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It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.


Yesterday's comtrail



Former adviser says our president is on Iran’s side against congress. Says we should not treet Israel as the problem.

Shit. Largest restructuring in history they say. It sounds like this is an effort to move IBM opperations offshore to me. The U. S. corporate tax rates are too high.

This is all we need. We aren’t bringing our own country down fast enough apparently. The U. S. is just a way of these assholes to one up each other.

Rynair has been sniffing around Air Lingus for a long time.”  ... What? ... heard on BBC Wakeup to Money.

Obama bad mouthing stay at home moms. If it is a job maybe we should tax it.

Lunch conversation today consisted of talking about movies. Recent ones and how they related to older ones mostly. That is about normal for movie talk. Notably absent in the conversation and really the reason I went to lunch today was layoffs. Our company is going through the largest corporate reconstruction in history. I kind of wanted to talk about it. No dice.


Dry erase wall paper sticker

Dry erase wall paper


Someone gets it


The Middle East in Flux. Everywhere that has humans still living there is in flux. That is how life works.

99% hydrogen peroxide experiments. Watch and learn. This is why you can only get 50% or so in stores.

Russia invokes Storm Troopers. How convenient. “Salvation of the Motherland” End of days are nye.

The happiest place on earth might get you Measles. Maybe not. Disney will not make vaccination a term of employment. (more on vaccinations)

I’m staying away from house parties. I wonder what percentage of murders happen at or after house parties.

Trying to be chipper on this Sat. workday.



Yuck. Butter just doesn’t sound like it can possibly go with coffee.

Why, because they hate the Jews. They might have to play nice for fifteen minutes.

More and more evidence comes down the pike saying that sitting is the worse thing you can do for your health. That is all I do. I thought about it yesterday. I spend more time sitting than I do asleep. Half the time when I sleep, I’m in a sitting position. I never sit in my dreams. Humans were never meant to sit down. I’m so screwed.

It is all about Iran. Banning just makes them a martyr.

Not sure this is going to work out. The UN is very worried aobut Poland getting invaded. Poland is a member of the UN and they might have to do something if Russia actually invades Poland. God knows the UN hates doing anything that matters.

God forbid the American people know that they are about to become part of a quasi world government. Again, the UN makes a plan to take over the U. S.. It really is that bad by the way.  It really is a way to turn our country inside out. People are so worried about bullshit. The serious stuff gets overlooked.

No future, no past, just the now



Spartan. Internet Explorer 2.0

ISIS going old school to educate the public. I really hope this is a joke. Probably not.

Line going through my head.
Once I built a railroad.
Made it run.
Buddy can you spare a dime.


That is my best Jackie Gleeson


The answer to obsession is laziness.

I wonder what would happen if a rumor started that a mold popped up that ate gold. The world does not depend on gold for the economy any longer, so they say, but what are the ramifications of gold being eaten by a mold or fungus? I bet it would be more dangerous to have the rumor go round than the real thing happen.

If someone invented a hard drive that you could expend, but it got slower, we would all be using 100MB drives that were really really REALLY slow.

By “they” the article means the North Korean computers.

The whole army ordered this? I doubt that somehow. This is some bureaucrat's idea of a good time.

Am I capable of forgiving Hanoi Jain? Never forget. Time will tell.

By the time I got my phone unlocked, I forgot the video idea that I wanted to write down. This happens more than I want to admit. Having to unlock the phone is really annoying. Necessary,and annoying.

The ferris wheel in Vegas allows alcohol on it. Might want to try that out.

Low cost oil is great. Staying low is better. What isn’t so great is all the politicians saying now is the best time to raise taxes on oil products (gasoline) in order to soften the blow of rising prices later. Cocksuckers!

Hundreds of millions. That might make the papers. “... this genoration’s Nazies” “... ready to commit genocide.”

Holder has definitely been the right hand of the devil in my opinion. It is the devil we need to be concerned about.

Someone said if we really want aliens to answer our transmissions, we should send out “Shave and a hair cut ...” That would do it. Maybe we are getting it.

Well, no shit. How can the government (any government) know if something is a threat or not unless they have full access to everything to assess its threat level for themselves?

Out the window fog

Give me my salt back