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Elle's new(ish) phone

I gave Elle my old Samsung Galaxy S4. It was messing up for me, but a factory reset usually fixed it for a while so I still wonder if it was software. Hopefully she has better luck. She loves it. “I like having a bigger phone.” We have to go by T-Mobile to get a smaller SIM card.

Elle also found out one of the awesome things about the cloud. She signed in to Google on her new (used) phone and all her apps and settings started setting themselves up. She was impressed. I plan on keeping her old phone around for a backup or a 911 phone.

She has been pretty good about using the phone. We haven’t caught her doing stupid things much. She plays her games and texts her friends.

She will want a new case. The case I had was an Otterbox that was once waterproof. It is huge and clunky. Not the kind of case young teenage girls like or so I’m told.

Elle said she wanted an iPhone of course. Her rich friends at private school (thanks Bill and Ted, yall rock for keeping her in private school, Thank you.) have iPhones and probably rave about them. If you have money, iPhones are the way to go. Everything costs money. The only easy way to do anything on an Apple device is to pay someone to do it for you. It seems that DIY is deliberately hindered to make more money. I dislike this greatly.

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