It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



Google Drive: You can change the name of a document open on multiple computers and it changes without trouble across the planet. Nice. The name is just another attribute on the node in the database. Glad it actually works.

I needed to change the file name above because i had given it the wrong name based on the date. While looking up the date to verify, I noticed the date is a week off on my laptop menu bar calendar, but correct on the command line. Frigging Linux. Thing is, I could not swear that the date in my head was correct. I still had to verify against my other computer and my phone to make sure.

Walked past the lunch room at about 9:35 this morning. It was hopping. There were fifteen people in there doing different things. Between coffee, cooking breakfast, washing dishes, grabbing a snack, researching on the net and a couple people like me just passing through, the place was a buzz of activity.

I’m listening to BBC Radio 4. At the moment there is some kind of mystery theater playing. I cannot get enough of this stuff. It is difficult to tell how old some of these recordings are. If they were made in the 1950s or earlier, the sound has a specific quality. If after, however, they all sound about the same. I don’t have time to look these things up each time. Every now and again, you can tell by context. It is fun to guess. I listen to this a lot at work. I get interrupted constantly. I wish I could just get all this in some kind of audiocast RSS kind of situation.

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