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Music rights and math

It cracks me up that you how the rights for music let you have a live transmission of the music, but will not let you include the music on the audiocast thereafter. I listen to a show called Zero G about science fiction. One of the big things they do is play all the music from the shows they talk about. I have never listened live. I have no idea when it plays because it is in Australia. The music is all edited out in the audiocast, yet I listen. I need to  catch it live one of these days just to get the contrast.

I will use to fighoure out when to listen. One thing that cracks me up is how similar the two operations are in Windows 7 and Ubuntu Linux. It is bullet for bullet. They are 9 hours away from us tomorrow. The show plays at 13:00 on Monday, I do not know how daylight savings time affects this calculation. This means I must listen 21:00 or 22:00 Sunday evening to catch it. Let me know if my math is off. Tell you what. I’m going to check in at 20:00 and back again every hour until I catch the show. It may be a few weeks.

DAMN You RIAA! You are making me commit math.

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