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I taped a sign to a shelf. When I tried to remove the sign, the veneer came off much easier than the tape. Lesson learned. Do not use packing tape to put signs on crappy veneer covered particle board. Use masking tape.

Recently WWII veterans were blocked from going to the WWII memorial in DC. This made the news. The President was prepared to blame Republicans again for harming the nation's veterans until he looked at the polls. People are blaming Democrats, Republicans and independents for failing to do their job which is working for the Citizenry of the United States. They do not remember they are in Washington for that, not to perpetually campaign. The president backed off. it was costing more to block the veterans than it would have just to leave the park open to the public.

I want to write a fictional log of a person stuck on a ship in the middle of deep space for some reason. Not sure where to go with it. My scenarios end in death most of the time. Not sure how to filter those out for one where the protagonist lives.

Would anyone out there pay a nickel to read my blog posts? Is $0.05 too much to ask? I wouldn’t pay it.

Is there any country in history that had a single party rule situation that did not devolve into Fascism or dictatorship?

Just out of the blue today my mouse got super sensitive. My pointer was jetting around the screen. I did nothing. This is Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4. I am developing a distaste for the distribution as a desktop platform. It is still better than Ubuntu that hides the mouse settings in three different spots and you just plane can’t change the frigging pointer without major surgery and an exorcism on the operating system.

No matter how much I adjusted my mouse the rest of the afternoon, it never felt right. I refuse to reboot for such bullshit. it takes much bigger bullshit to push me over the cliff of reboot on a Linux box.

Look up (book) Burning Chrome - William Gibson

I’ve been listening to Night Valve Audiocast. it is a special kind of fiction. it is sort of a stream of consciousness rant radio show of a fiction town under the influence of some kind of crossroads of universes.

We are a normal first world family. We have a grocery list on our refrigerator. Nat never remembers it. I cannot blame her. Every time she asks me if I need something or remember what was on the list, I draw a blank. This is not how my memory works. I have installed a notes app on my phone. The only note on it is my grocery list. The next time Nat asks me if I need anything from the store I’m going to consult my list. Then I’m going to text it to her. Then I’m going to mark it as communicated on the list and start a new entry above it. This is the plan damnit.

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