It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.


Silence On Hold - Capo

Field Data
Title Silence On Hold - Capo
Description Local band Silence On Hold plays at Jet Lounge (Echo Lounge) Houston Texas 2012-01-28.
Title - Capo
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Tags "local music" "local band" "Indy band" independent "Silence On Hold" Houston Texas "Jet Lounge" "Echo Lounge"
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Silence On Hold - Jan 27th

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Title Silence On Hold - Jan 27th
Description Local band Silence On Hold plays at Jet Lounge (Echo Lounge) Houston Texas 2012-01-28.
Title - Jan 27th
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Tags "local music" "local band" "Indy band" independent "Silence On Hold" Houston Texas "Jet Lounge" "Echo Lounge"
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Almost a hero

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Title Almost a hero
Description I was trying to help. Did this with my Klarus XT-10.
Tags "fourth wall" stage light fail professionals band flashlight Houston Texas Kdenlive
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Silence On Hold - Away With It

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Title Silence On Hold - Away With It
Description Local band Silence On Hold plays at Jet Lounge (Echo Lounge) Houston Texas 2012-01-28.
Title - Away With It
Tags "local music" "local band" "Indy band" independent "Silence On Hold" Houston Texas "Jet Lounge" "Echo Lounge"
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Silence On Hold - Thickhead

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Title Silence On Hold - Thickhead
Description Local band Silence On Hold plays at Jet Lounge (Echo Lounge) Houston Texas 2012-01-28.
Title - Thickhead
Tags "local music" "local band" "Indy band" independent "Silence On Hold" Houston Texas "Jet Lounge" "Echo Lounge"
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Silence On Hold - High Tides

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Title Silence On Hold - High Tides
Description Local band Silence On Hold plays at Jet Lounge (Echo Lounge) Houston Texas 2012-01-28.
Title - High Tides
Tags "local music" "local band" "Indy band" independent "Silence On Hold" Houston Texas "Jet Lounge" "Echo Lounge"
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Silence On Hold

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Title Silence On Hold - Icarus
Description Local band Silence On Hold plays at Jet Lounge (Echo Lounge) Houston Texas 2012-01-28.
Title - Icarus
Tags "local music" "local band" "Indy band" independent "Silence On Hold" Houston Texas "Jet Lounge" "Echo Lounge"
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Silence On Hold

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Title Silence On Hold - Name coming soon
Description Local band Silence On Hold plays at Jet Lounge (Echo Lounge) Houston Texas 2012-01-28.
Title - Heart Locked
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I'm going to replace the sound track with "NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM!"

New boots

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Title New boots
Description A walk down memory lain talking about boots and footware. Not nearly as bad as it sounds.
Tags boots Timberline Caterpillar CAT Wolverine ware footwear anecdote shoes "old vs new" "Canon Elph 300" Houston Texas Kdenlive
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Lunch with the parents

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Title Lunch with the parents
Description Day out with the family.
Tags family fun food lunch Denny's Academe "new boots" pictures "Canon Elph 300" Houston Texas Kdenlive
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Big rig on 3 wheels

It just doesn't look right on its side like that. I know in my head that most of the weight is right at the frame level, but my eyes are telling me it should have fallen over.

The most dangerous wood splitter in the universe

You might as well hook an ax to an axle and let it swing.

What Kelly did today

I have no other thing going on so I'm going to talk about work.

1DHCP and DB for Production.
1NTP server and settings.
1Verify and close some older tickets.
1Round robin [server] OffSite drive.
1DB and stickers for [server] and some [server] machines.
1Diagnoses of a wifi issue.
1Network/file server diagnostics [database].
Approve several emails.
Recover and clean up cables.
Diagnose [name] login failure on a single VM.
Create local users for engineering.
Reset a user's password.
Track down order info for laptops.
Report IP for server.
Red Hat network setup help.
Reassign some device ownership.
Adjust a user's group settings.

I have to look in to my descriptions because that just doesn't seem like it should add up to nine hours when I read it as a block. It took a bit more time than that in clock hours to be honest.

Not included are the three ten minute stand up meetings all complaining plotting planning about SQL or network issues.

Lunch conversation

I was bad and went to the place that has $10 burgers. I am ashamed of myself. We need to conserve money right now.

  • The restaurant we were eating in
    • Fewer birds than normal.
    • The manager was the worst at taking orders.
    • Good burgers.
  • What things mean in the Scottish/British colloquial.
  • Video games
  • Weekend plans
  • Just how obnoxious can Adam get?
  • Tennis elbow (sort of)

Getting better?

The U.S. economy picked up speed at the end of 2011, as consumers increased their spending.
Gross domestic product, the broadest measure of the nation's economic health, grew at a 2.8% annual rate in the last three months of the year, the Commerce Department said Friday. That's up from a 1.8% growth rate in the prior quarter and the strongest reading since the second quarter of 2010.
Still, economists had expected higher growth in the fourth quarter.
Growth of at least 3% is considered enough to prompt hiring by employers. During the quarter, the unemployment rate fell to 8.5% in December from 9% in September.
CNN Headline News email

Yes, these numbers look good. I'm sure they are good for someone. However, most people I know have not had a raise in a couple years. This means they have lost money based on inflation. This is why I left my last job. I sat down and figured out that I was getting screwed and found out that people who left and came back got more money. This just made me want to leave.

