It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



One of the audiocasts I listen to compared some stories from Grey’s Anatomy to St. Elsewhere. It was kind of surprising how plots line straight up. Shameful.

What happened to our Brisk Tea at work?

There are several stories out about antibiotics being linked to obesity. Apparently, giving children under six months of age antibiotics may very well cause a lifetime of obesity. It turns out the body at that age is adapting to the world of food and bacteria. That is, the gut bacteria balance may be set for life at this point in life. The gut bacteria balance contributes greatly to how heavy someone is. throughout their life. At some point there may be a pill you can take, or a yogurt you can eat that will correct your balance. If this holds true, you just might be able to eat your way thin.

My top ten movies for the year are as follows ... I don’t think we went to the movies this year. If we did, I don’t remember it therefore it does not deserve to be in a top whatever list.

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