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It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.


Well done


Welcome to Russia



How jobs will be replaced by robots. I’m also including jobs replaced by a computer without arms or legs.

Manufacturing jobs have already been replaced. The robots there are getting smaller, faster and cheaper. They are also getting more versatile.

Quantifiable effort

Watching the soda guy fill the machine this morning I had a thought. His job is completely quantifiable from top to bottom. Someone can document his job to the single step. How many of what kind of sodas got put in what machines? Truck drivers deliver how much to which places.

Intellectual effort

These are the jobs that robots will take next. Believe it or not, the more intellectual a job is, like doctor, educator, engineer and others will be replaced by automated systems. IBM is falling over itself trying to replace all doctors with a robot that can have access to every drop of current medical data and trends at a moment’s notice.

Interpretive effort
Jobs that require on the spot decisions based as much on emotion as qualifiable rules will be the most difficult to replace without redefining the job completely. Law enforcement comes to mind. There will be great tools to help law enforcement. I’m thinking of Robocop and the gigantic robot that shoots the guy in the conference room and can’t go down stairs. There have been TV shows covering this exact limitation of robots in law enforcement.

Oh, and I really do believe that an increase in the minimum wage is all it will take.


They are starting to use the “B” word when talking about Hillary and her financial foundations.
Calling for an outside audit. People are pissed about the Russians getting control over 1/5 of the US Uranium supply and other shit.

Near miss on Vatican attack. I worry about how many people get missed in these raids.

One of the guys at work had a kidney stone from last Saturday. He just came in this morning looking better. My goodness. I have kidney stones, but they never got me like that. Not yet. I hope they never do. If you will forgive me, I’m headed to the vending machine to get a refillable bottle of water.

One of these days POW!



If this happens like 100 times in the next week, Hillery might just get defeated in the primaries. I shall not hold my breath. Remember, this is all about money, not political standing or ideals.

Fog of war. When you job is to kill people, people die. They don’t wear uniforms.

Wow. This is really bad, but I bet it just rolls off Clinton’s back. This is why we don’t have her emails. Offaly damning evidence hidden in there. I really hope some one like North Korea comes forward and hands us the missing Clinton emails saying “Next time you get an update alert, install it.” Then, the Russians pop up and say “Dang it, they beat us to it.” The Chinese will probably just sit back and chuckle knowingly.

One nanny state idea I support 100%. No exemptions or exceptions unless the kid will die.

Tragic mistake. I’m only surprised it took this long for something like this to happen. it seems of late we have only had one tool in the box of anti terrorism. That tool is drones. it is just damn nice not to have to get your hands dirty (or the boots on the ground dirty) when killing your enemies. Firing from a long way off is just that, a long way off. Up close and personal has its place too.

Every podunk will have nukes. At some point it will be easier to just hand out nukes to all the nations instead of trying to make sure they do not develop them on their own.

Bad call. This is when you know your CEO just doesn’t get it.

My cousin just Tweeted that he is going to do a podcast. He was asking what kind of equipment ot get. I responded with something like “Don’t worry about the equipment. Concentrate on the content.” That is the limit of my advice on most anything online.

Lunch Conversation

  • Mike Tyson
  • Work
    • New repository software
    • Managers
      • Sofware
      • Project
      • Build
      • People
    • Two Character definitions of sub projects
      • Veiralbe names
      • Project names
      • OK in code
      • Bad in conversation
  • Virtual computing
    • You get rid of one sandbox and put in another.
  • Video games
    • Length of download
    • Staying up late to play
    • Styles of games surviving longer than the games
      • Ripoffs


Long Distance calls vs data plans


From the learn to shoot first column. Guy shoots himself before having a chance to kill anyone else. There is more to mayhem than 1) point 2) shoot. I wish only that he hadn’t gotten the lone victim.

1948 Israel fight for existence. Today, they fight still.

Deploying somewhere to the middle east to fight ISIS/ISIL. Too bad they are not going to make any more A-10s.

PC is getting us killed. We should revisit this whole political correctness deadlock stuff that prevents people in charge from identifying a real problem, much less fixing it.

We had a need to exit the building today. Well, exit the floor. I went up to one of our other floors. By the time I got setup for working we got the all clear. I could not get email or chat to work because something is wrong with our wifi today. I get no server name lookup service. I was about to pull the plug on the phone and plug it in the back of my laptop when the all clear came. That is one advantage to IP phones I guess.

The only way to be completely cyber secure is to kill everyone else on the planet. Wait, I can probably think of a better one than that.