The calculation of inflation does not include food and energy. The idea being that these numbers come out in the wash of everything else. The trouble is, the cost of everything is going up. The price of things seem to be beating inflation. This doesn't make sense because inflation is supposed to calculate how much the cost of things is going up. There are issues with the calculation.

Wages are stagnant, or behind based on inflation. Remember those flawed numbers? Wages are behind even that number.

The cost of everything is going up. Wages are not. Where does that leave us? In a hole. What is the first thing to do when one finds one's self in a hole? ... Stop digging.


Something awesome about having some IT help is a bunch of long term things are getting done. About time. I've been spending my whole day putting out fires.

It is funny in a novel having the protagonist tell you what a bastard they are. Planting evidence, thievery, larceny, murder and every other damnable thing after another leads them to an impossible but interesting life.

They can't shoot microwaves in to the soil of Mars at the frequency of a ... microwave oven and watch for a hot spot? It is my understanding that this would cause water molecules to heat up? Perhaps they are afraid of all the metal in the soil. Perhaps they don't want to be accused of genocide by the intergalactic council.


Teach children to follow the money

There is a movement to make people don't believe in climate change or global warming or atmospheric energy divergence or whatever it is called this week look like goons. The idea here is to compare climate skeptics antievolutionists. There is a movement in schools to capture children's beliefs while they are young. Give people something other than God to believe in. Something that they can rebel against their parents over.

This frightens me because if you want to convince people of something for their entire life, you need to catch them as children. They will believe it for the rest of their life and they will fight to prevent people from changing their minds. Look me in the eye and tell me this is not true. People can change, but they don't.

Fast food has excelled at hooking children on quick hot food over the last sixty years. Every fast food restaurant can thank McDonald's for their mascot and ad campaign that got people out of the kitchen and dining room in to a drive through.

Is there an organized conspiracy to convince people of global warming? Well, yes. It is just like any religion. It has advocates and and skeptics. It has proof and belief. The movement is organized and plans to induct as many people as possible.

The science is immaterial. The money is material. The simple fact is that governments want to invent a need to spend an infinite amount of money that is guaranteed to never achieve anything or have tangible measurable results. Companies love this idea and are in line to receive the lucrative contracts. follow the money, not the science or belief to the truth.



Why can I not type in a date without errors? I have to type the year, back up, retype the correct year. Type the month, back up and type the correct month. Type the day, back up and type the correct day. It must be because I don't think of the date in form of numbers. I think if it in form of words. I have to translate the day to numbers every time.

In my universe, instant travel over great distances is not only possible, but mandatory.

Babylon 5 was a good show. It was a novel for TV. I wish I could get them all now. I cannot bring myself to watch it.

There is a movement on in parts of Europe to somehow account for huge executive payouts and base pay. The trouble is, no one wants to pay below average for a CEO. Boards look at averages across their industry and decide to pay the average for a CEO or higher. Thus, the averages keep going up. Shareholders could always vote to limit pay. They don't want to hurt the company making money. It sounds like the government is just trying to shut up poor people without loosing their jobs. The government people keep saying things like "pay linked to performance" and the like when the government people do not have any link between pay and performance.

"Get your skates on" is a British term for hurrying up.

I want a constitutional amendment that says something like "No one who makes 10 times the national median income can run for or hold public office." There would have to be some sort of method for calculating said income.

Liberalism. Tell me this is not bias. There is no entry anywhere for illconservatism. As a matter of fact, searching for the latter term switches to "conservatism mental illness". BIAS!!! It does crack me up that people want to think that people who disagree with them are sick. I mean, God forbid someone thinks differently than you and is still "normal".

Lunch conversation today consisted of the weather and a bunch of crap I cannot talk about here.

I have never gotten drunk trying to get over something. I hear so many stories about people drinking alone to get over some hurt. I've hurt. I didn't drink to get past it. I don't understand getting past something with drink. I've made it this far. I hope I never turn to the bottle for solos. It doesn't work. It nerve works.

Fiction podcast heard today "The future is stupid. You don't want to go there." I like it.

I want a lawyer and a PI to call my own. If only I had money and could afford to have a staff of researchers and perhaps some contract thugs. Driver, I would need a wheel man. A maid and a personal assistant would be nice too.

One of the podcasts I listen to had a story set in 1984. They mentioned the top songs. It was nostalgic for me. I was fifteen. I remember sitting at home in the middle of summer watching cable TV in the morning waiting for the pool to open. I was not in to music or reading or TV per say. TV was all there was. Remember, there was no internet.

Today was quiet. I had time to catch up on some back log. Been a while since that has happened. Felt good if I'm honest. Still had a full plate, just not so much stress.


Taking down a web page is like tarring a poster off a wall. It is just not a big fancy attack to be honest. It sucks for the people who are dealing with the web site. It is not hacking.

Tourism has dropped by 50% in Egypt. Considering the place is on high alert and there is a loud, but so far nearly bloodless coops going on, I'm surprised that number is not much lower.

