It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



I think I coughed up a kilo of flem this morning. It took me time to expel it all. Normally, there is a bit of flem hacking in the morning, but jeeze.

The local news this morning had about five wrecks to talk about. The other IT guy at work was late because of the traffic. People forgot how to drive in the rain. The roads were not that bad if I’m honest. Not the west side of town. Heck, I didn’t even wear my rain gear while walking. I pulled it out of my bag and carried it in a quick shoulder holster fashion.

One of the vlogs I watch is a psychopath in Australia. He mentioned paying $20 a day for cigarettes. That is one pack. I think packs have 25 or 30 cigarettes in them down that way. Still, $20. Yikes. The Aussie money is not that far off the U. S. dollar for dollar.

“The Monkeys were a vehicle to sell Rice Krispies.” -Penn Jillette via his Sunday school audiocast. It came across as a complement. One thing that I learned about The Monkeys was that Hendrix got his start opening for them. I don’t listen to much this guys says, but I so enjoy listening.

Male Reindeer do not have antlers around Christmas time. Females do.

I boot computers all the time, I mean all the time off USB drives. I bet Iboot at least one computer a day off USB to either fix, break, or play with it. Right now I have four computers doing things booted from USB. I have probably had as many as 10 computers simultaneously booted on USB doing things. I would say, I’m an expert in the user side of USB booting. Believe me when I say some drives just don’t work in some computers.

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