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It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.


Frigging Xfinity



The whole politically correct thing breaks down a bit when you minorities killing each other and competing for the same resources. I mean, if no one is white, how do you know who the bad guy is?
But it wasn’t working. That was the problem. All the free market shitheads don’t get that because they don’t use the internet for the things that the companies wanted to charge extra for. The companies want very desperately to charge for traffic coming and going. Then, they want to use their existing position to extort rates from people who have to have an internet connection. It has gotten to the point Child Protective Services is going to show up at your house asking questions if you don’t have an internet connection. It already happens if you don’t have electricity or water service.

I like Lenovo. They are actually innovating laptops and tablets. If this announcement is true, I may have found my brand.

That’s not a head transplant. It is a full body transplant. Good luck. Where are we going to get the donor bodies?

I want this on my smart phone. I want it to record everything and force unregistered texters to have a second form of bounce id before I even know they exist.


How long does it take the earth to pass through her own diameter?

I had to do this math this afternoon. It was stuck in my head for a while.

Diameter of earth12 756 km
How many seconds in an actual yearA year is 365.24 days. Or 8,765 hours, or 526,000 minutes, or 31.6 million seconds.
940,000,000 km / 31,600,000 seconds = 29.7 km/s
12,756 km / 29.7 m/s = 429.5 seconds
429.5 seconds is 7 minutes 9 seconds


I may have found out what happened to the sugar in the break room. When you ask the lady about sugar, she points at the Splenda. I’m like “That isn’t sugar.”

There is a blood drive today at work. I don’t give blood any more because I pass out or come close to it when I give blood. I wish I could give half a pint every month or so. I would give more often. I really wish there were a good way to give blood without needles. Everyone would do it if you pulled that one out of your hat..

I’m glad these folks have not right to express their opinion by participating in war.

Baltimore has an issue with people getting flooded basements every time it rains heavily. They flood with sewage. Everyone says it is going to take a miracle to get it fixed. No, it will take a law that says every time someone’s basement floods due to a city fault, the contents of the flood are taken to the mayor’s and councilmembers’ houses and deposited in their basements. Every time. That might make some movement on the matter.

It is much easier to pass a law telling the sun to come up an hour earlier than it is to enforce it.



Some days I want to write poetry. Then I remember that I’m terrible at writing poetry. Then I remember that no one will read it and that I should write it anyway. Then I remember that I should write for the sake of writing and not worry about people and what they think. Then life.

Citizens should be allowed to video police in order to collect evidence of potential wrongdoing by the police. The police video the citizenry in order to gather evidence of potential wrongdoing. This is why they call the exorcising of one’s rights a “fight”.

I am 226 lb. Until I’m 185, I’m not going  to eat anything that tastes good. I may attempt to do the whole skip a day thing where you pick one day a week and only eat about 500 calories.

Oops. Where are all the feminists?

Lunch Conversation

I wasn’t supposed to go to lunch. I was supposed to start a diet today. Until the my weight drops below 185 lb, I am not aloud to eat anything that tastes good. But they went to Seafood Shop. I love that place. It had to be that place. Hours after I swear to lose 40+ lb, I fall. Well, here is to getting right back up again.

It isn’t even the food so much as the companionship. It is so nice to sit around and speak to people who are active social people. They play games and find reasons to hang out with each other. They do tend toward fried food. I need to find some skinnier lunch companions I’m afraid.

  • Kids
    • Having a bunch
      • After 4, what difference does it make?
    • Education
      • Teacher Parent communication issues in Austin
  • Texas
    • Texas vs Louisiana politics
    • Austin vs houston politics
    • Partying in different cities in Texas
  • Work
  • Cars

Evernote 5.8.x on Ubuntu 14.04 using Wine 1.7

  • Ubuntu 14.04 as provided by employer (basically stock)
  • Wine comparability db entry I didn’t have an issue with the clippy.exe thing on this page.
  • Using Wine 1.7 and Evernote 5.8.x downloaded from C-Net
  • Had to remove other versions of wine first and reboot before installing from the ppa
  • Make sure to remove .wine folder from home before install
    • If you don't do this, the Evernote install says "file not found" because it can't find a font.
  • I had to leave the winecfg running after I left. No idea how long it ran before popping the window up properly.
    • Windows 8 compatibility and all defaults.
  • Installed Evernote 5.8.x at this point with no outright errors.

I’ve noticed
  • The title field while editing a note does not work correctly. It is still usable, but clunkey.
  • Clippy is never going to work properly in Linux without testing by Evernote.
  • Lots of communication errors pop up in the terminal, but it still syncks.

I could not use Nixnote or other Linux clients without a punching bag.



DHS, interesting idea, but I don’t think it will work. Our government is far too worried about stopping a rogue president without actually stopping him. They refuse to fall on their swords and fire the guy. DHS also ranks dead last in employee satisfaction according to APR.

Lunch conversation today consisted of movies and talking about one of the guy’s kids. He is having an issue with a teacher at his school. Things are about to make the news.

40% of imports in to the U. S. come through the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach California. The strike that is going on right now is about job security.

Why do lefties exist? I thought it said leftists. I was like Noooo! I’m so sick of political definitions being analyzed ad nauseum.

This is news? Everyone knows this is going on. Well, everyone except the people in charge of preventing it. Iran is going to get nukes. They are going to be a world power. They are going to take over the middle east, or at least try.



It took me 45 minutes to reboot my Linux laptop after it crashed while trying to put it back on the docking station after a meeting this morning. it took every bit of my willpower to not install Windows while I was messing with it.

What they teach their kids. We are worried ours might call someone a faggot or something.

Too PC to be true. Damn shame.



The Attack That Could Disrupt The Whole Internet - Computerphile

This morning's cup

I didn't have to add sugar. That is about the best thing I've had to say about any of the K-cups from this last batch of variety. Sad.

Avoid Crazy Cup coffe

I have to recomend against this brand of coffee. The several blends I tried were just bad. Too little coffee and too much cheap spice flavoring. I'll try to remember to mention if I find one that stands out.