Someone came out with a silent film. Some people are asking for their money back. The art freaks love it. Normal people roll their eyes. Everyone else snorts and thinks to themselves that the entertainment industry is in genuine trouble.

I am not even worried about commercials much any more. It has gotten to the point that I don't remember what I just heard. Even when I stop and think about it during the commercial, I don't remember three minutes later when I think about it again. I can't tell you what the commercial was about unless it upset me. Either, my advertisement blindness has evolved, or I'm really loosing my faculties. I must remember that this is going on at the tender age of early forties.

"Sometimes assholes need to be shot." Quote from a fictional podcasts. It was a military speech.

It is funny how the muse comes and goes. I get ideas when everything else is going on. If I don't at least write down a note to myself, the idea and motivation may not hit me again.


Field Data
Title Peas!!!
Description This is a compilation of two days commute home and dinner. See if you can guess which clips come which day.
Tags vlog peas dinner family "Canon Elph 300" Kdenlive Houston Texas
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Lunch Conversation

Lunch conversation consisted of at least one thing I don't feel comfortable talking about,

  • TV shows
    • How do TV shows without nudity and cursing compete with the shows that have it?
    • Torrent is your friend when you have no cable.
    • How sitcoms were ruined by Friends and Seinfeld. They are only just now coming back to their own. The execs are listening to other pitches apparently.
  • Work
  • Kids
    • Kids picking up bad words from TV shows.
    • Raising kids with the internet at their fingertips.
  • Some jabs at the IT department
  • One of the guys had to deal with the gas company not showing up in the four hour window they said
  • Something about mobile phones
  • Something about rain and cold weather coming on Wednesday

That about covers it. It is funny. The conversations we have would make for far better banter than is on any sitcom I've watched in years.

Supreme Court

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled unanimously for a drug suspect who had an electronic tracking device attached to his car by police, who did not first obtain an extended warrant.
The justices on Monday said secretly placing the device and monitoring the man's movements for several weeks constituted a government "search," and therefore the man's constitutional rights were violated.
CNN Headline News email


This makes a difference to me. Not that I expect someone of tracking me. Just, that I am a free citizen and want to know that some one in a position of authority cannot just willy-nilly track my or everyone's movements without cause or some sort of check in place. Let's face it, some people in a position of power abuse that power. If the decision stops with a single person, that is a single point of failure. At least having someone in position where they must listen to the police's reasoning and sign off will prevent a police officer from abusing their power quite so easily.

Not only this, but I cannot think of the last time that the U. S. supreme court made a unanimous decision in favor of individual rights. I don't really keep track of such things, but my impression is that police and other authorities expected this to go the other way when resewing the case.

Someone will say this is the pendulum swinging back after 9/11. All the rights American citizens lost during the orgy of rights drawbacks that came after that disaster are on the way out. I doubt it. This is a single decision. Looking at the layout of the current Supreme Court tels me the leanings are still aimed squarely at "The government knows best."

There was a guy who found a device attached to his car. He put it up on eBay and the cops came round wanting their device back. I bet he is rolling on the floor when he catches wind of this decision.


There is a huge drive to make poor people pissed off at rich people. It happens in Europe and in the U. S.. I'm sure it happens elsewhere. Rich people are a minority after all. I wonder why someone has not called poor people racist for complaining about rich people. Have we come to this? Are we out of people to vilify?

Walked in first thing this morning with a couple of servers that were hanging out on cloud 9. They refused to function. A reboot fixed them, but I can't track down a root cause. The root cause stuff took eight times as long as the fix. I hate that. Still don't have a satisfactory answer. Just a bunch of symptoms leading to more symptoms. It did make the morning go by quickly. I looked up and it was lunch time. Got back from lunch and bam, it was 17:30. Kind of like that part of disasters.

That ship that went down in Italy had 4200 soles on board. Now they are coming out saying there were some number of unregistered passengers. Expect this to be cracked down upon. Divers had to blow holes in bulkheads to get to some parts of the ship. There is a rumor that a women seen with the captain the night that the wreck happened was unregistered. Did this guy turn up to work in a devil costume?

Big Ben is leaning. It should fall over or slide in to The Thames in about a thousand years or so. The car park below ground didn't help things.

From memory: "John Anslow, also know as 'Skits' is a very dangerous man and should not be approached." BBC describing an escaped maniac. He is a murder suspect. The "Skits" bit cracks me up.

More and more vloggers are using their phones for their primary video device. Some even edit their vlogs on their phones. That is awesome. At the moment, you need a $600 or more phone or tablet to get the job done. The price will only drop. My phone is lame and only takes low res video. The new iPhone 4?? takes 720p video and can do some very simple editing on the phone. With bandwidth charge, it will cost you half a billion dollars to get it on the web, but it is still cool.

Gay parents

Field Data
Title My 2 cents on Gay parents
Description Watch and pleas, criticize at your leisure in the comments and response videos.
Original video:
Tags "gay parents" "gay marriage" motivation c children parenting "20 minutes or less" "Canon Elph 300" Houston Texas Kdenlive
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Big pulling big

Ever wonder how you get one of those apartment block sized dump trucks out of the mud? Wonder no more. You used a couple apartment block sized bulldozers.

