It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



I have a docking station to put my work laptop in. It works well for multiple monitors. I picked it up this morning to go to a meeting and banged my laptop in to the wall while trying to avoid some wires that dangle from the side of my monitor. By jerking my hand back I put the corner of the laptop monitor in to my left eye. I blame gravity. Hope I don’t end up with a black eye. No vision loss. Eye is a bit fuzzy.

I wonder if I could have made it work on SSI. Today I regret working for a living. Why not me being one of those 47% of losers living on Uncle Succer?

A threat to the whole world.” “Worse example of genocide since the Nazis.”

They can crank these things out by the bushel, My answer is “Drones bich!”. We can put misiles on an F-35 that will take down multiple enemy aircraft each.

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