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We saw a wreck this morning

Saw a wreck this morning. Bill gave us a ride in. There were three cars at the end of our street trying to get on Westheimer. Bill even mentioned it was a traffic jam. We hardly every have to wait for more than one car, if that.

The pickup in front of us pulled out slowly and went across all three lanes and got smacked by an SUV. If they had just pulled in to the far right lane, they would have been fine. The pickup was able to pull over in to a driveway, but the SUV was having issues. The right front wheel was folded inward at the top by about 45 degrees.

Other than that, traffic was really light. We made it to Elle’s school and to my work.

All I was thinking about was the lack of a camera in bills vehicle. Dangit! That would have been on YouTube in no time. Man, it really upsets me. I have had a couple times in Bill’s vehicle where I wanted a camera running.

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