It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.


How to Break Into a Windows PC


Wandering around at lunch, oh, and rain


Zombies are what would happen if you had a creature that had no real need to reproduce.

I love it. A collage in England did a study to prove brain damage in football players linked with head injuries. It took a foreign university to do this. Same is happening to our media. You have to look at foreign press to get a point of view that is not “Vote Democrat”.

The conclusion the science folks came up with on American Football is that they should get rid of the pads and helmets. This would lead to fewer injuries .. in the future, after some initial carnage. I would still wear a cup.

In the U. S. 7% of the energy we generate goes to cleaning water. -Einstein-a-Go-Go.

The blogosphere is abuzz about:

  • ObamaCare
    • Not allowing you to keep your plan. Did anyone believe Obama when he repeated this the hundred or so times he said it?
    • Big Businesses are planning on floating for a year, maybe two, then dumping their insurance because it will save a fortune on their end. All Americans will be affected in a couple years.
    • Congress still exempt.
  • NSA are spying on allies.
    • Alies are waking up, leaving phones outside of meetings and encrypting their shit.
    • Obama did not know about spying on allies.
    • NSA is spying on Obama
    • Time for a review of NSA protocols. (Some say dissolve NSA, but no one is biting)

Thanks Snowden. If it were not for you it would have been the status quo for who knows how long. Not sure what to think about that statement. Not sure if it is a good thing or not.



Why is an elephant large harry and four legged? Because if it were small, white and round it would be an aspern.

Today is another of those days I envy the ditch diggers. They at least get to work outside. Rare days indeed.

Losing is not a winning strategy. There is a saying in politics. If the minority party wants to run the government, they should win elections. This is applicable to more than the current Republican party.

I believe that Obama either knew about the U. S. spying on friendly governments or his own people are afraid to talk to him about really important issues.

My abdomen hurts on the left hand side. It is not bad. It hurts when I move. It is difficult to sleep. It doesn't hurt enough to be anything like a hernia. Not sure what it could be. I wonder if it might be some kind of kidney stone situation. I’ve had them before. This feels nothing like it. Still, uric acid gonna chrisalize.
It hurts when I cough, sneeze, roll the chair around at work, bend over. It is a mess.

Heard today that Samsung is trying to take on Android instead of using Android to further their product line. My current Samsung phone is awesome, but if they have limited aps, the floor will fall. Surely, they could work something out with Google to let Samsung run Android apps in an emulator or something.

Someone pulled an iron (for clothes) apart and found a wifi chip. it was being used to infiltrate networks. Three guesses what country that iron came from.


Just kinda meh.


Looking for Nightmare Before Christmas. Perfect Sunday morning movie.


New toy


Goatee is coming back

Leapfrog. Hate that.


Long Day

Instant Intercivilization Transport Network Authority Rules (draft)

If you intend to participate in the Instant Intercivilization Transportation Network Authority IITNA, you  will have to comply with the rules below. In Brief, these rules are to prevent dominance of the Transportation Network by one faction per civilization.

The vast majority of your entire civilization  must be made aware of and understand to the best of their ability these rules. Access must be made to the Transportation network without excessive compensation. Access must be allowed without limitation placed on destination or reason for travel. Access must be allowed for immigration. All of the limitation are subject to local law, as long  as the laws are not oppressive or domineering.

Placement of Transport Hubs is controlled by local authority, but the people of the civilization may petition for locations directly to the Transportation Authority. Communications will be provided by Instant Intercivilization Communication Network Authority. IICNA. Rules of which are on file at IICNA headquarters.

Of course, you will need access to the Transportation Network before you can get the Communication rules. You will need to communicate before you get the ability to transport.

You get the idea. This is what it will boil down to when aliens find us. None of this one sentence Prime Directive nonsense. It will be more on the order of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Shifty light


End of a long day

Out the window


Lunch Conversation

  • Phones
    • I almost bought Minecraft on my phone last night.
    • Interfaces are changing. There are some games that use a second phone as an additional controler.
  • Beck’s buffalo burger contains no buffalo.
  • Weather
  • Work
  • Asshole pedestrians who block the driveway while ignoring the walkway right next to them.
    • My wife would have loved this conversation.