Splitting logs

I've only split one log in my life. I would rather spend the money and rent one of these.


George Lucas Strikes Back

Just so long as the real George Lucas makes no money off it, I'm good.

My SOPA rant

This one was difficult to edit. When I edit videos with someone else talking, it is easy. I cut and cut until it doesn't suck. With me, I sit there and wish I had said more. I always, without fail, think of better ways to say something. I still cut and cut. When it is me, I want to go back and reshoot with different details. Good thing I'm so lazy.

Field Data
Title SOPA rant
Description Tribulations and predictions for what is next. Please comment and tell me how full of crap I am.
Tags "Stop Online Piracy Act" SOPA rant future "big government" politics politicians corruption "endless campaign" links copyright "copy right" "fair use" "late to the party" Houston Texas "Canon Elph 300" Kdenlive
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The grass was soaked this morning. The due point must have been in the negatives. Yesterday evening on the way home, I smelled a lot of smoke over a large area of my walk. I think, even though the wind was blowing, the smoke was being held on the ground by some atmospheric anomaly.

My inbox went empty early this morning for about 10 minutes. It was relaxing.

G. Gordon Liddy had a car salesman on talking about the Chevy Volt. He called it a "coffee table car". It is good for starting a conversation about going green, but no one who doesn't have money to burn wants one.

I don't really have a drink of choice. I need some ideas. What do you guys suggest.

Iceland used to have a women's prison. They had to give it up. There were three convicts.

The weight loss industry is thriving. It fails 85% of the time. -Dr. Karl.

Video ideas

  • Linux rebooting and pointing to a USB key
  • Useful tattoos
  • Phone rebooting
  • /user/sbin, why?


Just another day

Field Data
Title Marten Luther King Jr's day at work
Description Most of this footage was shot on MLK day, but the rant at the end was 2012-01-19.
Tags MLK "Marten Luther King Jr" holiday work traffic lunch family friends "Canon Elph 300" Houston Texas Westheimer Kdenlive rant developers software crash
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Lunch conversation

  • Work
    • Coworkers
    • Customers
    • New products
    • Old products
    • Competition
    • Money
  • Video games.
  • Linux upgrades and the hassles there in.
  • Family
    • Kids
    • Siblings
    • Wives (we were all guys)
  • Gambling, particularly Vegas vs all other places in the U. S..
  • The collapse of the European Union.
  • Other restaurants different people have tried in the area.
  • Weather and global warming. The rest of the country is in snow storms and we have a high of 72.

Same thing every one talks about at lunch.


The Yahoo CEO resigned. Ya-who? Why did he exactly quit? Something about turning down an offer from Microsoft for forty billion dollars back in the day. It was bullshit when it was made. Yahoo kind of missed the boat. They didn't catch the social media wave really. The are still all about being portal with a couple bits bolted on for people to get hold of one another.

I'm getting sick of some of the fiction that is coming across the fiction podcasts. It is getting to the point that I've heard most of the plots. It is also getting to the point where I am jaded by the people who do a good job.

I had a goofy dream last night. I lost the battery that goes in my flashlight. It was like going on a quest in DnD or a video game. Everywhere I stopped to ask people if they had seen it made the adventure more complex. I woke up at 02:30, hit the head and got a glass of water. Nat was up. I should have mentioned my dream, but I forgot about it until later this morning.

"Shut up Watson! Liste to this." ... "Don't interupt Watson."

Sherlock and Mycroft. The Holmes brothers. I learned this today.

The difference between being sorted and rogered. In some cases when a Brit says "being sorted" or "getting sorted" They mean someone have sex. Many times "sorted" means having good sex. However, "being rogered" means one thing and one thing only. The term "rogered" means good sex or rough sex. Many times, it means being dominated and taken.

Tried building Kdenlive from source with the script I found on the forums. It worked with some minor modifications. I do, however, still get the same error. Back to the drawing board. ... Well, found a fix for that error and it looks much more promising now. Will try a full video shortly on the desktop at the house.

Another one bites the dust. Perry is dropping out. I never liked Perry. The only thing he did that I respect was shooting a wolf with his lawful carry. I have no idea who will take the flag. That is, who will win the election. I don't care who wins the nomination. That just doesn't matter. All these folks are political players. They all just feel like big business, big money, big power pons. No one sticks out as anything else. Democrats and Republicans feel the same.

NTFS quick format skips the bad sector scan step. Good to know.

Messed with VMWare ESXI server today. What we wanted to get done kind of blew up in my face, but it was interesting. I hope to learn more about the OS in the near future. We had physical drive errors holding us back.

One of the shows I listen to via online radio, The Shadow Knows, had a show with the following plot. A bunch of bad guys rig light bulbs to blow. People get scared of turning on their lights. The crooks can over run the city and steal the city blind. Crazy stuff. Sounds like something from an Underdog cartoon.

