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Thanksgiving themed doodle today

To work this day I travel



Some of this stuff has been in the realm of conspiracy theory for a long time. It sounds like the police are starting to catch up now. I wonder if the MSM will come on line any time soon. I shal not hold my breath.

China cloning animals for food. People not happy, but what are they going to do about it?

Are all the western world leaders really going to be in the same place at the same time? That just doesn’t sound smart to me. Have these folks never heard of teleconferencing?

There is plenty of precedent for things like Turkey shooting down a Russian jet for past wars. Nations have gone toe to toe over a lot less.

The rebels blew up a Russian rescue helicopter on the ground on the scene of a rescue with a US made TOW missile. That could be a problem.




Bastards. Who’s side is Russia on? What interest does Russia have in Iran getting nukes?

Whoopsy. No harm no foul, right? This is straight out of a 1970s movie.

What is the trick to becoming the amazing actor that some amazing actor is? The trick is to do the work. Put in the time. Put forth the effort.

We are headed to Blackeyed Pea for Thanksgiving Day. The only trouble I have with it this year is that someone asked on Reddit what restaurants were open for a sit down meal and Blackeyed Pea came up. I’m worried it will be crowded this year. They won’t take reservations so no telling if there will be a line or not.




I just got my got my first picture text wrong number. Some Hispanic guy frying a turkey. I texted back bueno.

My Movie YouTube



Holy smoke. it is the Friday before Thanksgiving. What happened? it was Independance Day ten minutes ago.

Enabling ethnic cleansing. These charges are coming from multiple directions. Someone just might start to believe them.

What if Russia sided with Germany in WWII? We just had this conversation Monday at lunch.

My evil twin. Wait, which one of us is the evil one again?

How you know I'm here.

I don't wanna go to school today.




Robots everywhere


China in Syria? Well, if Syria is not getting help from one side of the world, they will naturally turn to another side. Assad may be a prick, but he has a survival instinct just like any other human. So does the existing Syrian government.

How many has Turkey (all of us) missed? This was bound to happen. Blogs have been speculating the next wave of terror acts would draw from the pool of immigrants. Not even all the blogs were conservative.

Go France. Do not lose the momentum. More please. Don’t stop with the perpetrators of this act. Go forth and nail more bad guys.

So, people who exercise their freedom of speech have it coming I guess. Maybe if we are all quiet and lay down the bad guys won’t kill us. Fuck that.

France is sneaky. That is something in all the old wwii movies. There was always a French guy who was really good and really sneaky. The understated baddass.

Saudi is getting in to the smart bomb club. I’m hearing more and more about Saudi Arabia buying bombs, setting up an army and navy. Heard they were pricing nukes. This could be a real mess if they actually get in the fight.

Quiet Mr President. There are adults attempting to run the world. I wonder if the cuffs were clicking as the words passed Obama’s lips.

UK and other places in Europe are talking electricity and other energy rationing this winter. Thanks renewables.