It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



Lunch conversation today consisted of someone talking about a murder suicide happened in the neighborhood the just bought a house in. he looked at the house before online and his realtor told him about the issue.

Apparently an older man shot his wife in the middle of the night. They were both in their seventies. He then shot himself. Leaves me to wonder if there was something to do with dementia involved.

We took the opportunity to crack a bunch of jokes.

  • The seller is supposed to disclose things like murder or whatever that happens in a property before signing the property over to buyer.
    How do they break the news?
    They usually put up a whiteboard in the entry way with the number of bodies found in the house.
  • (whiteboard) The number of days since the last murder.
  • Let’s see, they had a murder, no biggy. The place is haunted with the headless spirit of the victims, I can live with that.
    They were smokers!!! Forget it.
  • Just so long as they moved the headstones and the bodies, I’m good.

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