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Lunch conversation

I basically experienced two different groups of people on my lunch break today. The first group was of older engineers discussing books and a few weekend bullets. The other was the rest of the IT department and a big-whig who happened by. It wound up being an informative lunch on both ends.

On a side note, there was not one female I spoke with either at work or at McDonalds my entire lunch time. That is at least a little out of the norm.

  • Work
    • New hardware
    • New requirements
    • Hurry up and wait
  • Weekend
    • BBQ
    • Friend’s party
    • Shooting targets
  • IT
    • Intellectual Property laws really are killing innovation
    • The iPhone 5 and iPad mini are coming out in a couple weeks.
    • Digital cameras are going to be a thing of the past.
  • Books
    • Compare and contrast several fantasy series.
    • Spoilers have a timeout of not more than thirty years regarding books.

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