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Clip Video

A bunch of random clips from the week. Enjoy.

My Opinion on Youtube issues

Things are breaking down on the internet right now. I think a lot of the people who say they are offended by every damn thing do not understand that their voice is on the line when they want to make everyone else shut up.


First upload to dailymotion

Uploaded my first dailymotion video. It looks like things are working. Tried viewing it to find out if there were any viewing issues. Looks good. I may have found an alternative to YouTube. We shall see.

This morning

Sigh, I have to change my passwords again. It is annoying, but necessary. I was just thinking yesterday afternoon that it was getting close to time. We get 90 days minus two weeks. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this whole idea of passwords is head out the window. There is going to have to be something else that happens for identification. The arms race between black hat and white hat hackers is dictating a shake up.
Nat gave us a ride in this morning. We stopped at Starbucks $18.xx and The Kolache Factory $15.xx. Yeesh. Elle is not going to school because of an asthma attack yesterday after running a mile she had not prepared for. “I can try it coach.”
I asked for “a hot coffee that tastes like chocolate milk. I got a venti mocha with a shot of vanilla. It does indeed taste like chocolate milk. I will have to remember that order.
There was an accident on Westheimer just west of work in the west bound lanes. This is the opposite side from us, but of course our lanes were slowing down. I hope no one got hurt. The vehicles were pretty crunched. I feel bad rolling my eyes and sighing at wrecks, but they seem so cheche at this point. In the not so distant future, after cars are automated, we will hear about car wrecks like we now hear about plane crashes. All the goddamn time when in reality they are very rare. I like it. That means less suffering in the world.


Why no post?

I have used social media like Facebook and Twitter for my outlet of complaining now for a couple years. It has greatly affected my output and my satisfaction with writing. That is, it has made me hate writing things down. In about the same time period I have increased my personal journal, which I do not publish, and my Evernote use. Evernote satisfies another itch. The itch that tells me I will get old and forgetful then die someday aand I need to leave a note to the reader along the way of what I thought. It also keeps my serial numbers and receipts. It also keeps what books I’ve read nd stuff like that. Order info, banking records. Everything.
I have pondered the deleting of my social media accounts about 35 time a day lately, up from 8 to 15 times a day. I will not do this only because I have to have a place for people to send me photos of their animals and children (but I repeat myself) every seven minutes. i will keep them to link theses posts and other stuff that goes on the blog, vlog and wherever.

I’ll try to put political stuff on Twitter and personal stuff on Facebook. Not that it matters. I think I have been obfuscated by both platforms as a conservative and ther for in need of silencing.

Anyone out there still reading this blog? Any echoes? Any thoughts to pass back? Please put them in the comments or track me down on twitter.


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