Plastic Kelly

It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.



How the French fight Global Warming / Climate Change. Well, I only expected them to sit on their hands and bitch. Well, I hoped all they would do is sit on their hands and bitch.

I do not like taking vacation days because of the disruption.

Looking at these. Not sure what color to get.

Holy shit. The mask slips.

This guy needs therapy to hold up his fly.


First sun of the day

Day one using the new #Cuisinart. Awesome



Future battlefield today. When will my local police department have these things you know, to catch speeders or something?

Stamps are so 25 years ago. Where has this been?

Google Chrome no longer supports RHEL 6.x. Fuckers. There is a script that kind of installs it in a local install. This is how it should be done, but it is just some guy’s web presents you are trusting. Who knows how secure that is.

Bad news all round. Shootings in Canada.

It begins. Please, let’s make minimum wage $100 an hour and speed the rate of automation. Who will buy the products you ask? Why everyone will be paid by the government that, gets their money from the taxpayers. Why those dozen or so people with a job who don’t flea should easily be able to cover the 300 plus million freeloaders. Right?

Go Texas!

The boss


CNN yanked from Dish. No one notices. Well, I didn’t, but I don’t have Dish. Nore do I care.

It is called disruptive technology for a reason.

Still a big believer in Voter ID laws.

I remember a woman, I do not remember who, saying the Koran was a manual for women’s rights. I gbuess it is all relative.

The paraplegic walk again. This is awesome news.

Looking at these. need bifocals. End up costing me about $50.

Elle's masks



Worked late last night. Started having real trouble getting round the network around 21:00. Gave up and went to bed. It was probably a good thing.

When I walked in this morning, the network was indeed dead. It made my life miserable, but at least I got a cup of coffee first thing this morning.

Fought to get some work done. Only ki9nd of succeeded. It is weird still having chat and email when the rest of the network goes down. Back in the good old days, everything died at once. I remember the days of 75 people tapping their toes until I got things back up and running. Now I’m on the other end of these things.




The U. S. needs to look in to ISIL’s PR firm. The numbers matter. No wonder Obama doesn’t want to annihilate these guys. They have the live in a shit hole vote.

There are so many things in this world that are precious. There are so many things in this world that are worthless. I find myself forgetting which is which sometimes. it is so difficult being on top of things. I am only human. I make the mistake of forgetting that people who make mistakes are not always responsible for the consequences.

Today I’m a turtle boiling in my own shell. Not in an inverted hot tub sort of way.

Palindrome “rise to vote sir”

I use NixNote on Linux. The install on my primary work machine works great. It is installed via a Yum repo directly on Red Hat. The copy on my VM under windows running Ubuntu is having sync issues. It also is installed from a repo. Not sure what is going on with that one.

Thank goodness these didn’t exist when our old CEO was still running the company.


Pumping up the soccer ball


Gorgeous old gall