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It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



Wal Mart lowers some employee hours after wage increase mandate. I hope this was the intended consequence. What did you expect to happen? The amount of money coming in did not increase. How can the amount of money going out?

Going to be an interesting decade. Every one of these books has some kind of doomsday death wish scenario. I’m not buying if I’m honest. The market will flush this out at some point. That point might be too far down the road to make a difference to me.

Do you expect Russia and China to leave this card on the table? I mean, this is the name of the game isn’t it?

I really like the simplicity of Windows Movie Maker. I have been fed up with all the hard to use, but very capable video editors. I have a vlog, not a TV show. Leave the pro tools to the proes. I like being able to drop things in and hit render. Goodness, I’m lazy. If necessity is the mother of invention, laziness, disappointment and frustration are the father/uncles.




Someone at work said “... it makes me angry to think about plants again.” An admitted black thumb.

I listened to a fictional reenactment of the first race between horse and steam locomotive. It was amazing. It was originally done by CBS back in the radio days. I heard it on Journey In to.

How do you tell a podcast their quality has dropped. The content makes me want to stop the playback. The sound quality is getting more and more muffled. The editing is more and more laxed. They are doing it for free. they are a bit snobby about their content. The intro they recorded a long time ago sounds good. The tone of their voice sounds better, more alert and alive in that intro. The recent stories are depressing and muffled.

I listened to a podcast about NetFlix. Holy shit. The way they survive is to cut and run on all their employees. They reinvent themselves every time the whim grabs them. Some companies are looking at this as a long term model Essentially, Everyone at the company is a contractor. I had a hard time listening to the end of the show. It makes me not want to get NetFlix.


And it will get you laid at Faire.


Fence will son be replaced



Ive #Evernote had come before Google Docs I would be using Evernote for everything.

Some days it pays to procrastinate. I have two laptops. I got the Linux box up on the new key based wifi without any real problem. I had to do it manually because fuck making Linux automatic. I tried the Windows laptop because it was “automatic” and therefore much easier. Well, it got all kinds of errors and just refused to work. I said I would give up and try again next week. I can use the visitor wifi for now on that laptop. Well, an email turned up in my inbox today. “Wifi corrupt keys between these two dates. Please try again. Affects Windows only.” (paraphrasing)

Some poor bastard sent a chat request to the entire department. That includes several high-ups. It was worth a chuckle, but I had to find out what he did so I did not repeat it. It is so easy to do that I’m glad I found out through someone else's accident instead of my own.



Ran across the street to Target to get sugar again today. It was really easy to cross Walnut Bend at 10:15. There was a guy wearing a very similar hat to me with his sunglasses on the brim, just like I was wearing. I couldn’t find any sugar in the supply closet, but I found about 25 boxes of bandaids. Not normal sized boxes, the huge boxes you get at Sam’s. How many freaking bandaids do we go through in this place?

They are fixing the front door of the building. It has been blown out for two weeks. Someone probably flicked a cigarette at it. The doors on the other side of the elevator were not used to the extra load and one of the hinges seized, loudly. They were down to one functioning door, the furthest from the parking garage, on that side of the building. People were about to have to walk to the other side of the building to use the revolving door, that ground to a halt a couple years ago, as a backup. Repair folks turned up in the nick of time.

Yesterday Libreoffice substituted a bullet character for the letter “a”. There must be some combination of ctrl to hit that causes this because this is the second time in my history of Open Office and the like to have this issue. The only way I can repair it is to copy and paste all my document in to a new document. There must be an easier way, but I and Google are at a loss. What is that called exactly? You cannot search for “replace character” or any combination of that because you get examples of search and replace

The word Nirvana in Sanskrit means extinguish. The idea is that you extinguish all the bad and only the good is left behind. Carma is not punishment. It is an action and opposite reaction.


Who is that guy?