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Taking notes for business

Today, I took a paper notebook (I have to specify paper these days)  to a meeting I was late too. As it happened, everyone was late to it. Still, I had to take notes and noticed some issues.

  • Paper
    • I can type on my phone faster than I can write.
    • I’m still not particularly fast on the phone, I’m just slow with a pen.
    • I have to type in the notes to the computer.
  • Phone
    • I can read my phone better than I can read my own writing.
    • It also has a spell checker.
    • I can email it to myself already in text format.
    • Hell, I can have the phone read it aloud to me.
    • I could speak to the phone and it would type the text. I suck at it and this would not work in a meeting situation, but still, it is cool.
    • People still think you are goofing off if you type on your phone in a business meeting.
  • My laptop requires me to sit at a table to take notes.
    • The battery life on the laptop sucks compared to my phone.

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