It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.


Watching Lego movie. Waiting on women to get ready.


How I'm spending my vacation


Cooking with a squeegee.


Building a roll around bench

Editing videos



Counting/County Crows


Christmas day 2014

Yee gads

All these years, I thought it was County Crows. Haddn't seen it in writing. It's like getting the lyrics to a song you like wrong. How bad is it that I like my name better? Is it always like that in these situations?

Christmas day video of choice


Merry Christmas all.

That's a BB gun

Gordon Ramsay's Scrambled Eggs

Never search for omelet or egg on youtube unless you are not hungry for the next 3 days.


Jamie Hyneman On Welding in His Workshop

I wish I could weld. Trouble is, I will weld my face to the medal.

Kid's party and fog

Up yours fortune cookie.

My fucking passwords all expire at work in exactly 2 weeks from yesterday. Could not have fucked me worse on timing.


There's that second chin. Why old guys grow beards


Survived the kid's party

Guy's sugarbowl




Funny thing about acting like a coward. People start treating you like a coward.

So, if we hand any more Guantanamo prisoners over to Uruguay, we are just letting them go?

I enjoy when people take the time to absorb my output.

I find that 9:30 and 13:30 are the big recieve email times of my day. Is this normal? Is every huge corporation the same way? I bet if I allowed for time zones and discounted automated nagmail I would find that pattern even more proliferate.

Hell ya!  They were stupid to attack at night. SF owns the night.

Industry based entirally on lies. What would the number of Gims be if you only paide when you showed up?


Silent Night


Some driving related clips


We went by Shipley's this morning for breakfast. The line was long and not moving. Watched a suburban back in to another vehicle. Didn’t have an angle on the video. We ended up leaving with 5 cars in front of us. They need to work on their speed of service. I like their donuts and kolaches.

What he said. More on why. Not sure what I agree with.

Funny stuff. I have no idea how accurate that is.

Lunch conversation today consisted of poking fun at one of our coworkers who is retiring. That sounds really bad, but she is an awesome human and took it well. She has been great. We speculated her life after work. She is still young and will raise the kids. Yes, I envy her.

Our building gave a free lunch today. It was pretty good. It consisted of chicken rice and beef tips. I ate the beef tips. It wasn’t much, but it was enough to make me worry about my gout. It’s free, so it doesn’t count, right?

TIL: In a dorm, if you smell burnt popcorn, someone was probably smoking weed and needed to cover up the smell.

If I was this guy, I would sue Autonation for not getting rid of his logo. This tells me that if I have a business, I’m going to remove any logos before I trade in the vehicle myself.

Obama doing something I agree with. Well, as long as he ends up signing the bill. Don’t dig too deep there big O, you might find out the military is full of assholes doing a very important job.

Wow. I’m impressed. Never seen one that big before.

TIL: James Madison changed the words in the First Amendment from “aut not” to “shall not”.

Ain't here for me



Listened to a podcast about the extortion racket in Honduras. it is getting to the point where you can not have a business that faces the public without getting extorted by street gangs. They send kids to deliver their death threats. They make random calls to citizens to target them. They just say pay or we will kill you. This is what it looks like to live in a country ruled by the strong. I bitch all the time about feeling like I’m being shaken down by the government under threat of imprisonment for money to do things I do not agree with. I stand by that bitching.

It really scares me when employees sue their own employer for doing something stupid. I don’t like Sony for other reasons, but I really don’t like the fact that they were arrogant about security for their own employees. I hope some rich people go to jail. How often do I say that on this blog?

I am a Constitutionalist. I’m just not violent.

Electric cars are more shit than gas cars if the electricity is made from coal.

A chopper just buzzed our building. Not sure what they were looking for, but they were not very high.

By the time it all plays out in the courts, there will be 10 million new Democrat voters. That is the plan anyway.


Today's theme.


Don't you have a videogame to play?



The traffic has been very light the last couple days. I have a feeling it is going to be light for the remainder of the year at normal commute times except on days where shopping will be a concern.

When I posted a blog entry this morning none of the links made it. I am so bad at going back and checking my work that I only accidently found out none of the links made it. I went and fixed it. However, I don’t even know how that happened. I’m not sure what I did to make the links not show up. As far as I know, I did the same copy and paste I always do. It worked on the first try on the fix run. I bother to take the information down and put it up on the blog, I should bother to double check it is not jacked up.

BBC had a story about a train that stopped for a problem between stations recently. Everyone was grumpy about it. The Engineer (or driver or operator or whatever) had to completely shut down the train, lights and all, then turn it back on. The train folks gave everyone a free cup of tea for their trouble.  The BBC commentator was one of the people  on the train. He asked people to send in stories of having to switch things off and back on to fix them. He said the idea of giving everyone a cup of tea to ease the delay was “Very British”.

