It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



When I get to work, I open a document and write “Notes” at the top of the page in big bold letters. This is the seed upon which I build my blogs. That seed hasn’t helped much lately because I have basically been plowing through at 100 mph the whole time at work just striving to stay afloat. I still take the time to do it.

I like shaving. That is, I like taking my time and shaving. I listened to a podcast of a fiction story about an old time barber. He shaved men who were evil and turned them good. The way it was written was amazing. Whoever wrote it knew how to describe a scene.

I am deep in hidden tunnels  Things are dark and mysterious. That is jut the way I like it.

It actually feels cool outside. I’m going to need to put my jacket back in my bag. This might be an issue because I not only carry a laptop around on occasion now, but I carry a bunch of crap in that pocket of the bag all the time. This may call for a cleanout of the bag.

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