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Lunch Conversation

  • Kansas & Oklahoma
    • One of the guys has a daughter soccer game up there.
    • There is a hill with a cosmic station and a couple burger joints.
    • My grandfather had “the Big House” that was some old plantation looking house.
    • Crazy laws up that way.
      • You have to have two headlights in your car. They don’t have to be plugged in, or on the front.
    • Nowhere to eat for miles.
    • Roll up the sidewalks on holidays.
    • Every fifteen people have to declare a small town.
  • Work
    • Blah
  • Other restaurants
    • Super n Sallad is still around
    • There are some restaurants from my childhood still open inside the loop.
  • Casinos
    • Most of casino profits come from households under $50,000
    • There are some seedy casinos
    • You are more likely to win at the crap casinos
    • One of the guys saw a line of U-Hauls at a casino once full of women and children waiting.
    • One of our friends played ace in the world championship of poker one year. He didn’t get far.

Today we had eight people at the table. I am afraid this is the largest number of people who can hold a single conversation over a long period of time. If there are more people, inevitably, they break off into multiple conversations. I’m sure the number changes based on the situation.

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