It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



Google Docs text editor doesn't appear to handle styles. Drag. You have bullets and numbering. Can't use the speech to text while walking next to the road, standing at bus stop or on the bus. Drag. Could use an underline style spell checker as well.

I need to clock myself bringing up my work computer. I bet it takes me 10 full minutes to get it up and running the way I like and feel productive. Not sure what to do about it. Perhaps I could script up some of the things, but then how do you get it on the virtual desktops you prefer?

There is now a law in China to force children to visit and take care of their elderly parents. I imagine there is something similar in the future of our country. Why7 have social security when you can just force people to do it instead of the government? Not sure what to think about it. What if you didn’t have kids? You can think the 1 child policy for this pain in the ass.

There are some crystals that have both organic and metal bits in the lattice. This will come in very handy in the future for 3d printing.

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