It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



More austerity for Europe. We could use more here in the States as well. I know it hurts. Do it quick li9ke ripping off a band aid.

“North Korea believes in three generations of punishment for political crimes.” That is, if you do something that piss the Norks off they will punish your parents, siblings and children.

Switching off email most of the day. One person at a time. They complain about stuff missing and I laugh! Kidding. I try to fix their issues, again, one at a time. Such is the plite of IT.

Another friend of mine is having heart issues. he is a bit older than I am, but still not miles out there. He works in the petrochemical industry. That industry should be banned for causing heart disease. I have to admit I’m glad to be out of it.

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