May be time to bring the FBI back to law enforcement. That might be difficult for some of our leaders to deal with.

Clinton will be the next president. Unless she kills puppies on live TV or has an aneurysm that finishes her off, it is her turn. It doesn’t matter how many bad decisions she has made in the past. It doesn’t matter who is financing her efforts.

Google”s new phone service. I like the price. I still wish it was cheap enough to drop my home internet.

I listened to Flowers for Algernon in a fiction podcast today. I was doing some stuff that didn’t require much thought at the time. I forgot how amazing this story is.
I suck at commas too.

My acid reflux is getting worse. Not horrible, just worse. I get it more often and I get it in spades. It is happening more after lunch now. I’m pretty sure there is a war going on between the gut bacteria I rely on. I only hope none have plans for expansion.

I hadn't realized how similar the ends of this hall are.

Feel naked in a car without a backpack between my legs.



A darker side to refugees. Reported of ethnic cleansing taking place via refugees. Also, terrorists entering Europe in the huddled masses. Gee, wonder if that is happening in the U. S. as well.

This is happening in the U. S. today. People wonder how Hitler got elected. it is because he managed to stop people who warned “Do not vote for guy.” by shouting them down, intimidating them, and raiding their homes and businesses, then locking people in prison.
This is how. Judge dial-a-warrant.

Some new thinking on Iran that is based on an old idea. You might have noticed this sort of thing on shows like Game of Thrones. The art of political hostages.


Dammit! He is right. It is just a matter of time. Scott Adams on brainwashing.

I’m noticing not marking my articles as read. This is really annoying because I follow hundreds of streams daily. There will never be a way I can remember what I’ve already covered. I have several devices and depend greatly on Feedly to be consistent across them. It seems the Android app has had issues making things as read for a long time. Now it appears the web page is doing something similar. I have no experience with iOS for the app.

Oops. I wonder if this guy is just some kind of Sheldon and can’t help himself.



Culture driving politics. Chicken vs egg.

Calli falling apart? These folks are so incredibly screwed.

Here we go. The electricity companies really do need to just cut people off from sending any juice back up the grid and just charge people for electricity they pull down off the grid. I guess they should have patented solar back in the day.

I read Dilbert backwards. That is, I start with today and keep reading older and older strips until I get deja vu.

How soon will it be before the pictures start pouring in of animals choking to death on the Google Balloons?

I did not see this coming so soon. I thought it would be another decade before FM radio would start getting shut off in modern countries.

Define extermination again. Where is that red line Mr. President? What’s that Obama, We need Syria to counter ISIL/ISIS? Oh, we have gone from “He has got to go” to “Fuck it, the Iranians will have nukes next month so who cares!?”

Helping too much? When you tax (penalize) people who work and help (reward) people who do not work, guess what. People might choose to not work. Funny how that works. this is also why I believe a sales tax in replacement of an income tax would do our country a world of good.

I remember dissolving (firing) the whole military of Iraq being called a bad idea. This is why.

Attack on Christians. Getting tired of hearing this sort of story and no one listening.

Big words. Thing is, they walk it like they talk it most of the time.

Learning to fight to the death. An odd choice to make. One must be resigned to one’s fate regardless of winning or loosing.

Please lord, let free speech win and only those who wish to stifle be shouted down by those who insist on freedom.

DEA gone wild. They don’t want to give in on marijuana because that is the justification for their existence.

Clinton will not fall down. She must be knocked off the presidential piller.

Paving the road to disposable cars. Don’t fix them, just replace them. I cannot wait until we can just print them and put you bastards out of business altogether.


Asset forfeiture has gotten out of control. Some say when traveling from one state to another, they have to FedEx money or valuables ahead so they do not have them on them if they get stopped for a traffic violation.

China being bad to local journalists. Some people would like to do this stuff in the U. S. I’m sure. Let’s not shall we?

My 1000 Evernote note. I have been clipping web pages as I read them these days. Love this program. Paid for it. That is a first for me.

I’m looking out the window. Outthere is a world that is just another kind of prison. I have to work every day to keep my home. I cannot afford a vacation. I cannot afford a dentist. It just seems to me that the government I call mine works harder everyday to keep me from living a fife. I have to jump through hoops to buy a home. I have to work every day to pay it off. I have to work my self to death to feed my family. I need to live. I need to have a day where everything I do is mine first and not done for someone else.

Work hard to get to a promised land. Killed for their prayers being to the wrong god. Might it have been the color of their skin? Perhaps the length of their nose or ring finger. Perhaps their politics or curl of their hair?