A huge group of people left just as our huge group was heading in the door. Good timing.

Last time we went to this restaurant. it poured rain on the way back. This time we took a bunch of cars the 200m to the door of the burger joint. There was little more than a calm summer sprinkle.

For one brief moment I thought six people were all headed to a 5 passenger car. I was drooling over the idea of vlogging riding in the trunk to the restaurant.


Sunday Afternoon


Toolbox and Light sockets


Headed home soon





Lunch conversation today consisted of someone talking about a murder suicide happened in the neighborhood the just bought a house in. he looked at the house before online and his realtor told him about the issue.

Apparently an older man shot his wife in the middle of the night. They were both in their seventies. He then shot himself. Leaves me to wonder if there was something to do with dementia involved.

We took the opportunity to crack a bunch of jokes.

  • The seller is supposed to disclose things like murder or whatever that happens in a property before signing the property over to buyer.
    How do they break the news?
    They usually put up a whiteboard in the entry way with the number of bodies found in the house.
  • (whiteboard) The number of days since the last murder.
  • Let’s see, they had a murder, no biggy. The place is haunted with the headless spirit of the victims, I can live with that.
    They were smokers!!! Forget it.
  • Just so long as they moved the headstones and the bodies, I’m good.


Our taxes are finally done. Had to ammend this year. We got our tax professional flowers this year. #painintheass.

It was Avan' fault we didn't have our oaperwork. Nat didn't keeo everything because some hack told her she didn't need it. Idiots.

Never again.


Sunday with the family


Family outing.


Babysitter by DS



Growing the goatee back





Google Docs text editor doesn't appear to handle styles. Drag. You have bullets and numbering. Can't use the speech to text while walking next to the road, standing at bus stop or on the bus. Drag. Could use an underline style spell checker as well.

I need to clock myself bringing up my work computer. I bet it takes me 10 full minutes to get it up and running the way I like and feel productive. Not sure what to do about it. Perhaps I could script up some of the things, but then how do you get it on the virtual desktops you prefer?

There is now a law in China to force children to visit and take care of their elderly parents. I imagine there is something similar in the future of our country. Why7 have social security when you can just force people to do it instead of the government? Not sure what to think about it. What if you didn’t have kids? You can think the 1 child policy for this pain in the ass.

There are some crystals that have both organic and metal bits in the lattice. This will come in very handy in the future for 3d printing.


Work-a-day Kelly #work

Lunch conversation

  • Minecraft
    • Words I caught: redstone, pistons, carrot farm, obsidian pipes.
  • Kansas vs Oklahoma. Neither side won.
  • Plagues of Europe and effects on development throughout  history
    • No, really. We did.
  • Weather
    • We have had the hottest day of the year.
    • This weekend is supposed to be nice.
  • Work
    • We are all starting to feel the strain of the rush.

Taking notes for business

Today, I took a paper notebook (I have to specify paper these days)  to a meeting I was late too. As it happened, everyone was late to it. Still, I had to take notes and noticed some issues.

  • Paper
    • I can type on my phone faster than I can write.
    • I’m still not particularly fast on the phone, I’m just slow with a pen.
    • I have to type in the notes to the computer.
  • Phone
    • I can read my phone better than I can read my own writing.
    • It also has a spell checker.
    • I can email it to myself already in text format.
    • Hell, I can have the phone read it aloud to me.
    • I could speak to the phone and it would type the text. I suck at it and this would not work in a meeting situation, but still, it is cool.
    • People still think you are goofing off if you type on your phone in a business meeting.
  • My laptop requires me to sit at a table to take notes.
    • The battery life on the laptop sucks compared to my phone.


Obama and the president of Iran are tweeting back and forth.

Nearly 10,000,000 fewer Americans in the workforce since Obama took office. You don’t hear much about these people. Where did they go? How are they putting food on the table? How are they paying for their kids to go to school? They are not contributing as much to the economy as they would if they were employed I bet.

