It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



Why is an elephant large harry and four legged? Because if it were small, white and round it would be an aspern.

Today is another of those days I envy the ditch diggers. They at least get to work outside. Rare days indeed.

Losing is not a winning strategy. There is a saying in politics. If the minority party wants to run the government, they should win elections. This is applicable to more than the current Republican party.

I believe that Obama either knew about the U. S. spying on friendly governments or his own people are afraid to talk to him about really important issues.

My abdomen hurts on the left hand side. It is not bad. It hurts when I move. It is difficult to sleep. It doesn't hurt enough to be anything like a hernia. Not sure what it could be. I wonder if it might be some kind of kidney stone situation. I’ve had them before. This feels nothing like it. Still, uric acid gonna chrisalize.
It hurts when I cough, sneeze, roll the chair around at work, bend over. It is a mess.

Heard today that Samsung is trying to take on Android instead of using Android to further their product line. My current Samsung phone is awesome, but if they have limited aps, the floor will fall. Surely, they could work something out with Google to let Samsung run Android apps in an emulator or something.

Someone pulled an iron (for clothes) apart and found a wifi chip. it was being used to infiltrate networks. Three guesses what country that iron came from.

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