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Busy sunrise




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Review solar phone charger


Addition to our disaster kit


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Multipurpose kick balls




All of these look, smell and taste the same

Blast from the past


Thank goodness computers habe mute buttons




I promis this is a different photo than yesterday


Fixin to rain


My new favorite cloud


Thursday commute home


Kelly's laws of physics

When I woke up this morning, my jaw and chest hurt. I’m pretty sure the chest was acid reflux and the jaw was the damn earplugs messing with me I have to ware to get to sleep because Nat and the kid were up all night laughing at the funniest movie released in the last 25 years. Come on school year.

Thus, I need to publish my laws of physics. I have no idea how accurate any of this is. It is purely based on my observations of the universe around me. Is this not the way all the other laws of physics started?

  • Particle: The ^current^ smallest entity of physical existence. This will change because the attributes will divide like a cell before our eyes and exist in more complex ways until we can hold a conversation with them.
  • Quantum is the compression of the universe. It appears that Functions of reading the universe are dependent on the consciousness of the one observing. Observation is the “read” and decompression of the data. Data in this case being physical existence including current attributes.
  • There are no fixed points in all of space. Every particle is fixed until the attributes change. Where each particle is in the universe is an attribute on the particle. It is a cumulative attribute. That is, the closner the numbers the more the closeness stacks. This is what gravity is.
  • Time does not exist. Tme is our perception of the use of energy or our perception of the changing of the attributes of particles.
    There is no forward or back in time. Sorry Dr Who. We perceive time passing as evidence in our memory and we think things have been one way or another. Destroy the evidence (memory and other evidence lying around) and something may as well not have happened.
    Things change and there is evidence of change only in physical attribute and memory, which is a physical attribute of a material (made of particles).
  • Consciousness is a read of the data of the universe. It may or may not cause a decompression.
  • A thought is a collection of electrochemical reactions in a blob of gew between our ears.
  • The speed of light is the fastest the attributes may change smoothly. The only way to go “faster” is to make the attribute jump abruptly. Of course, this would lead to instantaneous movement.

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