” End of days are nye.

The happiest place on earth might get you Measles. Maybe not. Disney will not make vaccination a term of employment. (more on vaccinations)

I’m staying away from house parties. I wonder what percentage of murders happen at or after house parties.

Trying to be chipper on this Sat. workday.



Yuck. Butter just doesn’t sound like it can possibly go with coffee.

Why, because they hate the Jews. They might have to play nice for fifteen minutes.

More and more evidence comes down the pike saying that sitting is the worse thing you can do for your health. That is all I do. I thought about it yesterday. I spend more time sitting than I do asleep. Half the time when I sleep, I’m in a sitting position. I never sit in my dreams. Humans were never meant to sit down. I’m so screwed.

It is all about Iran. Banning just makes them a martyr.

Not sure this is going to work out. The UN is very worried aobut Poland getting invaded. Poland is a member of the UN and they might have to do something if Russia actually invades Poland. God knows the UN hates doing anything that matters.

God forbid the American people know that they are about to become part of a quasi world government. Again, the UN makes a plan to take over the U. S.. It really is that bad by the way.  It really is a way to turn our country inside out. People are so worried about bullshit. The serious stuff gets overlooked.

No future, no past, just the now



Spartan. Internet Explorer 2.0

ISIS going old school to educate the public. I really hope this is a joke. Probably not.

Line going through my head.
Once I built a railroad.
Made it run.
Buddy can you spare a dime.


That is my best Jackie Gleeson


The answer to obsession is laziness.

I wonder what would happen if a rumor started that a mold popped up that ate gold. The world does not depend on gold for the economy any longer, so they say, but what are the ramifications of gold being eaten by a mold or fungus? I bet it would be more dangerous to have the rumor go round than the real thing happen.

If someone invented a hard drive that you could expend, but it got slower, we would all be using 100MB drives that were really really REALLY slow.

By “they” the article means the North Korean computers.

The whole army ordered this? I doubt that somehow. This is some bureaucrat's idea of a good time.

Am I capable of forgiving Hanoi Jain? Never forget. Time will tell.

By the time I got my phone unlocked, I forgot the video idea that I wanted to write down. This happens more than I want to admit. Having to unlock the phone is really annoying. Necessary,and annoying.

The ferris wheel in Vegas allows alcohol on it. Might want to try that out.

Low cost oil is great. Staying low is better. What isn’t so great is all the politicians saying now is the best time to raise taxes on oil products (gasoline) in order to soften the blow of rising prices later. Cocksuckers!

Hundreds of millions. That might make the papers. “... this genoration’s Nazies” “... ready to commit genocide.”

Holder has definitely been the right hand of the devil in my opinion. It is the devil we need to be concerned about.

Someone said if we really want aliens to answer our transmissions, we should send out “Shave and a hair cut ...” That would do it. Maybe we are getting it.

Well, no shit. How can the government (any government) know if something is a threat or not unless they have full access to everything to assess its threat level for themselves?

Out the window fog

Give me my salt back



This podcast is amazing. They don’t always have hits like this,but this one is good. Get past the intro and listen to the fiction. It is hilarious.

I’m not the only one who thinks the best thing that happened to Apple in the last five years is Windows 8.

Interesting weapon. They will probably all look like this in a generation. I hope they find the time for a lefty model.

What is taking Iran so frigging long to make nuclear weapons? I figure Iran doesn’t have qualified people, no. Perhaps the western sanctions have kind of worked? Perhaps. Still. I feel like this has been going on ever since Pakistan and India joined the club. That was twenty years ago wasn’t it?

What is a VPN and why is it a pain in my ass

Right in the eye

Headed home

Satellite internet, lets hope

If this comes out, it would offer competition to Comcast and AT&T in the U. S.. At least I would hope it would. Say a prayer for this guy. He is cganging the world.



New light in the kitchen


Bad dreams and balloons on cars

Cool clouds from the bus

Food is here

My card broke yesterday. Waiting.



I listened to Dr Karl talk about Texas. He was on the subject of earthquakes in Dallas. If there have been earthquakes in Dallas, I haven’t heard anything about it on the news. They are in Australia and England. It freaks me out when they talk about Texas like it is on another planet.

Out and about winning their fight. Why!!?? can we not identify the enemy in western culture?

Google Glass is dead. Long live every other gadget in the universe.

Duh. I really home at least some of the scandals that have rocked this administration come to the surface after Obama is out of office.

IT nightmare. If you have worked in IT, you might not laugh at this.

Depressing fortune cookie

Working under the moniter stand

We so need this at work

That is frost on my roof that is.




I got that extra huge battery. I like the amount of charge, but I hate how freaking heavy my phone is with it attached. It is a brick. It was nice not having my case on the phone. I forgot how much the case ruins the sound quality. I cannot use the back facing camera because the plastic lense over the sensor is double thick and tinted with some soft of anti glare or something. The automatic dimmer doesn’t work any more. It just kills me to make videos with it in that case. I guess I’ll go back and forth for a while.

They are so Morines it hurts. I like that quote.

Seems the only way to get your message out there these days it to stack the bodies like cordwood on a bunch of internet videos. Another view.

I had a 15 minute discussion with one of the other developers about moving to Ubuntu on their primary workstation. I’ve already done this. I went from Red Hat to Ubuntu. They are going from Windows to Ubuntu. They want to make a backup of their drive on an external drive first. When I took my plunge, I only made a backup of my user folder. I uttered the words “Backups are for wimps.” I was joking of course. I back things up. Not as often or as thoroughly as I should I’m sure.

I want to get the bug for vlogging back. I’ve been working a lot lately and have lost the drive a bit. I still want to do it, but it doesn’t seem to give me that shot of satisfaction so much as it use dto. I’m not sure , but I think all the jerking around YouTube has done with its contributor's incomes lately has put me off my free contributions.

I was listening to Old Time Radio on Shoutcast (undr the talk heading). Orson Welles was on three channels at the same time in different shows. Probably decades apart. It was weird. I really like those old time radio shows. I heard “ ... from beyond the grave.” in his voice.



I wonder if Ted Cruz will bring NASA back to Texas? Somehow I doubt it because he has tried to cut science funding in the past. I wonder if it will simply shrivel up and die on his watch.

Funny how our overlords can stop cartoons from being published, but not bomb instructions. I think freedom is freedom, but you know, no one listens to me.

Scientific method. A great explanation of the Scientific Method. It is very important to know and practice. It works well in so many parts of life. I use the concept of elimination in bugging software. Worth a listen. You might just learn something. If there is no way to disprove a thing than it is not a fact, it is not science.

Mad scientist. Never heard this until today. Sea Monkeys to Super Soaker, invented by an anti semitic white supremacist nut job. (podcast)