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Lotus Notes

From what I’ve heard, there are issues with Lotus Notes and the office suite called Symphony. I’m playing with the downloadable version of Symphony (office) and so far so good. It looks like a branch of OpenOffice. I’ve been using LibreOffice for ever so I’m used to how things work I bet. I haven’t had a chance to play with Lotus Notes yet. As a matter of fact, I’ve never seen it run. the video makes it look pretty cool.

One feature I think people around here will end up loving is the click to chat feature along with the video chat. I think that is a cool feature. I imagine being much more able to work from home and attend meetings via webcasts and such. Some people will just never jump on the bandwagon.

It turns out people at IBM can use Linux for their systems. IBM appears to support most of the standard office programs and many other options for Red Hat Linux. IBM Linux The more I read about this company, the more I like it. Their health care leaves a bit to be desired, but they all do these days. That is nothing new.

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