We have a huge black and silver server in our server room that no one knows about. It has been turned off for a while now. It has an older OS that we wouldn't have put on a system in over two years. I wonder if it is simply a DB server that no one got working. We desperately want to know what it was for. Oh, and to repurpose it. There are a couple other devices floating around with the "fuck if I know" handle attached to them.

Video ideas

  • Linux rebooting and pointing to a USB key
  • Useful tattoos
  • Phone rebooting
  • Making Kdenlive work (done)
  • /user/sbin, why?

Dead video editor

Starting about Sunday or so, Kdenlive, my preferred video editing software on Linux, has been dead on my desktop. I realized it was an update that did it and stopped my laptop from updating. I've tried other software for video editing. They all stink to high heaven. I may have an entry explaining all the issues with each. I thought Kdenlive was a piece of junk. I had another think coming.

This is the bug stopping me in my tracks on ubuntu Kdenlive rendering on my desktop. The details say the rendering issues only occurs on some AMD processors. I believe my laptop at the house has an Intel. I'll have to double check. The laptop at work has an Intel Core2 Duo, but experiences the same issue. So, I have no idea what is going on. The latest entry on the bug is 2012-01-16. At least someone is looking at it.

I cannot tell if the issue only happens on old AMD processors. It turns out my new-ish desktop has an outdated CPU. I thought I was buying a middle of the road CPU, but no. I was buying a processor that may not be supported in the next release of the Ubuntu OS. Much less supported by all the programs that people use. That is a drag. I may have to look in to a new processor or system board upgrade.

I've tried to install from source. I've tried other binary installs. I looked in to using a virtual machine installs. Everything has issues. I was already using the PPA (Personal Package Archive) version of Kdenlive. That is for developers and has warnings all over the place that normal users should not use it. It is the only thing that works in Ubuntu 11.10 so I don't know what they expect people to do. This repository points to the proper libraries supposedly. I think I've tried most everything a normal user can. The next step is to fix the Kdenlive program. I'm not that good or dedicated.

The thought occurs that this problem may not get fixed to my satisfaction. If it is indeed only happening on obsolete chips the resources will be focused on other issues. This is a disturbing thought. I'm sure I'll complain about the outcome on my blog either way.



This evening, I get to put up a video done entirely on my laptop. Hope all goes well. Kdenlive is broken on my desktop. This is going to be annoying because of having to bend over to use the laptop screen. It isn't a very happy posture for me because of my eyesight. What happened is a broken update.

I cannot tell if it is just my desktop or if others are having the same issue. Thus, I killed the update links for Kdenlive on my laptop before it performed an update. Kdenlive is still working because I rendered the video from Sunday on the laptop. I ended up losing some links. I ended up having issues with some of the output. No big deal.

Something I'm going to have to do is move several files over to the laptop to make the videos properly. Hopefully it will all work from a USB key. The rip time is about the same.

It is the rendering portion of Kdenlive that is broken. It just says "Rendering crashed". Helpful. There should be a law about useful errors in software. I'm thinking an international treaty is in order. I've tried to reinstall everything. I've tried hunting down a fix online. No one else is complaining. It must be my install at issue. I plan on dealing with it a gain this weekend. I've spent enough brain power on it to this point. I need to just get some videos out and not worry about it. Thank goodness the laptop is working.


I forget how much I enjoy a fantastic pen making a sharp bold line across white paper. It is too bad that my hand is more suited to spaghetti than writing.

For so much of human existence the pen has kept track of us. The pen has scratched the numbers, the laws, the stories we based our lives on. Many think of the times before the pen as an era of barbarians. Societies without the pen are considered backward.

I remember may years ago in high school trying to use a shaped pen to write calligraphy. I loved how it put ink on the page and hated how much of an ox I was using it. The lines and dots were done in India ink. They were black as darkness without stars. They were beautiful. Well, they were beautiful when drawn by someone else.

I write with a keyboard. I can make the type black on white, but it will never scratch properly. It will never smell the same. The same as something that I've never really known.


Nearly one person in three has is infected with Tuberculosis on Earth.

Electricity was kind of hard for people to grasp. Think about it. Someone was trying to tell them that his invisible force was traveling through a solid and would kill you if you touched it at the wrong time. I await the day when people think of quantum and ponder "There was a time that no one understood quantum."

Lunch: Nat and Tracy came up for lunch. They each had a daughter in tow. I gave a half assed tour. They brought up yesterday's lasagna. I ate and they talked. I nearly fell asleep from relaxing. Elle rubbed my back. I had to stop her for fear of my head clunking in to the table top. Shot a quick video of it.

Sometimes I think I've never taught or learned anything in my life. Sometimes I feel stupid. Sometimes I feel tired. All the time I'm me.

I can remember having a snow ball fight when I was a kid. It was only the one I'm pretty sure. I had another as an adult. It was not as memorable.

This morning, I looked at cygwin and gnuwin32 this morning. How many ways can I turn Windows in to Linux? Why is it such an easy thing. I need to learn powershell. It is not easy. It looks like powershell is something that was create by the magicians at Microsoft for their own use. They were forced to release at some point.

