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The news this morning was all about the weather in Louisiana. I cannot call it the storm any more because the storm has passed. The damage is being cleaned up. People are being rescued off roof tops. I bet some folks ran back in after the storm just to get on TV and a ride on a helicopter. It makes the people in legitimate trouble look bad. Of course, there was a mandatory evacuation and they didn’t leave. Where are all those people expected to go? We have a couple ideas if we are ever ordered to leave, but no cement plans.

There are tons of pictures on CNN’s website and many others of people sitting on couches in the storm surge. Some show street signs hit by waves. Others show people having a romantic walk on a beach, but it is a street with waves lapping on it, not a beach.

This time the trucks full of supplies and power fixing kind of folks really are/were idling outside the city waiting on the order to plow forward. That was the running joke last time. Sure we are prepared for the worst. It will take a week to get the trucks there, but that’s normal.

The storm raging, the Republican convention in full run mode and our president was campaigning at some university. This has not managed to make its way to the media surprisingly. If Obama were a Republican, reporters would faint reporting how calas, clueless and heartless the man is for ignoring the pain of the fine upstanding victims of mother nature..Same old story.

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