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Sunrise this morning

Today's doodle


The half off tree trimming service


I’m doing some more training videos lately. We have all year to do 40 hours of some kind of learning experience that applies to work. It is interesting. I’m not sure how effective it is. Still, I comply. I have videos playing in the background while I do some other work. Today was analytics and security.The guy talking was a paser. He wondered around stage like a hungry nomad. The camera operator had to chase him. It was funny to watch honestly. I actually watched part of the video. I did notice they cut to a bunch of his slides, more than the other presenters. By the end, they had zoomed out to most of the entire stage.

I almost lost my coffee cup. I have a coffee cup from REI. it doubles as a french press. That feature came in very handy a while ago when the coffee maker went on the fritz in the lunchroom and the one in the back was way over used. I took my cup to the sink to wash it and left it there for a couple hours because I was distracted by free (and good) pumpkin bread.

I heard someone on a podcast call sodas the new smoking. The drinking of sodas is being ostracized much the same way smoking has been over the last several years. Since I listened to this podcast, it has been easier for me to say no to sodas. i just don’t want one. Even when I have a craving for a hit of caffeine, I crave coffee. I guess that is next. They will have us all down to bread and water in no time.


Trying to figure out the universe


Dinner at the park

Double fortune

Saturday morning coffee


Tree is earning its keep shading the front windows.


Bad pens

These pens suck. Out of 4 pens 2 quit after a few lines. No amount of scratching fixes rhem.


Bus advertising



Voter fraud examples. I’m telling you that there will be a movie about voter fraud in the US at some point.

Normal is dead. Long live the new normal.

Negative interest rates. Step one, abolish cash. People will still find ways of getting out of paying for the privilege of paying. You will witness the rebirth of the barter system.

Why Putin will win in Syria. Because Putin is willing to win.

Best housewarming gift ever. Thank you Bill Jones



Well, someone had to help Assad. The Russians are there and dropping bombs. They are dropping bombs on ISIS. Hmmm. I wonder who gets to define who is ISIS and who is a rebel. Basically, the Russians are helping Assad and the US is helping the rebels. This can only end in a sing along.

I’ve heard of manning missiles in the cold war. Never heard about anyone actually doing it think goodness. I hope we are past such things. We have far more reliable computer guided vehicles of mass death these days. I suppose it is a good thing to have gotten the advanced manned space vehicles out of it.

World War Three will be a very different war. The front will be every water tap and loaf of bread. I fear the supply chain of the military and of the citizenry will both be the top priority of our enemies when they decide to attack.

I know a few people who would agree with this. You should have gone in to engineering.

This is why I do not want government regulated encryption. (one of the examples)

Because the timing is too hard Mr Trump. Someone else will win in your plan.

We have to take training at work .That is perfectly fine. I hadn’t had a chance to do it in a while. Today, I took several of the online video courses and did some reading. It felt funny. It felt like I was not doing my job. It felt a bit like i was goofing off. “This is part of my job.” I kept reminding myself. Learned some things too. I still have a bunch more to go. Making it a high priority. Might do someon my own time just to make the numbers.

At work we have a shelf that contains office supplies. Clearly, the cheapest bulk everything is purchased. This is normal I suppose. The pens they get usually suck. The current batch is thin ball point. At least they have black. I would love to just write everything in Sharpy, but I would have to write on bullet proof vests to prevent bleed. First world problems.

Scott Adams (The Dilbert artist) responded to my tweet and Twitter deleted it. Dag-nabbit. God forbid someone have an opinion or present an argument in this country.