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It never falls until it does. At some point the audience rushes the stage.

Russia accuses US of breaking the law by supporting Syrian rebels. I think the idea here is that the Russians want to neutralize the UN/NATO on the subject. The easiest way to do this is threaten a lawsuit because all these organizations are made of lawyers and will be paralyzed by such rhetoric. Personally, I’ve always wondered how any country can support rebels in another country and it not be illegal.

I lost a pair of boots. That is, the soles were separating from the upper part of the boot (what is that part called?) and I had to toss them out. I don’t have the money right now to get a new pair so I’ve put some old sneakers back in the mix. I wore them today. It was wet and the wet grass got me. They are drying faster than the boots when I get the boots wet. I could not remember why I had purchased sneakers. It got to work and saw someone in shorts. Then it came to me. I wanted to wear some shorts to work. I don’t like wearing shorts with hiking boots so I got a pair of sneakers.
My left foot is bigger than my right. The sneakers are size 10.5 US. I need 11 for my left foot. 10.5 works fine for my right. Nuts. I get 11 in boots and it works for both feet. Not sure what is going on here.

“Game Over” my ass. Hillary knows where far too many skeletons are buried.

China looking more and more dangerous for investors. That’s OK really. China doesn’t allow direct investment yet. I think they intend to wait for the first crash. This bubble is going to pop and be felt around the world.

It feels like the larger powers of the world are simply shuffling the cards and playing a new hand of Middle East Stud.

Lunch conversation:
  • Sports
  • Movies
  • Kids
  • Vacation spots.
  • [censored because of people who read this blog]

“Every man high up on a ladder is a philosopher.” -A Prairie Home Companion.

What is with the shitty digital connections available to radio stations and the BBC? I mean come on. How freaking hard is it to arrange a high quality line from one part of Europe to another or even from one part of England to another? They rarely have a “call” that is not choppy or unintelligible. I’ve heard Skype calls that sounded better for longer.

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