Told you so. Well, these guys may have mentioned it.

I like the idea behind Field Notes products. I just have nothing worth taking notes out. If I do take any notes, it will be in evernote or something to that effect.

Made it

One more step closer

One step closer to play

Not yet at Elle's play


Google Drive got a makeover. Not sure what they intend for the future. They have something up their sleeve. I just can’t figure out what it is.

Peew! Peew! U. S. Deathstar deploying to Persian Gulf.

Obama is the one in charge. I don’t personally blame him except for not retaliating with catastrophic unbalanced response.

I want to be a farmer. Well, I am way too lazy. Still, I love to watch it on YouTube.

I like Chany. He is not full of crap. He shot a lawyer. Death is afraid of him.
I need to have a talk with which ever kelly pays the bills. He needs to get over the fact that it has to be done in the first place and do some better documentation while he is at it.

More on Benghazi. Good luck with prosecuting anyone. The people committing the crimes are the ones running the country. More - I won’t hold my breath if you don’t mind. Even if you do mind.

Sometimes I prefer a divided government. It means government gets off my back. Well, that is a nice thought anyway. Not sure it works in practice.

I don’t have an iProduct. This does not help me at the moment.



Plotting. All nouns redacted.

I hadn't thought of this. I hate it when “without firing a shot” is included in the description of where America is headed.

Sunrise today, bit late to post



Elle is turning in to a bear in the morning. Puberty is hitting her both barrels.

My work computer’s fan sounds even worse today. Fan on the way. I’m secretly planning on handing it ot IT here in the building and saying I want it by the end of the day. That would feel so good knowing I don’t have to dig through that laptop to replace something that everything else appears to be bolted to. There are no YouTube videos showing the specific swap. That alone scares me.

One of the conversations earlier today was all about picking people who will be good workers. One of the guys said you need to find out if someone gets obsessed over things they are working on. If they do, they will be much better and more determined. I wanted to say that I would call that focus. Obsession is when you can’t turn it off and ends up being very bad. No good over the long run. I get what he was saying though. He is right.

Meanwhile in DC (on Iran) More lying and covering up for lying.

They are training to control citizens of western countries. Where better to learn these skills than the most western city in the world?

Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Just so long as pirates get French taxpayer money, everything is OK.

Social class is somewhat genetic.

Lunch Conversation

We went to Pho One. I’m told it is not the best Vietnamese food, but it is pretty good.

  • Telling customers the facts they want and that the facts they want are not going to win them anything. They want to out think us on our own product and eek out some performance. The trouble is, this is what we do and our product is what we do it on. This is all we do. You are not going tobeet us on our home field at our game for very long.
  • The hot sauce, excellent by the way.
  • Lawn care and how we all pay for our lawns to be taken care of.
    • I didn’t have a chance to mention that I just want to pave it over and paint it all green.
    • Compared prices and services of lawn care professionals
    • Rarely the same crews for very long.
    • No idea what is going to happen after amnisty
  • One of our guys is a Scott. He is pissed at Obama for making him spend thousands of dollars and waiting for years to get on the citizenship train and then just handing things to people who were willing to break the law.
  • Metric system
  • Tea
  • Eating with chopsticks.
    • I remember my first whole meal with chopsticks. It took me 45 minutes. I was in my thirties.
  • Getting old
    • Adam’s dad didn’t bother learning how to use a watch because he is 70. Adam worries that this is his future. It is. Mine too. Actually, it might be my past. Not sure.
  • 24 hour lan parties
    • Politics there of
  • Past bosses
    • “So and So and I do not see eye to eye. I cannot help you sell our equipment to him.”
    • You can’t talk to some bosses. Modern Ethernet is not the same as a token ring.



Pleading the 5th for writing a law. Oh, it is for admitting he lied to congress by submitting the law in that form without telling Congress about how stupid the American voters are beforehand.

IBM is putting its name on a project that uses discarded laptop batteries, coupled with an LED, in the hands of people in third world areas of the planet who are off the power grid. This gives them light at very low price. I can’t help but think it is going to cause these countries to come after IBM in 10 years to clean up the ditches and rivers plugged up with spent laptop batteries.

Something always told me I was special. Not the kind of special that your mother or teachers tell you to keep you from committing suicide before you really wake up a grown human. I don’t know where it came from or where it went. But it was there.

I’ve had a couple people ask me what I want for Christmas. I don’t need anything. I want health for everyone in my family and friends. If you figure out how to hand that out for Christmas, let me know.

Amazon has 26 million items in stock (from memory). I do not know what that means exactly. It is impressive. Now it is all being gathered up by robots. They don’t need space between racks for people any longer. The robots stock it and the robots gather it. At what point will missing robots turn up making offspring robots and hiding them in the big pile of inventory?

