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Anders Behring Breivik

      Many are shocked to find out, though, that the maximum penalty one can get in Norway for any crime is 21 years in prison. That’s in total, not per murder, although there are admittedly mechanisms in place for keeping a person locked up indefinitely if he still poses a threat to society.

I've been following this issue and trial for a couple weeks. This guy killed a bunch of kids with a gun. Now he is on trial. The most anyone can get in Norway for any crime is 21 years. People are screaming for a death penalty for this asshole.

So, is he nuts? Is he using this trial as a pulpit or soapbox? Is he a brilliant manipulator? He is definitely in charge of his thoughts. He is anti everything it seems.

According to his long manifesto, he has deliberately joined some political parties in order to discredit them. He has plotted and planned this for a very long time.

This guy has made a bunch of people reconnoiter how law and punishment has evolved in Europe over the last hundred years. Some say the Pusification of the Western culture has made it too difficult to deal with true evil that shows up. I still wonder what would happen differently if this guy were not white and from a Christin background. If here were Jewish or Muslim, things would be handled differently, I'm convinced of this.

The fact that this is happening is not a good thing. What does it take to wake a people up to the realities of their world? Must it take something this bad to fill people in that humans are still animals in the long stretch. Humans should be dealt human treatment, but they should also be held responsible for their actions.

This guy was raised in the general area he committed the crimes. He didn't come in from a long way away and kill people he had nothing in common with. He is the home grown terrorist the experts said will come along. Listen very closely for the next couple of years for legislation that comes out of Europe that is designed to keep an eye on local citizens. The laws will be designed to identify deviants from specific norms and isolate them for observation in the name of saving the children.

Never let a crisis go to waist.

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