One of the patients with totally drug resistant tuberculosis has skipped the hospital. Someone mentioned the words "Public Health Criminal" describing him. These words must be marked down and remembered. He was last spotted drinking my-ties (how do you spell this?) in The Dominican Republic. Just kidding. No one knows where he is. There are just no new drugs to treat bacterial infections because there is simply no money in antibiotics.

I left my memory card in the computer this morning. That would not be that big a deal except I wanted to take pictures of some serial numbers at work. Fortunately I had my video camera in my bag as well as my camera. Man, I'm a geek.

Video ideas: Useful tauts.

Video ideas:

Work Day

1Look at email first thing. Diagnostics.
Help calm a couple users.
1wifi settings, email, change, user help.
1Help a user move offices.
1Help with server RAM swap after hours.
Move [name] distro group.
Install Office for a user.
Sticker request for [systems].
Outlook printing issues.
WSUS email.
Hunt down [name] make file.
Cable order details.
Help a user with a locked up laptop.
Move people from one [group] to another.
DHCP for [user]
Approve several emails.
Recover cables.
2Image several drives for [system]


Quantum locking

Why isn't more money going in to this research? Who makes all the money? Oh, yes. Oil companies.


Complaining through my teeth

Field Data
Title Lazy Sunday
Description Time space and everything vlog fail.
Trying to do something cool for the vlog and failing miserably. Made up for it by doing some really boring complaining. Rendered this on my laptop because my desktop updated me in to a corner.
Oh, and I did end up getting a home cooked meal.
Tags broken earphones space time continuum fail news ship "Toshiba H30" Houston Texas Kdenlive
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Too bad the window was closed so tight. You could hear him go "WheeeeeeeeeeEEEeeee!!"


They improved on my light. Bastards!

  • Stainless steel bezel. Mine has scratches from being dropped where this would have protected it.
  • Filters. They showed red and defuse. I need (OK, want) both.
  • Brighter

They do this to me all the time. I guess people know what I want for my birthday. It is so not worth it. The one I have is more than good enough for me. I've even made my own filters (reflectors). This is a never ending cycle of cool shit. Next year there will be another light that does it all.


Update: Light link. Filter Link


Another Sunday

Field Data
Title Just another Saturday
Description There should be only 1000 laws on the books at any one time. Every year we have to re-vote in the thousand laws we are governed by next year. Each law can only be 1000 words. That is 1,000,000 words. That sounds like enough to me.
Tags complaining "water company" "phone company" "toy train" "political rant" family fun "dirty house" "home electronics" "slow motion" "snapping fingers" "Canon elph 300" Houston Texas Kdenlive
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Of mice and network cables

Field Data
Title Of mice and network cables
Description Just another day in the life of a guy who has nothing better to do than video his day.
Tags day work bus "mass transit" pedestrian walking cold vlog mice network cables anecdote issues "trouble shooting" Kdenlive Houston Texas "Canon Elph 300"
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When it is love you will be satisfied with the cheap screwed together kitchen table and chairs. It will feel perfect.

The reason poor are mad at rich is because the political class doesn't want any of us mad at them. Well more than half of Americans believe that rich people got that way because they deserve it.

The Morphia is Italy's biggest bank. 178 billion dollars worth of "loans" per year.

Lunch conversation today consisted of talking about work for the most part. I cannot repeat any of it. We also spoke of motorcycle crashes and death threats.

There is a movie about Margarete Thatcher. I always thought she kicked ass. Not sure how you are going to get a review of the film from a crowd of reviewers who are all Marxists.

Had to order some new CAT5 cables. These are the standard Ethernet cables you find all over the place. Actually, they are CAT5e cables I think. Not sure how that works. No sooner do I ask for the order than six or seven long cables show up unused. That sort of thing never fails.



What is the future of TV? In 5 years it is a 1.5 meter wide smart phone. What will it take to kill TV? If football and other sports wise up and make their own web pages for live broadcasts, they can quite literally write their own ticket. Two to five years after that, there will be no television industry as it stands today. This is not my prediction.

The company that does Twinkies is in trouble. Hostess is going down. Hopefully, they will slice Twinkies off and someone else will pick them up.

I had a chill this morning. I'm not sure if it is because I went back to bed after I got up and ready to go or if it is just because the air seemed thinner this morning. Today is warmer than yesterday. Tomorrow will be colder. It will keep getting colder until Friday. Then we will have a freeze they say. For the first couple hours this morning I wore my stocking cap. More than a couple people are walking around with their jackets on.

It isn't dark for blind folks. It is never dark.


Boom Boom troubles

Field Data
Title Boom boom hiccup
Description Boom boom behind my house has a fire code violation. Hopefully they think it is just not worth it.
Also, there is an unboxing timelapse of 6 monitors in the background.
Tags unbox monitors "time lapse" timelapse ViewSonic monitors LCD "boom boom" "loud music" "fire code violation" "Toshiba h30" Kdenlive Houston Texas "Harris County"
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Failing to get organized

Giving up on mRemote. It is a couple years out of date. It looks like the program has been taken commercial. Typically when this happens, someone continues working on the open source program and at least dealing with security issues. Not this time. Besides, It has issues with my multiple desktop program.

I'm looking in to Terminals. It is open source and there for more likely to be updated even after the people who created it give up on it.

