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How Many Axes does it Take?

Someone asked me what’s wrong and I was going to use this as an outline for a blog entry, but I don’t have that kind of time. The title means all of these issues are axes dangling over my head waiting to fall. Some alternate titles might include “Why I can’t just get over it”, “Why I look tired all the time”, “AAAAAA!!! AAAAAA!!!”.

  • Divorce
    • We are separated and I have no idea what comes next.
  • Harvey and my stress
    • Roof - leaks
    • Car - went through some high water
    • I wake at night in a sweat if I hear rain.
    • I had no real destruction and everyone else is doing a better job of handling this.
  • Harvey and my friend’s stress
    • My best friend had his house flooded.
    • Other friends had their houses flooded.
  • House (other than Harvey)
    • Floors need replacing
    • Needs paint inside and out
    • Could use some landscaping
    • The siding on the back of the house needs some repairs.
    • There is some water damage from the last hurricane at the back door.
    • May have to sell in the divorce anyway
    • Taxes are through the roof.
    • We have a car dump next door.
    • Ants!
  • My father’s health (no details)
  • My mother’s health (no details)
  • My health
    • My balance is getting to the point I have a hard time walking.
    • I have headaches and I think it is related to something going on with my balance.
    • I have a pain in my gut that might be blader infection, kidney stone.
    • I have nightmares of having intestinal parasites crawling through my flesh and no way to prove to myself that they do not exist.
    • I just don’t have time to fight the insurance to get fixed. That is a full time job.
  • Work
    • 400,000 bosses (everyone at the company) You remember that scene in Office Space where the guy complains about his eight bosses giving him crap about a form?
    • One more fix that everyone wants to get in before I can do my job.
    • Unpredictable hours
    • Multitasking and the fact that I can’t do it. People at work say multitasking is bad and then put you in a situation where you can’t succeed without it.
    • Having to depend on others is stressful.
    • No one wants to commit to a decision.
    • I found a desk that works for me and I live in fear that they will move me again “...  to disrupt people’s comfort zones.” Because God knows finding what works for you and sticking with it is a lousy way of not hitting the same problems over and over again.
  • Overcommunication
    • 9 million ways of talking and no one uses them.
    • 9 million ways of talking and I can’t find the information I need.
    • 9 million ways of talking and I don’t want to talk to anyone.
    • 9 million ways of talking and I only hear static when I scream.
  • No outlet and a million inlets leads to Kelly being an asshole.

Honestly, I’m afraid to start venting because I may not be able to stop.


Yup. Raining.

Out the window

I get to walk home in a be. Going to be goooooood and humid.


Fat guy replacing bicycle tubes




Hurricane Harvey 2017 clips


The donut place is open


Merlin's eye