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U. S. Embassy overrun in Cairo

Angry protesters climbed the walls of the U.S. Embassy in Cairo today and hauled down its U.S. flags, replacing them with black flags with Islamic emblems.

The incident prompted U.S. security guards to fire off a volley of warning shots as a large crowd gathered outside, apparently upset about the production of a Dutch film thought to insult the prophet Mohammed, said CNN producer Mohammed Fahmy, who was on the scene.

An Embassy operator told CNN that the facility had been cleared of diplomatic personnel earlier in the day, ahead of the apparent threat, while Egyptian riot police were called to help secure the Embassy walls.
CNN Headline News email

I have to be honest, this sounds like a PR stunt to me. Perhaps a photo opportunity (photo op) for the Jihadists to make a better recruitment video. I’m sure the videos are already up.

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