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Natalie was nearly hit this morning. She was making a left from the street in front of my work to on toe Westheimer. Someone blew through the light and nearly t-boned her. If she hadn't slipped off the gas when she started across the intersection, she would have been hit by someone who was doing about seventy running the light. She was pretty shaken up, understandably.

There is a minor blip in house sales numbers and people flip out. They start borrowing against their houses again and buy a car. Apparently the car market has had a boom over this summer. This must be why a couple friends of mine have found good quality 2005 to 2008 era cars in the used market.

Joke - Why did the hipster burn his mouth on pizza? ... Because he ate it before it was cool.

This last Sunday was Father’s day in Australia.

Circ dis Oley has 28 separate shows. The guy who ownes it is worth 2.5 billion dollars. -A writer’s Almanac

All the kids are back in school now. HISD I believe was the last holdout. Nat gave me a ride in this morning and we could tell there was a huge difference even from last week. If it were not for Elle attending a school, Nat would not need to hit the morning traffic. I commute in the morning outside the worst of it.

Skipping lunch today. I felt so bad this morning, I nearly didn’t come in. I had been up several times over night with acid reflux. If Nat hadn’t offered to give me a ride, I might not have come in. By the time lunch rolled around, I was just not in the mood to eat. What did not help is the sheer amount of vacation time I’m going to leave on the table at the end of the year. Sad, but who cares. I don’t take vacations anyway.

I just spent 5 minutes fighting a table in a Google Drive document that was splitting a table funny. A large cell had a line running down the middle horizontally. It wouldn’t go away. When I recreated the cell and put the data i, the frigging line showed up again. It was maddening. It was a page break. BAH!

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