It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.


My meetings most days

  • Meeting 1
    • In Conf B
    • I don’t go to the room because there are so many people. I lurk on the phone.
  • Meeting 2
    • Online only
    • People all over the planet
    • High level decision making
    • Only on Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • Meeting 3
    • In Conf B
    • I usually do go to this one
    • Not nearly as many people.
    • Low level nuts and bolts
  • Meeting 4
    • The burn in lab walk through
    • I have to go, but it only lasts 15 minutes or so
    • Me and two other folks.
    • Me getting yelled at for the state of the lab
    • Ended up getting canceled
  • Our weekly all hands is usually hit or miss on what information you get. There are new people introductions and basic heading information. However, sometimes you get a vast amount of information in a dramatic pause of the head honcho. That happened today. There was applause after. That is how telling it was.

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