Well, Terminals conflicts even worse with Finest, my multiple desktop program. It also does not appear to play nice with VNC on Linux. It requires a password be stored in the program to make SSH work apparently. I can't figure out folders. Can't get my X to point properly.

After playing with them, I'm giving up on them all. Using native apps and manual organization. That means I'm just running the individual programs and remembering the server information.

Hit the windows button, type in "putty" for SSH and "remote" for Remote desktop. Then, just type in the name of the server. For VNC I have to type in "tight" and run down to viewer. No biggy.

It amazes me how often I have to jump to another computer while doing everything all day long.


Roles Royce is owned by Germans.

My father is off to the transplant doctor today. It would be so awesome if he got a kidney.

Yesterday's weather was pretty cool. Actually, today is colder, but we really needed the rain we got yesterday. It was intense rain that came down in sheets for kind of a long time. That and all day there was some amount of rain going on.

Do juicers do anything? Does the juice you get from smashing up vegetables and fruit really all that good for you?

One layer graphite is called graphene. Once you get down to the level of one molecule of material and smaller, you get interference of reality between paths of transference from one transistor to another. A transistor is a switch that allows a computer to make decisions and run programs. If you get interference, you loose the place of the little switches. Grapheme allows even thinner places in which to build multiple transistors. One more step closer to fictitious computers that do the work for us.

Sometime soon, my Twitter feed count will surpass my blog count. I'm not worried, just noticing a trend.

Buddy of mine

A buddy of mine is in this video. He is the one being harassed by cops. His name is Lance. He is one of the coolest people I've ever met.



Made it in to work just in time to miss the majority of the rain.

Helped a user this morning. She needed a piece of software installed. We have many of our systems set up so users cannot install on their own boxes. This is to nip virum in the bud and prevent spreading as much as possible. Not sure how effective this strategy is, but it does lower the calls to the help desk. People can't just install every little thing on the internet, any of which can cause problems with standard software.

Kodak is in trouble. It was once a giant. Now, it is falling below the level that stock exchanges will even run it on the big board. Kodak invented digital cameras. Talk about blowing an opportunity. There are 38,000 retirees. That is less than the number of employees. Retirement issues is a 2.5 billion liability for Kodak. I learned how to develop film in High School.

Lunch conversation: We had a new guy and a good lunch at a Mexican restaurant. It was fun if wet. We spoke of many things, but the subject stayed on Television and moves. I should have written down some of the names of shows that people said were good. Many went by that were bad. Some of the folks say they don't watch TV much any more. I'm with them. I just want to watch the frigging shows and get on with my life.

I listen to radio dramas online. Go to and search for something like "old time radio". There are more if you keep looking. One funny thing that I come across occasionally is the redo scream. Many of these shows were done live and recorded just as things happened. The earlier ones particularly. I've not mastered the art of identifying who is screaming in these shows. There is some imagination required. I wonder if people from this era learned to identify who is uttering a scream.


Sunday morning

Field Data
Title Sunday morning
Description Sunday morning and a club foot.
Tags medical foot kitchen breakfast cleaning morning Sunday "Toshiba H30" Houston Texas Kdenlive
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Elle dancing

Field Data
Title 9 year old dancing to LMFAO Party Rock
Description Yippeeeee. This is for those who wonder why kids are so skinny.
Tags "party rock shuffle" "LMFAO Party Rock" kid child dancing home Houston Texas "Canon Elph 300" Kdenlive
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Time lapse comparison

Field Data
Title Time laps comparison
Description Intro interrupted four times, but here it is. This is two time laps videos. One shot and put up straight off the Toshiba H30 and the other shot as a video and sped up the same amount of time in Kdenlive post production.
Tags time lapse "straight off camera" "post production" interruptions garage studio family fun technical compare "Toshiba H30" "Canon Elph 300" Kdenlive
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Lunch conversation

We went to the Chinese place. We do most Thursdays. This is the place we all sit at a big round table and order on mass. Everyone announces a number, rice preference, and soup preference. The ordeal of 18 people is done in a minute sometimes. One of the things that came up today was my desire to capture this on video for the internet.

We made it through lunch in just about an hour. This includes confusion over where people were when we were leaving and getting across Westheimer in more than one group. Nearly got squashed on the way back.

  • Past employees. One was on hand to defend the entire ilk.
  • DND and who has been showing up and who has not.
  • Work
    • Spare drives and locations.
    • Customers
    • Support stories. Wish I could elaborate.
  • How long we have been using this restaurant. A cricket had been in someone's meal many years ago. We came back.
  • Video games.
    • Star Wars New Empire bugs. Something about dancing and your enemies can't touch you.
    • Neither the other IT guy or myself have really played video games for many years.
  • Rice is the poster child of starch.
  • What I've been doing to stay busy. This is both on the job and for fun, from two different people.
  • There are holes in the sidewalk on the way to this restaurant. The guy from Europe said the local counsel would have been sued over them. I told him they have been like this for years.
  • Houston is anti-pedestrian. Not related to the bullet above.
  • Work

    Field Data
    Title Work work work
    Description 5 minutes of goofing off at work. Didn't get 5 minutes to myself the whole rest of the day.
    Tags work "goofing off" fun friends coworkers Houston Texas "Fujitsu H30" Kdenlive
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    Items in brackets are censored.

