It wasn't me. You can't prove anything.


Today's doodle. Witty exit?


Way home

Bad attitude

A woman who I ran in to in the elevator on the way up to work at around 7:15, was greatly pissed at having to come in this Good Friday. Briton has the day off. We could have taken a floater today if it pleased us. It is a religious holiday. Get over it. I did feel sorry for her. She is going to have a bad day based on her attitude. She could have a good day if she so decided.


Thanks Nat


Sometimes the bus is fast

No pencil sharpener at work


Second waiting room


I Love My White Male Privilege!

WARNING Satire contained within the following video.


My MovieLuck or happenstance?

Too early for wit.


I like this one


New organize


Waiting on my ride

Spring selfie


Well, they can not kill each other

Will every member of the press and lower education please watch this video.


The way the world looks

When you are in the middle of the great plane, the whole world looks like it is right below your feet.
When you are on top of a mountain, the world looks far away.
When you are in a valley the world looks all around you.
In a forest the world looks lost do you.
At sea, the world looks like it drown and left you to follow.
In a crowd, the world looks away.
In orbit, the world looks back at you.

This poem makes me think of Adam Savage and his adventures.


What a lovely day for a ride


Don’t want to Jinx it

Friday was a good day. Work was not easy. I learned some new procedures. Some things got done. I severed my beliefs from reality. It went well. The world is still out to get me, but it is okay somehow. I made it home alive. The family is OK. None of the idiots running for president is all that far out front. The foundation of the universe is built on the will of a dreaming god.

Saturday was pretty good. I watched Inside Out. It made me cry and it was a good thing. The show is about crying being a good thing. It was about growing up. I hear someone put together just the outside scenes of the show and it still made a good movie. That is just how that production company works.

I’m turning 50 in a couple years. For the first time in my life I’m looking forward to a year. This frightens me. I have never looked forward to a birthday or getting older in my life. It has always not been all that bad. Now I’m terrified of jinxing it by looking forward to getting older.

My eye doctor, when I was 21, told me I was good to go on the vision front until I was 50. Strange things happen to eyes after age 50. Still, I look forward to the half century mark. I mean, shit happens. Shit happens whether you jinxed it or not. Shit happens to good people and shit happens to bad people.  Shit happens to people who never had shit happen to them.

I still don’t want to jinx it. Do I let myself feel OK about it?

As we age, bad things seem to happen more often when it comes to health. That is just accepted. I have a history of fearing things long before they hit me. When I was younger, I feared going bald. Now I embrace it. I never feared going gray, but it is happening right now and it is no big deal. It really is distinguished.

Real illnesses of course are different. Few folks look upon a health scare as a right of passage. That is what i fear this time. The prediction by my old eye doctor haunts me. I must not let fear guide my life. I must take the reins and put my will in to it. We must all do the best we can with what we have and then do it again, and again.


New work space at home

New home work area

Nothing gasoline and a wire brush can't fix.


Should I try the new Yablla sandwich?


What's for dinner