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It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.


Sunglasses and passing in the 2 lane


Someone did the math and supposed one could have purchased every cow on the planet with the money used in Quantitative Easing.

Voter Fraud (paranoia)

Israel is unfazed over “Chickenshit” comment. They have to put up with far worse from their neighbors. More.

I like these folks. No-Shit kind of people.

Completely rebuilt my virtual Linux machine on my Windows machine at work. I use it for Kdenlive which is Linux only. This time I told the computer it had a 100GB drive. It only takes up what it needs until you run out of space. I used 30G before and it refused to let me expand it. I thought I would have all  kinds of issues, but I didn’t. I was back up and running while doing other things at work and just letting this take the back burner. Of course, I haven’t actually tried to render a video yet. I’ll let the blog know how it goes.

Where is my cut?

This morning's cup of coffee


Variety pack

What's with the haze?


Installed Libreoffice on my work Linux box. They have actually given me the ability to install Microsoft Office 2013 and I am seriously considering not getting it. I don’t use it. I don’t want to waste a license. Part of me wants to get it just because it is available.

Uber is a racket too. Uber drivers rate riders and say things like “Tim 5 to get 5” meaning the driver will give you a bad rating if you don’t tip. That goes both ways, but people are being taken advantage of. I suppose if you people don’t have a disinterested third party breathing down their neck, they are aggressively entrepreneurial (an asshole). I wonder if Uber keeps track of the tips. I wonder if the IRS is listening to the same AM broadcast I just listened to.

So, you beg him not to take action and then call him chickenshit for not taking action. Now that it is too late, you have someone to blame. Nukes don’t care who you blame once they go off. Can’t win with you guys.
Another Link on the subject.

Why aren’t people dancing in the streets over the drop in crime rates?

People in New York must know better because they are from New York of course. That makes their opinion count for twice what the rest of the fly over people’s votes count for. Right? It just makes sense. It is the whole “unwashed masses” thing.

Lunch conversation consisted of tomorrow’s chili cookoff at work. Adam was talking smack (won the last couple years in a row) about his latest concoction. At least he mixes it up year to year.

Everyone says Ebola is not airborne. Now this. That is still not airborn, but it is spread by sneezes and coughing. Wash your hands, don’t touch your face. That is harder than it sounds.

I use this all the time under Linux. What the hell?!



Sheeeeeeeeeit! Forgive me if I don’t hold my breath.

I enjoyed the Walking Dead episode the other night. Not sure what people are bitching about.

I remember someone saying the soldiers who went in the theater to retrieve people did not wear masks. They had just taken methamphetamine as an antidote before going in.

The cloned chips they are bricking are just one set of chips that I could tell. The next generation of clones will just adapt and get better.

This came up in conversation twice yesterday. Once at lunch and once in the afternoon at work.

Because society expects much less from some applicants than others. I have not been arrested. I was quite nearly arrested once, but I don’t think I had actually yet broken a law. I was hanging on a fence when the cop went by on a neighboring street. The article above specifies the run ins with the law that count. Still. It used to be important to make sure you didn’t get in trouble so people would not think you were a law breaker.

The answer for bad speech is more speech. You cannot force people to believe, you can only oppress them.

When you are a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Government is full of lawyers. Everything looks like a problem to be solved by the courts.

Android tripple tap zoom gestures. Why am I just now learning about this? This allows me to use the map function on my phone again.

Because Mainstream Media loved this guy and refused to say anything that might make him look bad and lose a vote, he is president. This is how Obama repays the favor.



Spot the racist. Spot the hypocrite. The best part of this story is that no one watches CNN any more.

Why it is the first amendment. Why you should fight for the second amendment. If you allow them to ignore one,they will ignore them all.

When a cat gets frightened and takes off on a tile floor it must be like one of those dreams where you can’t move your legs fast enough to run. They use all claws and just spin their wheels for the first couple thrusts.

I don’t think Global Warming / Climate Change is a fraud. I just think we should spend all that money on adapting to it instead of trying to change it.

They have a planning meeting tomorrow. All day. It sounds like one of those meetings you want to avoid except it is chucked full of informative information.

Quarantine: Separation to find out of you will become sick
Isolation: Separation of the sick to make sure they do not spread the disease.

I used to go through several spiral notebooks a year. I used to have multiple notebooks for each need. Test results. Notes from meetings. I had a stack that needed to be shredded when we got the shred boxes a couple years ago. Now, I do not use notebooks except for taking notes from meetings and then transcribing them on the computer. This is because my Red Hat Linux laptop has issues popping off and on to the docking station. I hear Ubuntu has no such trouble. Until this issue is resolved, it is dead tree network.

Treasonous behavior just the way things are done. What if it was your daughter getting treated like this?

Remember those hundreds of dead Mexicans and a handful of Americans? No worries, no one else does either. Well, Not no one. 3 Years and counting.

At some point things stop workint. Our Navy is having trouble treading water.

Too many links today.


Damn ants


Waiting on a ride


How the French fight Global Warming / Climate Change. Well, I only expected them to sit on their hands and bitch. Well, I hoped all they would do is sit on their hands and bitch.

I do not like taking vacation days because of the disruption.

Looking at these. Not sure what color to get.

Holy shit. The mask slips.

This guy needs therapy to hold up his fly.


First sun of the day

Day one using the new #Cuisinart. Awesome