I’m in the midst of another gout attack. I’m just going to have to get used to a life limping and in pain. I’ve tried to stick to the diet. The doctor won’t put me on the medicine because of potential liver and kidney damage.

People ask me why i don’t go out. My goal when I leave my home is to make it back home in one peace. I can make this more likely when I just don’t bother leaving my house.;

Term of the day. Third Wave Coffee.


Fence and a bad lane of traffic

The History of TelHave not watched Madmen or Jersey Shore



I’m thinking of not eating on Tuesdays and Fridays. That is, I would eat a dab of breakfast and a snack sized dinner on those days. I plan on eating normally on every other day of the week. This is a new diet that scientists somewhere have suggested saying our hunter gatherer heritage would lend itself to this sort of skipping meals diet. We are programmed to over consume when available in order to successfully survive lean times. If only this were true with money.

Over the last couple years I’ve spoken with other men who have given me anecdotal evidence that this skipping meal plan has worked for them in the past. Now I’ve heard some one give an interview on NPR I think it was saying they are actually studying the effects of skipping means and indeed days of eating on the human body and attitude.

It turns out that people don’t get angry at skipping meals. They get angry when they are forced out of obtaining a mail by work or someone screwing them out of it in some way. If people make the decision themselves and remember they will eat normally tomorrow, they don’t get irritable.

There is a myth that your blood sugar is not in your control. After a couple weeks of doing this, the body adapts and quits with the whole hands shaking thing. If you are doing manual labor, then eat something for goodness sake. If you have hypoglycemia or something like that, eat something. For the most part a healthy person should be able to adapt without a lot of trouble.

I’ll post here how it goes of course.


Fighting Executive overreach one state at a time.

Why I do not buy Apple. This is just how Apple thinks. The users are just a commodity to be manipulated and herded so as to maximize profits and guarantee future returns. Wait, all businesses are like that. ... Screw Apple!

Wages are headed up in other countries. That is, they are headed up in Asia mostly. This is global inflation. The idea behind a recession is to spread the load. That is, to take work away from inefficient methods and put it in the hands of more efficient methods. That is, transfer jobs and manufacturing to cheaper places.

Those are some awesome budget cuts you got there. Shame if they bit you in the ass.

VRMF means Version Release Modification Fix.

For years when someone asked me “What’s up?” I’ve answered “Everything.” with as much conviction as I could muster. Today one of my coworkers said “Awesome. That means everything is up and running. Right?” I’m going to have to modify my default response to “What’s up?”.

It begins in China. Wait, it already began decades ago in manufacturing. it is funny how few sail manufacturers there are nowadays. Yet, there are several maritime diesel engine manufacturers. This is called disruptive technology. Progress! As long as the robots know when I order a burger and say “meat and cheese only” that I still want a bun, we are good.


Free breakfast at work

Firedrill at work

Coffee cart at work


Humankind still not destroyed by Human inaction, action or artificial intelligence run amok. We have not yet been hit by an act of God or galactic indifference. I await that which tomorrow brings.

Between adventures with homeless people this past week and listening to stories of some space adventurers stuck on a very long and dull journey through space they should not have made, I’m thinking my life is not so bad. When Humankind adventures in to space, the bad thing is we will still be there.

I didn’t make lunch today. I had an excuse all ready to use that my ankle hurt too much to walk to anywhere except the bathroom, but no one asked me to go.

At some point I thought I would write something. I was wrong. I just don’t have in me that thing that lets me put something down that makes sense. See? I might try my hand at a Discworld short story. Maybe even just a conversation between a couple characters.

One of our new servers
>$ cat /proc/meminfo
MemTotal:       396876544 kB [That is 48 8G sticks of RAM, roughly]
>$ cat /proc/cpuinfo
processor : 63 [That is the 64th core listed [hyperthreaded]]
We use this box for VMs. I do not know what we paid for it.

I currently work for a company with hundreds of thousands of people working for it worldwide. It is easier looking people up here than at the company I worked for before (that was bought by the big one) that had about 100 people working for it. This is the power of an intranet.

When I started using Evernote, I thought I would hit 1000 notes in no time.  I planned on putting most every web page I hit in the database. Well, I have done. It turns out I hit a lot of web pages over and over again. This saddens me. I am not deep. I have over 500 notes. I find Evernote indispensable. I do not even get close to my byte limit for the free version. This is the only software I’ve considered buying on the internet to date.

The only indictment in the Garner case is the guy who shot the video. Shooting the video is what drew attention to him during the affair. If you are going to record the police, better have someone videoing you from down the street.

More on Garner case splitting people. Well, it is really the media and politicians not letting a crisis go to waist.

More on Gruber. Not sure what this will come to, but some say it undermines the Supream Court case coming up soon.

Fraze of the day: gild the lilly - Try to improve upon something that is already beautiful or functional or in its best form.