One of the podcasts I listen to interviewed a writer. I love his primary advice. “Don’t work for free.” He said it doesn’t matter what kind of exposure you get if you work for free. You just get more jobs where you work for free. It doesn’t matter if millions of people read your work if you don’t get paid.

Video ideas
Linux system crashing today


One more

The Republic stand still this day. May she stand  many tomorrows.

A bit centennial,  but I mean it. I really am afraid we will shed our freedom without knowing what we loose.

Sunday sunset

Show this to your kid when they ask for a motorcycle.

Motorcycles are not dangerous. It is everyone else on the road who is dangerous.

Weenend stuff

that is about all there was this weekend. Not much going on. Weather was great. Family is pretty much well. Things are going good at the moment.


Boingy boingy

I'm sick of fighting the embed code for these Live Leak videos. This bear can dribble better than I can.


Beer Can WiFi Booster!

Someone try this and let me know if it really works.

Cases for Nat's electronics


I might give it a second chance after this.

Inconvenient fact

Almost 10,000,000 fewer Americans in the workforce since Obama took office. Haven't heard much about them.

Long but eorth the read

"The Snowden files: why the British public should be worried about GCHQ"


Oops, just saw this today while exiting the building

Lunch Conversation

  • Kansas & Oklahoma
    • One of the guys has a daughter soccer game up there.
    • There is a hill with a cosmic station and a couple burger joints.
    • My grandfather had “the Big House” that was some old plantation looking house.
    • Crazy laws up that way.
      • You have to have two headlights in your car. They don’t have to be plugged in, or on the front.
    • Nowhere to eat for miles.
    • Roll up the sidewalks on holidays.
    • Every fifteen people have to declare a small town.
  • Work
    • Blah
  • Other restaurants
    • Super n Sallad is still around
    • There are some restaurants from my childhood still open inside the loop.
  • Casinos
    • Most of casino profits come from households under $50,000
    • There are some seedy casinos
    • You are more likely to win at the crap casinos
    • One of the guys saw a line of U-Hauls at a casino once full of women and children waiting.
    • One of our friends played ace in the world championship of poker one year. He didn’t get far.

Today we had eight people at the table. I am afraid this is the largest number of people who can hold a single conversation over a long period of time. If there are more people, inevitably, they break off into multiple conversations. I’m sure the number changes based on the situation.


I taped a sign to a shelf. When I tried to remove the sign, the veneer came off much easier than the tape. Lesson learned. Do not use packing tape to put signs on crappy veneer covered particle board. Use masking tape.

Recently WWII veterans were blocked from going to the WWII memorial in DC. This made the news. The President was prepared to blame Republicans again for harming the nation's veterans until he looked at the polls. People are blaming Democrats, Republicans and independents for failing to do their job which is working for the Citizenry of the United States. They do not remember they are in Washington for that, not to perpetually campaign. The president backed off. it was costing more to block the veterans than it would have just to leave the park open to the public.

I want to write a fictional log of a person stuck on a ship in the middle of deep space for some reason. Not sure where to go with it. My scenarios end in death most of the time. Not sure how to filter those out for one where the protagonist lives.

Would anyone out there pay a nickel to read my blog posts? Is $0.05 too much to ask? I wouldn’t pay it.

Is there any country in history that had a single party rule situation that did not devolve into Fascism or dictatorship?

Just out of the blue today my mouse got super sensitive. My pointer was jetting around the screen. I did nothing. This is Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4. I am developing a distaste for the distribution as a desktop platform. It is still better than Ubuntu that hides the mouse settings in three different spots and you just plane can’t change the frigging pointer without major surgery and an exorcism on the operating system.

No matter how much I adjusted my mouse the rest of the afternoon, it never felt right. I refuse to reboot for such bullshit. it takes much bigger bullshit to push me over the cliff of reboot on a Linux box.

Look up (book) Burning Chrome - William Gibson

I’ve been listening to Night Valve Audiocast. it is a special kind of fiction. it is sort of a stream of consciousness rant radio show of a fiction town under the influence of some kind of crossroads of universes.

