Plastic Kelly

It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



One in three Mexicans want to come to the U. S.. I cannot blame them, I would want to come to this country too. It is an exceptional country. I would also want them to do it legally.

When you hear the word “diverted” in legal documentation, think “stole” or “cheated out of”.

What is the point in locking a door any more?

Comcast says they do have an unlimited data plan. People can pay for as much as they want. There is no limit to how much it can cost.

Trigger pull. This helped me exactly zero. So, practice. I already knew that. Thanks.

I’m hearing a statistic. For every black male killed in the U. S. by a police officer, sixty are killed by other black males.

It is difficult for cops to retire because the life is a whole life. You have to dedicate yourself to the career to survive. Once you are out of the loop, you are out.

Bowing is bringing up the durable goods numbers. This means fuckall.

Photographers are not the customers on Gawker. They simply provide a commodity much like a drilling platform delivers oil to a refinery.

Race trumps child molestation. The authorities didn’t want to make a fuss because the perpetrators were Asian. By Asian they probably mean Pakistani or in some way Middle Eastern. Many of the victims were young white girls. it wasn’t PC you see. (an excellent opinion on the matter)

Puting the “real” in reality. How many people have died shooting reality TV of some kind?

But Sweetie, we only got one case.



Has Jihad burned itself out? Let’s hope so. A deep hatred for one kind of person and a thirst for suicide in the name of a god is not a marketable skill.

The people who want us dead are not all far far away. Another view.

An armed nation is a polite nation. Do you really want to get in a fight with someone who might have a pistol in their pocket?

China doing the drone thing. Matter of time before firearms give way to small armed drones.

I found out this morning that my IT privileges have been removed. YES! Happy dance!

The Jury in my head on militarization of U. S. police is still out.

I do not agree with all of anything. I do not agree with some of most things.I do not agree with most of many Even when I do agree with something, if I knew all the details, I would probably start disagreeing with at least some of it. This does not make me a contrarian. I’m simply observant.

Fucking France (Francistan) What are the numbers in the U. S.?

Out of the loop? Well, it is better than actively trying to destroy the country.

Stay there. Will someone please kidnap these assholes and hold them for ransom? And I mean, don’t give them up until you get paid. Just keep holding. Keep holding.

Two year old duck tape holding the tail light on a car.

I prefer calling it duck tape over duct tape because it is a lousy duct work repair medium. That medal tape works much better. I learned that it was called duck tape because it was used to waterproof ammo cans many moons ago. It was so useful, it was used  all over the place. The habit stuck with the GIs as they transitioned back to the world.

Los Angeles was going to hand out iPads to students. Many broke and many turned up missing. They are dropping the effort. The idea was to increase technical expertise of students. However, iPads don’t really present much of a technical challenge. To be honest, few computers present a challenge of any kind these days. It seems like most tasks are done for you if you just click next a few hundred times.

I can't remember the last thing I used that took C batteries

Trash day



I know people with a million dollars in the bank. I do not have this. They can afford to be liberal. I cannot.

ALS Ice Bucket challenge. Some say no on principle. I’m just broke. I pray for ALS research and I don’t have a problem with more aggressive research methods. I do draw lines, don’t get me wrong.

Using Evernote, I have 335 notes. I had a goal last week of adding five notes. Now I’m thinking I won’t pay any attention until I have 1000 or more. It is stressful trying to think of important things I need to remember every day to add to the database. I mean, what do I need to remember? That is a surprisingly difficult question.

Hollywood blasting Hamas? Am I dreaming?

China develops their own OS. Tells Microsoft (and by extension Apple) to go fuck itself.



Metric. I’m going to vote for whomever says they will switch the U. S. to the Metric System.

I have gotten to the point where I HATE intros to videos and TV shows. Entries should be no longer than 4 seconds. I kind of like the intros on TV shows that has content playing and just puts credits on in an unobtrusive manner. I’ve thought of doing something like that on my vlog, but it would take effort.

Twitter is getting nuts. I do not know if I’m doing something wrong, but I’m getting contacted by bots with pretty woman's pictures on the accounts. They are not explicit. They are just these “buy followers” sites. Is it possible to transfer followers from one Twitter account to another? Is there a way to filter them without blocking nine million accounts?

I ride the bus at least a couple times a week. I wonder every time if it is going to be the trip that gives me Ebola or tuberculosis. Is this the trip where some maniac stabs me? Will a dump truck t-bone us passing Dairy Ashford? Will the driver have a flashback and run us in to a telephone poll? Will I get hit walking to or from the stop? Did the rout change as of last night? Will the busses stop running for whatever reason?

Happy Dance. This asshole is pushing up the grass.

Lots of communication going between ISIS (al Qaeda 2.0) and Mexican drug cartels. What bad things could possibly happen with no enforcement on one of our borders? Presents a short term and a long term threat.

I wrote kit and caboodle down today for the first time in a long time. It is an under used phrase.


byby beard. We will meat again

Nat says I should buz the beard. Opinions?

Mowed the front

Yesterday's lunch

They are going to make me cut this tree down someday.


I'm miserable and the whole internet should know.

At petsmarthalfwayto down town

using my phone to vlog

Best warning sign ever




Lunch Conversation

  • Eating
    • Portions are larger in the US than in the UK
    • Doggy bags not as prevalent in UK
  • Things to do on a hot muggy weekend.
    • Swim
    • Play in the hose
    • Lawn work
    • Anything NOT involving the outside
  • Technology
    • Not that long ago a 40 inch TV was a couple grand. Now they are the cheap alternative.
    • Japanese cars came with Bluetooth as standard before American cars.
      • Ford and others wanted you to pay for multiple thousand dollar kits to get bluetooth.

We were missing the talkers at lunch. We were worried it was going to be a quiet lunch. It worked out though.


Sheldon Cooper president. Interesting theory. Wouldn’t it be funny to find out a president really was nuts after the fact?

Hamas using human shields. But it is Israel saying it so it can’t be true.

We will defend the world from herself, unless it’s Israel or jews. They are on their own.

My science worlds collide. AWESOME!

When I find out a celebrity endorses a product, I first wonder how much cheaper it would be without their indorsement. I then try to compare to other similar products that do not have the endorsement.

Nazis were left not right. Here is more proof. Remember Nazi was short for National Socialist party.

Comtrail at dawn