Plastic Kelly

It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.


Conference room B doodles


Another round on the way

Lunchtime weather


Sick day rain


Breakfast by Olga at Don McGill. Good stuff


Sick. Also have to deal with tax stuff.



If you find yourself in the Gaza Strip and you look around and you can’t tell who the human shield is, you are the human shield.

Benghazi. We just might find out if Hillary is really coated with teflon.

I have a server in England (UK??) that is giving me trouble. I need it to work before I can build here in Houston. Don’t tell me we are not an international company. “Connection ended by remote system unexpectedly.” Well, at least it was unexpected. Those expected errors are really frustrating.

I’m all for independance. I believe more countries means more competition in the world and that means the situation improves for everyone. I think the Kurds should have their own country. I think Scotland should vote for independence. That is just my opinion. It will be a hard row to hoe for both of those peoples, but they should bite the bullet and cut their respective cords. This is despite the pinko commies that will take over Scotland’s politics.

Anti-solt might just be BS.

NSA up to their old tricks with a new twist.  I mean, how do they know if it is a threat unless they know everything? You have to know everything about a given thing to grasp whether it is a threat. So, you need to know everything about everything, right?


Halfway threw mowing


Comcast sspeed

Kill it with fire!

Cutting down the sunflower bush


Best fortune in a while


Winning instead of fighting. I feel scared for our future with the people voting in incompetent flavor of the week presidents instead of leaders.

I read an article about hoarders. They link things to memories and use the things as an anchor. Anchor being something that tethers you to your past or the Earth or something like that. I’m slowly but surely trying to get Nat back in to scrapbooking in an effort to get her away from hoarding so much. It is a grasping at straws. If it makes her feel better about getting rid of things we do not need any longer then I’m happy to deal with an entire room devoted to scrapping. When hoarders look at the horde, they see a physical pile of memories. Everyone else sees trash or junk.

One of the people they interviewed at work is named Abeer. The jokes write themselves.

I just mentioned to someone that I find clouds relaxing. Really, I find the sky relaxing. Those mountains of air and water float above me not caring what my troubles are. Not caring what country they are over. It is nice having some piece of nature that is not alive and doesn’t care what I do so near to hand and yet out of reach. Not sure what that means.

How much water is in the atmosphere at 100% humidity. Well, it is Relative Humidity for a reason. Here is a link that tries to explain it. I’m still kind of lost on guestimating. I need one of those online calculators, but they are all calculating dewpoint and other nonsense. Wikipedia has the maths.

I really prefer the visual voicemail app on my phone. It lets me delete voicemails without listening to them. It also lets me export them to a sound file (evidence). Nice.

A democrat senator came forward saying the party whips demand 30 hours a week be spent by lawmakers raising campaign funds. That doesn’t leave much time for running a country. Maybe it is time we banned political parties? how would that work out? What are the down sides? Maybe just bann sending or receiving money via political parties. This has promise.

Something that came up in conversation today.

Effortlessly splendid. I need to be this. I would dare say I’m the opposite of this now. It takes me great effort to rise to unpleasant. I learned this phrase on a film review show. There is an apparel line named that. This is not what I'm Talking about.

Cynicism is a gift, not a vice. I do not exist to please anyone else.

Sick of capslock. Popped it off with my can opener

Sunlit selfie