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It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.


Earplug instructions



Long day. It is 9:30 (am)

Birth control pills (Progesterone) came out in 1960.

I don’t even listen to the numbers on Wall Street. I only care if we fat or lean. How many fortunes are run on the same set of criteria?

I attempted to put a panoramic on this blog this afternoon from a Japanese place where I went to lunch. it was a pretty cool photo of the inside of the round room where we sat. It failed to upload from my phone. It did make it to my Google+, Twitter and Facebook pages. No idea what the hell happened to Blogger.

lunch Conversation
  • Work
    • None (I don’t remember any)
  • Home renovations
    • One of the guys is getting his outside gutted and redone. It was funny because the rest of us declared the bits that affected our lives.
    • He was adamant about a huge trash can in the kitchen. Basically the bottom floor of his house will be wrapped around the kitchen.
  • People we forgot
  • Life playing video games.
    • Einstein spent most of his work day as a patent clerk dreaming up the theory of relativity.
    • How many discoveries could have been found except for a life spending every free thought on video games?
  • The place
    • japanese
    • Good food
      • Baked rice scures
      • Fresh wasabi
    • Could handle 10 people with separate checks depending on your server.
    • Looks like it used to be an apartment building.

I have almost mastered the level of mediocrity with chopsticks.

Push, push and push



All this time, I've been throwing it at the computer


Found this in my yard.

Sunshine from my room

Doing the yard nearly does me in


I think my dad had one of these


I get this all the time.



I took the wrong medicine this morning. I took a two year old antihistamine. Prescription at that.  Now I hae medicine head and I’m quite dizzy.

I asked for help and keep jacking with things to the point the people I asked for help can’t help me. Not smart.

3 billion people are getting richer. They are entering the middle class and eating more meat. The rest of the world is either already gluttonous or starving to death. The human race uses 40% of all the land on earth is used to grow food of some kind.

This blog is over eleven years old.

I think more people outside the U. S. watch my YouTube channel than inside.

Gout attack today. Been feeling it coming on. My left ankle is sore. It is the typical gout pain. If I set for a bit it hurts worse. Clears up half way when I walk for a bit.

The U. S. constitution requires a census and that people are “counted”. The trouble is, it is actually more accurate to do estimates than it is to attempt to count people.

I’m getting the itch for videos again. This is a good thing, but I don’t have ideas or drive. Just the itch.

Lunch conversation
  • Gout
    • Seems to be helped by the walk to (and from) lunch.
  • BBQ places
    • Interesting because we were at a Chinese food place
  • Exorcize
    • Phone apps and electric devices
  • Oklahoma and Arkansas
    • Traveling through
  • Kids
    • Left vs right handedness
    • Fake ways to correct behavior
  • Religion

Abodabi here I come