    Hours Description
    1 Renew [url]
    1 Odd even week issue for payroll.
    1 Diagnose [name] machine firewall issues.
    1 Setup [server name] with RHEL 5.5
    1 Get [employee] a laptop and UPS. Setup email.
    1 Imaging
    [name] prepare and image.
    [name] imaging.
    3 Misc
    License meeting.
    Printer hookup for a user. (Why is this so time consuming?)
    New RFID card for [user].
    Learn new Exchange from [IT].
    Help [user] hunt down a server for development.
    Help a user with email password glitch.
    Semantic setup on a laptop for a user.
    Recover old equipment from [user].
    Organize image drives.
    Touch up dd imaging doc.
    Approve several emails.
    Help some folks move.


    Does fracking cause earthquakes? It is apparently cheap and effective. Some people are very much against it. France bans it for the time being. France uses a huge amount of nuclear for energy. That money is knocking.

    Someone in California is suing over the 50 miles per gallon claim of a Honda Civic. It is about frigging time. There needs to be a hard standard on which to base comparisons. The federal standards are based on complete bullshit. When the government says 54 MPG, but in reality, it is more like 33 MPG. The idea is to not stomp on the gas or break. Drive like a grandmother and you will save gas. make a car that drives like a grandmother for people and you save gas.

    I've found myself abandoning some lame Twitter feeds. It gets to the point you just don't care what someone has to say any more. One of the Vloggers only Tweeted when he had a new video. This is how I treat Tumblr. I don't have any followers on Tumblr.

    Did you know this is an odd number week year? I do, now. This bit us in the but because we pay every other week with some employees. We will have to switch back next year.

    There is a new conspiracy theory that says the world really screwed up by having all those nuclear tests in the 1950s and 60s. Some say it has caused a permanent mutation level blip in all genomes across the world. Below ground tests tend to be more contained.

    Several podcasts had Christmas specials. I didn't listen to them until the first week of the new year. They all just got blown away. I tis depressing to linger on Christmas. We have still not taken down the tree at home, but work hasn't taken down the tree either.

    The new camera works. I really like not having to worry about the ten minute crap of my other HD camera. The quality is lower. I have to run "normalize" on all the audio. I don't care. I may just start using it for the vlogging because I don't have to make multiple clips to get the job done. Just go and cut. Need wider angle, of course. I'm never satisfied to be honest.

    The Commodore 64 is thirty years old. Judged from the introduction date, not ship date. I had three. They died from power surges.

    China is digging tunnels for everything. They have thousands of miles of tunnels to hide nuclear missiles. They have dual use missiles for nukes and conventional warheads. The commentator didn't get the idea of dual use missiles. He kept saying if someone gets attacked we would have to retaliate with nukes. But, the expert tried to explain that they could be either nuke or conventional which means the Chinese have more options in intercontinental warfare than we do. The treaties between the U. S. and Russia don't really apply anymore if China is not going to sign in.



    I would rather have no theory than the wrong theory.

    We are hiring another IT person at work. Starting to sweat.

    Didn't have five minutes to myself today. Didn't get anything shot for a video. Work is not the place for it to be honest.


    Donuts in the Unimog

    This is what farmer hill billies do in Germany.

    TV Shows

    Tera Nova

    Tera Nova is, wait for it, a science fiction show. Finally. The world needs more. However, the society that they use reminds me of Fascism. I've heard from more than one place that it is a show about dinosaurs with too few dinosaurs. Need to check it out.

    Boardwalk Empire

    Boardwalk Empire appears to have cost a lot of money. Good acting, blah. Not sure what the draw is with it. Going to have to check it out one of these days.


    Homeland just doesn't sound like the kind of show I like. It sounds for all the world like a "did he or didn't he" kind of show. I'm just not looking for a laundry list of did and didn't to follow.

    Walking Dead

    Walking Dead is a show about zombies and the obvious break down of civilization. It is a liberal vent point for gun control and the idea that no sacrifice is worth upsetting the current values of liberal media. Not enough zombie killing. Too many debates about moralities.

    I've watched all seven episodes made so far. Something like that. Not sure why, but there is just not a motivated production of this show.

    Breaking Bad

    Breaking Bad is a TV show about a guy who finds out he has cancer and, having the knowhow, becomes a methamphetamine cook. That is pretty much it. He becomes a killer. He becomes a very bad man. He was already intelligent and now uses his brains to keep one step ahead of the other bad guys and his brother inlaw who just happens to work for the DEA.

    I've watched this show up through season four. I'm not sure where they are going to go with next season. Some say it is the last season. Surely the protagonist becomes the king pin or is taken out or both.


    First sunrise of 2012

    Field Data
    Title First sunrise of 2012
    Description Not the most spectacular sunrise, but it happened. Good sign for the year, right?
    Sunshine ver 2 by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0"
    Tags front door East morning clear sky "first sunrise of 2012" Toshiba H30 Houston Texas Kdenlive
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