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I got passed by a truck this morning with a motor on a device running in the bed. It had a blinking yellow light on the back. It must have been spraying for mosquitos. I didn’t smell anything. I wonder if they switched the pump into neutral as they passed me. I was using the flashlight so I suppose, I stick out like a bekin. A second truck went by a bit later with a blinking yellow light, but no generator kind of sound coming out of the back.

Who has a patent on saying “um” in the middle of a sentence? Perhaps there are other situations like this where something obvious happens subconsciously that is still available to copyright. Then, the owner can extort a pretty good living off being an asshole. I’m trying to think of an example. I cannot be the first person to think of this.

Only 45% of people say that owning a home is important to be considered middle class. This is a huge difference from just ten or so years ago. Apparently people say a steady job is the main road into the middle class. - NPR story (yes, I listen to NPR and Mark Lavin)

Some restaurants were open last week after the hurricane. You can’t keep those folks down for long. The number of bars open through the storm and have still not closed was not mentioned.

It cracks me up how each paragraph of my notes section on this blog get smaller as I go. It worries me sometimes. “I’m not saying what I should.” “I have less and less to say as I go.” “I just get lazy!” Then I stop and just blow it off. If I feel like putting in more than one paragraph on a subject, the rule is to break it out into it’s own blog entry. ... Oops. This paragraph ran a bit long, but not worth of being split. So much for the trend. I have to admit that if I don’t feel like breaking something out to a separate entry, I’ll let the single paragraph drag out a bit.

Apple is attempting to copyright the word “Podcast”. I hate the idea of this so I went in to my Google Reader and renamed the folder “Podcasts” to “Audiocasts”. It kind of freaked out Google Reader. It took a bit for the audiocasts to start loading properly. Things kind of went out of sync for a while. They did appear to catch up.

Google Drive (document editor) will not let me link a picture. Instead, it downloads the pic and puts it in my document. That is all well and good, but when I try to post the entry, that will not work. Thus, I must do the same thing with online photos that I do with online videos. That is, copy and paste the code straight in as HTML when I’m constructing the post on Blogger. There must be an easier way. Too bad I can’t afford it.

One of the audiocasts I listen to is in one of the big cities in Australia. These guys live in the city and use the bus and “tram” which I believe is some kind of light rail. They have never said a kind word about it. Nothing but complaints. The cost, the people, the company all catch hell. They even complain about the advertisements. I want to write in and dare them to find some redeeming feature and put it up in the audio show.

Got my spare batteries for the Canon Elph 110. They fit the charger and started charging. I’m sure I’ll let you know my results.

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