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Bad Science. Does this mean they will actually look in to climate issues with a scientific sceptical eye? I’ll not hold my breath.

Not sure what to think about Hot Topic buying ThinkGeek. It is a clashing of worlds. It has the potential of being very cool. I like the South Park episode where the goth kids burn the Hot Topic down.

I have cameras watching me do my job. Welcome to the new normal.

No security, no pay out from your insurance company after you get nicked. I’ve heard of insurers not paying when someone didn’t set the alarm properly before a burglary. I suppose this is similar to someone not installing burglar bars or something.

Names matter. I remember a judge who was talking about dog bite cases. She said the first thing she asked was the name of the dog.

One look at how a robot run economy may look in our life times. I will never live in a world where I’m paid for doing nothing. That is just not how my life works.

If you don’t have land in an area you want to control, just make some.

Surprise! Russia is getting ready to fully invade Ukraine. Russia, China North Korea and Iran are all going to flip their shit at once. It will overwhelm the West. It is what I would do. If you are just any podunk who wants something from the U. S., pay attention. Your time is near.

How the world has changed since WWI. Very cool look at technology changes since that era.

Woops. I have a friend who wrecked his very expensive care because he turned off traction control.

Things are heating up in the Far East. China is just making shit up in order to take over the world. Well, they are building islands and calling it sovereign territory. This is not going to end well. I wonder if this is Taiwan envy.

First they implement civil law. Next thing you know, you have to have five witnesses corroborate you were raped before anyone will even listen to you. Oh, and women only count for half a witness.

Some of the coworkers were talking about video games today. We don’t really take breaks so it works out that people take a minute to talk about video games for a couple minutes in the afternoon. It reminded me of the couple times I played games. I used to play all the time. I really only played with cheat codes. I rarely did the honest thing all the way through. Our discussion made me want to play again. I might have a laptop I can play on soon. It will be Linux so nothing cutting edge. I hear you can play quite a few Steam games even with equipment that is not near the cutting edge.

I love the analogies in this article about Natural Gas.

Baltimore falling apart. Feels like a failed country all to itself.

The Broken Window Fallacy

Broken Window Fallacy. When someone breaks a window, fixing the window does not really help the economy because that is money you would have spent on other things anyway so it is a net zero (no loss no gain) to the economy. This is the way I heard it anyway.

So, this idiot was trying to make a hole in the above fact. his example was an old laptop that was covered by renter’s insurance. If something happened to the laptop, the replacement would be better and therefore more efficient.

The trouble with that analogy is that insurance companies do not typically pay original cost. They might pay replacement which would be a four or five year old laptop. Basically, that is zero replacement value as far as an insurance company is concerned. If you have been paying a huge premium, you might get a new laptop or original cost reimbursement. However, the difference is in the premium you paid.

You should have been upgrading your laptop to make yourself more efficient and saving money on the premium. You are not creating value by having this situation happen, you are catching up on an inefficiency.

If you make money over the premium you pay, you are getting other people’s money, the people who paid in on premiums and did not make a claim.

First one is up and running. Thank you.

Drone Footage of Houston Flooding - Buffalo Bayou Park



Today I'm 8 same as CC


Getting a bit cluttered on the side table.


Webley-Fosbery Automatic Revolver

Ferguson Breechloading Flintlock

My new montra


Getting around in Houston

Why Computers Suck At Translation



Losing Iraq. and Syria.

Energy production will keep gas prices lower than normal. Duh.

Construction of an international crisis to use for political gain. More of Hillary's emails please.

Stop calling it the South China Sea I guess.

Boycotting the boycotters. What do you mean we are losing our funding because of our loudly spoken opinions? What happened to the first amendment? Oh, Is that what we were fighting to overturn? Oops.

They don’t want to manipulate the environment. They want to manipulate people and their money.

I almost bought an eighties era Browning 9mm from a friend.

That isn’t enough time to hold a referendum. Iran missile strategies.


Chrome issue

May have found a bug fix I’ve been looking for. Couldn’t install any extensions on my home laptop. I need to update my kernel. This is one my home laptop.
I cannot live without the following extensions.

The internet has moved to a pastel color palette that just doesn’t work for me. I need oils. That high contrast add on has all the correct settings like just turn the colors darker, invert, and yellow on black. The ones for Firefox suck. I can only find things that simply switch off colors and pictures. That is not what i need.

Windows has a real pain in the settings. If you switch on high contrast colors, you only get the windows magnifying glass program. I prefer the full screen method of zooming. It is much more efficient with the way I work. So, I can really only use one or the other. Firefox basically forces you to use the no color setting if you switch on Windows’ high contrast setting. That is doubly annoying.


All lives matter. This is the statement that people forget. This includes the conceived, but not yet born. No matter how incipient their lives make other people’s lives. ...  Whoops. I jumped the fence to another rant.

This book is not about Eugenics. It kind of sounds like what the people who liked Eugenics said. Eugenics is where all those different dog breeds came from. That’s what I heard anyway.

I always thought Portugal’s primary spoken language was French. I was wrong. That is, my text book in middle school was wrong. I remember answering that on a test way back then. English is higher than French as primary language in Portugal. CIA Factbook Wikipedia Dangit. I was prepared to question a native born Frenchmen sitting next to me. I hate that. hence I’m burying it half way through a blog entry that no one reads.

Days of Rage. War on police. War in America. War repeating itself today.

Russia raises middle finger to NATO and the U. S. by cutting off Afghanistan supply chain.

Texas open carry. Well, if all those bikers had seen each other’s guns, they might have thought twice before pulling on one another. I mean, if a guy on a Harley with an AK strapped to his back cuts you off and takes your parking spot. Are you going to a) tip your hat and move along, or b) flip him off and peel out leaving him in a cloud of smelly tire smoke?

Great, just hand them tanks. When are these going to show up on U. S. streets?

More proof that science is just a load of opinionated bullshit. Well Sociology anyway. Always expected this if I’m honest.

Good to know. People are stupid and companies that are made of people (all of them) are group stupid.

Apple isn’t as dumb as some large companies. No TVs because TVs are on the way out. We have wall monitors that just play what is on our tablets bigger and louder.

Out the window, looking for a ride