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The Shutdown

It turns out I’m affected by the Government shut down. This sucks. Italix is a quote.

Dear TBP Patron:
As you know, there is a possibility that a Federal government shutdown will occur tonight at midnight. In the event that this happens, all electronic resources provided by the National Library Service will be temporarily unavailable. This includes BARD, the Voyager online catalog, and the system that handles magazines on cartridge.
The Texas Talking Book Program will not shut down. We will continue to send you books and respond to your inquiries during the Federal shutdown. With a little luck, the shutdown will either be averted, or will last only a short time. Please call us at 1-800-252-9605 or email us at if you need assistance.
Email from TBP (Talking Book Program)

Not sure what to do from here. i do not use the book program on cartridge. I use BARD. They are the automatic download people. That is the service that absolutely rocks.  They just came out with a note about getting books from publishers straight on. This would speed up getting books. Not all of them would be a year old. Delays delays.

I’ll live. I will make do. There are other ways of getting to books in audio format without spending a bunch of money. I might just have to buy some. Maybe not.

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