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Machine language

In the beginning

So, we have these computer things. They do a great job of crunching numbers. But, the software that runs on the systems can't keep up with the changes that we want. We end up sticking with the same version of an operating system for five years.

If only we had a way to write and maintain our own software on the server and ignoring the old dead operating system. We could rule the universe and make fixes to our software on the fly. We wouldn't even need to bather the users. Just make a single change on the server and everyone is up to date.

Then came the cloud and web aps

Now we have what we always asked for. We shall rule the universe ... Wait a minute.

The users don't care what operating system they are running. They don't care about cloud computing really. It turns out the users just don't want to work for a living. If we invent a robot that takes the place of users, they would be happy to let the silicone based life forms take over, so long as the users can play with a puzzle game with the remaining flesh bags before they are all fed to the machine.

The users complain that we make too many changes. The DB admins complain that they can't keep up with the changes. Training is getting expensive. You still need training? I thought this was supposed to be so intuitive. Aren't they teaching this crap in schools? Don't they have tablets in schools now? Why are kids so stupid? Why are adults so stupid? Why don't people know how to treat one another?

The operating system basically no longer matters, but it didn't help us make our software any better. Users are used to someone else paying for everything. All the users want is to complain about bad coffee to the entire universe and watch videos of kittens falling asleep. Working and efficiency is a side effect of making computers do all the work.

Why are we writing more software? The companies who own the distribution platform are the only one's making any money. The biggest secret of open source is that no one make any money at it. The only company that makes any money around open source are the lawyers.

The masses of millions of people climb over their own mothers, go without good nourishment, forgo entertainment, skip vacations just to afford devices constructed by people in a country where very few have the right to even ask to have children. That is so far away. The workers are slaves to building the devices that make the users slaves to a company that demands more and yet more information from the users.

The phones are not the commodity being sold. The thing being sold is the attention of the users. The companies make money on every step of existence. I there is no money, there is no choice. "You can buy A, or B or even, if you dare C from us and no one else." [Insert mad scientist cackle here]

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