Plastic Kelly

It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.


Taking a right


I like Ospreys. they remind me of a cross between the Y-Wing and an Imperial Shuttle in Star Wars for some reason. Now they will be landing on aircraft carriers more often. That is almost a battle cruiser. right?

Straight up bribe of the MSM by our current government. Well, not really. Just proof which side they listen to. You know who’s system to game to get your point before our government.

Candy all over the floor

The lady at McDonalds who normally takes my order had a minor catastrophe today. The guy in front of me ordered a snack sized m&m flury, a small fries, and a Big Mack. It was over seven dollars. That is nuts. he is the guy they make money off of. I get two one dollar sandwiches. They have to be losing money on me.

So, she takes the right sized cup and puts it up to the machine that spits out the correct amount of m&m candies for the desert. Only, it spits out about 2 kg of m&m candies all at once. She jabs the cup up to the opening of the dispenser in order to jam it so it will stop coming out. This kind of works. She called for someone to help her. They grabbed a larger cup and put it over the small one to jam it up. i believe she hit a breaker or something on the machine to make it stop pumping out the candy.

The floor had to be swept right away because it was a trip hazard. The first lady was apologetic. No one left. I have to say it was entertaining and worth the wait just to catch the show.

Rebel Scum



Fake but accurate. Fake and highly inaccurate. Check your facts people.

Even the cool aid guzzlers are freaking out over Hillery’s emailgate.

I have to hide from the light to see. I love the light. I don’t mind the dark so much.



Sunni vs Shia. If only we had known that they hate each other more than they hate us. Wait, we did. If only someone had understood that they will gang up on invaders. Oh, wait we did. Why do people refuse to acknowledge who are enemy is?

So, this happened. No, there is no antisemitism in today’s Europe. Is England Europe these days?

Israel warns over trusting Obama. Can you blame them?

I had to double check I wasn’t on The Onion when I read this headline.

I have never read the book after watching the movie. Don’t think so anyway. Not unless the book was touted to be much greater than the movie. Sounds like I’m screwed on Game of Thrones.

I’m the last to know. I hadn't heard this until today.

In a hell of a spot. Stuck between the U. S. and Russia. Well, NATO is in there too. That’s just worse.

CNN asks a pertinent question. Excuse me while I get up off the floor.

I upgraded my work system to Ubuntu several months ago. hadn’t had the time or will to make the printer work until this afternoon. I tried several things, but it turns out the automatic selector software written by my company just didn’t select the correct model number. Well, it works. Now, I don’t have to fight so hard to get those 6 pages a year I need to print done.

Lunch conversation today consisted of one of the guys talking about swimming with the dolphins. This was very cool sounding. Then we had a political discussion that deteriorated in to whether President Lincoln was a good president, or just president at the right time. This was not so awesome. I wanted to bail and just sit outside in the nice weather for a minute instead of listening to them.


Trimming the Vandike


Cleaning out the dryer hose

Elle trying to retrieve a rubber band I shot up there





Math homework:



I want to program my phone to play Girl from Ewq Nipa when I get on an elevator. I miss the music.

Personal Surveillance Camera placement
  • Arm - No good, moves too much
  • Belt
    • Side, only get one side of view.
    • Front, I’m too fat. You can see my blubber in the shot.
  • Chest - Will work if I can keep the camera from flopping around.
  • Head - Will work, but I need to perfect the strap setup.

No shit Qatar FIFA World Cup in winter 2022. Don’t worry. We will not notice in the States. It is smack in the middle of NFL season.


Someone said blended whiskies are for mixed drinks.
  • The only whisky I like by themselves are
    • Jameson
    • JD Single Barrel
    • Johnny Walker Black
  • I cannot drink Tequila any more
  • I don’t really like Vodka unless it is in a mixed drink
    • Same with Rum
  • I like red wine most of the time
    • White wine makes me want a Freska
  • I do not like Champaign
  • I do not like beer that much and more often than not it makes me sick.

Not sure what that says about me. I don’t drink because Nat cannot drink and I have gout. Really, I just never picked up the habit. I don’t like getting drunk or high in general. i do not mind a healthy buzz.

Just me and the driver for half rhe ride this morning.