It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



My gout is acting up big time today. I’m limping like a pro. They are calling me “Hobble Along Kelly” at work. Nat was kind enough to give me a ride in this morning. I may not have been able to make it without her.

I tried to shoot a timelapse this morning at work. I ended up just shooting a video and I’ll play with it later. That Toshiba has a time lapse setting somewhere. I couldn’t find it. I needed to not be in the room I was in for very long. I was using an empty office so the camera wouldn’t freak anyone out. It is supposed to rain today. You will find the video on the blog if it didn’t suck.

Baby asperen are 80mg. Low dose adult asperen are 81mg and up. I know this because those are the labels and descriptions of two bottles of asperen I have at the house.

Allix Jones comes on and says (from memory) “Eleven years after the 100% false flag 9/11 attacks ...” and I switched him off. It doesn’t matter even if you were right Allix. I can’t take you today. This was yesterday’s broadcast.

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