We are a normal first world family. We have a grocery list on our refrigerator. Nat never remembers it. I cannot blame her. Every time she asks me if I need something or remember what was on the list, I draw a blank. This is not how my memory works. I have installed a notes app on my phone. The only note on it is my grocery list. The next time Nat asks me if I need anything from the store I’m going to consult my list. Then I’m going to text it to her. Then I’m going to mark it as communicated on the list and start a new entry above it. This is the plan damnit.


Me complaining about the government


I'm vlogging and people are looking at me funny. First amendment baby.


finding yourself daydreaming about future advancements does nothing to put food on the table. Making a story and telling it just might. I’m not going to hold my breath.

Someone described the equinox correctly, except they said it was in the northern hemisphere. That is a pretty good trick if you can pull it off.Last I checked, the two hemispheres were attached in the middle and could not change their angle to the sun without consulting one another.

Inflation: A tax on everything paid to they who print the money.

Justice! Well, not really. This is a motorcyclist getting arrested for beating a driver. The police are still looking for the one who did the original break-check causing the accident that injured the first bike rider. I can’t keep this straight. The video looked to me like a bunch of bikes surrounded a vehicle. The vehicle took off, running over a motorcycle and injuring a rider. The gang of bikers took off after the SUV driver, pulled him out of the car and beat him up.

Aw man, Tom Clancy died. I kind of liked his work.


BARD down due to shutdown. It is the web page where I download my audio books. They still use the term talking books. That hangs over from the days of books on tape. This sucks, but I would rather the government shut down than continue on its current trajectory toward ruin. The veterans being barred from memorials is over the top.

The shutdown hits. Nonessential agencies have been closed. Topping the list, the EPA. That is very telling in my opinion. There was an interview with a guy who took samples and analyzed them for the EPA. He sounded like he was going to cry when he described the official email that said go home.\

My company is affected by anything the government does. I in turn suffer through less opportunity at my company because of the company suffering a bit.


Ruthless incrementalism. That is what the implementation of Obamacare has been called. This is a poor bring up. The whole idea is going to be a nightmare no matter if the law is well constructed or not. The problem is, the law is also poorly constructed and thought through. I’m not the one saying that. There are many.

This is going to take a decade to get up and running before people stop being left crushed in the ruts. That is if people stop trying to hamstring it. There is a fundamental issue with healthcare.

I do not want Obamacare. I would prefer single payer over Obamacare. I would prefer something far different from what we had before. It was not working. This will not work either. Whatever is next will not work. As long as people get sick and die, mankind will not be satisfied with their healthcare. This is one of those situations where an infinite amount of resources will still not fix the problem.

Engineers and free food


Well, we are broke. The US is officially closing her wallet. About time. #shutdown

I’m thinking of putting a hash tag on every one of my tweets from now on. I hear YouTube will soon support hashtags in video names. This would allow YouTube to support trending searches easier. They kind of support it now. I think it will make for very messy titles of videos. I’m just waiting for a memo or report to come across my desk that has hashtags in the title.

Brain cells don’t have that much of an immune response when you transplant brain cells from one person to another. At some point there may be a brain tissue transplant into, for example, Parkinson's sufferers.

Some crabs have a 12.4 hour clock along side the normal 24.0 (ish) hour clock the rest of us share. that 12.4 hour clock is to keep track of tides. Handy, if you are a crab that hangs out in the tide land.

What does a Canadian girl say if you ask her if she wants to have sex? “Only if you’re having some yourself.” -DPD #joke


Bright sunshiny day

Clouds and sun


Marketplace had the riff of “No Sleep ‘till Brooklin” between segments. Not too shabby.

France has almost banned child beauty contests. I think they should be banned. Freakin’ sick if you ask me. I blame Honey Boo-Boo.

A paper mill in Massachusetts makes all the dollar bills. It has for 135 years.

Gathered some cardboard together this afternoon. between this and a roll of packing tape I intend on making myself some light breaks in my new office. I have a rather large piece and a smaller piece to try.  I’ll make it work. if it looks interesting, I’ll put up some pics.

Penn jelet wants a law that says basically you cannot discriminate against people who have had dirty pictures of themselves on the internet. I’m in.