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Instant Intercivilization Transport Network Authority Rules (draft)

If you intend to participate in the Instant Intercivilization Transportation Network Authority IITNA, you  will have to comply with the rules below. In Brief, these rules are to prevent dominance of the Transportation Network by one faction per civilization.

The vast majority of your entire civilization  must be made aware of and understand to the best of their ability these rules. Access must be made to the Transportation network without excessive compensation. Access must be allowed without limitation placed on destination or reason for travel. Access must be allowed for immigration. All of the limitation are subject to local law, as long  as the laws are not oppressive or domineering.

Placement of Transport Hubs is controlled by local authority, but the people of the civilization may petition for locations directly to the Transportation Authority. Communications will be provided by Instant Intercivilization Communication Network Authority. IICNA. Rules of which are on file at IICNA headquarters.

Of course, you will need access to the Transportation Network before you can get the Communication rules. You will need to communicate before you get the ability to transport.

You get the idea. This is what it will boil down to when aliens find us. None of this one sentence Prime Directive nonsense. It will be more on the order of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

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