It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



Well, we are broke. The US is officially closing her wallet. About time. #shutdown

I’m thinking of putting a hash tag on every one of my tweets from now on. I hear YouTube will soon support hashtags in video names. This would allow YouTube to support trending searches easier. They kind of support it now. I think it will make for very messy titles of videos. I’m just waiting for a memo or report to come across my desk that has hashtags in the title.

Brain cells don’t have that much of an immune response when you transplant brain cells from one person to another. At some point there may be a brain tissue transplant into, for example, Parkinson's sufferers.

Some crabs have a 12.4 hour clock along side the normal 24.0 (ish) hour clock the rest of us share. that 12.4 hour clock is to keep track of tides. Handy, if you are a crab that hangs out in the tide land.

What does a Canadian girl say if you ask her if she wants to have sex? “Only if you’re having some yourself.” -DPD #joke

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