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Great news

Dementia cure may be just five years away, says world expert
As he steps down as chairman of the World Dementia Council, Dr Dennis Gillings says he is optimistic that the first cure to halt or reverse the disease is on the horizon

If only I could remember what it is. That is a bad joke. Between this and artificial eyes and kiddies, we are set to live forever. (not)

Oh no

2 hour meeting on really uncomfortable chairs. Parts of me are going offline soon. This kind of thing happens every week. What would fix these chairs?

Dangit. My shortcut.

Elle helping Luna text


I think I ewally captured my own essence


This one is about money, burning out and some other stuff




Elle's new(ish) phone

I gave Elle my old Samsung Galaxy S4. It was messing up for me, but a factory reset usually fixed it for a while so I still wonder if it was software. Hopefully she has better luck. She loves it. “I like having a bigger phone.” We have to go by T-Mobile to get a smaller SIM card.

Elle also found out one of the awesome things about the cloud. She signed in to Google on her new (used) phone and all her apps and settings started setting themselves up. She was impressed. I plan on keeping her old phone around for a backup or a 911 phone.

She has been pretty good about using the phone. We haven’t caught her doing stupid things much. She plays her games and texts her friends.

She will want a new case. The case I had was an Otterbox that was once waterproof. It is huge and clunky. Not the kind of case young teenage girls like or so I’m told.

Elle said she wanted an iPhone of course. Her rich friends at private school (thanks Bill and Ted, yall rock for keeping her in private school, Thank you.) have iPhones and probably rave about them. If you have money, iPhones are the way to go. Everything costs money. The only easy way to do anything on an Apple device is to pay someone to do it for you. It seems that DIY is deliberately hindered to make more money. I dislike this greatly.




Spray painting on a Sunday

Spray painting on a Sunday


Random clip video


Sunset from the office

Coffee is brewing


The Red Pen

Keyboards are more important today than any pen. The shelf we have at work has notepads and pens available on it, but they time interval we allow between purchases does not keep us in proper black and blue pens. By the time people start to get worried enough to replenish our supplies comes to fruition, we are down to the bottom of the barrel. The seven or eight boxes of red pens that remains behind holding down the fort mocks everyone who wants to use a tree pad to take notes.

Red is the color of mistakes, warnings, trouble, negative amounts of money, notes from a teacher of boss. In my case, my old boss insisted on my printing out a web page and he would mark it up with a red pen for me to apply the corrections and then ... print it out again to be marked up.

Of course, I wind up with a handful of leftover pens. Many are odd brands or red. it isn’t that our office spends a lot of money on pens. They turn up with crates of store brands. I do not remember the last time I liked the pens we had on our supply shelf. The shelf happens to be next to the restrooms so I get a chance to notice our lack of proper color pens a couple times a day.

If you do find yourself with a couple black pens at this point in the office supply cycle, it is a good idea to grab a couple red pens and swap the ink cartridges. Put a piece of tape or something on the pens for your own convenience. Then guard them with your career because it might be a while before the supply lines find their way back to your oasis of booty known as the supply shelf.

Firefox and Chrome on Linux

I’m having some issues with everything about Linux. I have become far less tolerant of bullshit issues on Linux than I used to be. I used to consider that the OS and software was free so leeway should be given. This is changing for me. I am getting bug intolerant as I age. I believe the scientific term is cantankerous.

Firefox Works
  • Mouse over works. This is the kind of thing you don't think about until it is broken.
Firefox Broken
  • High contrast sucks.
  • Leave it open over night and it runs like crap the next day even if you kill it and restart.
Chrome Works
  • High contrast is awesome.
Chrome Broken
  • High contrast has scrolling issue that makes it really annoying.
  • Mouse over is jacked. You can kind of fight and make it work. Sort of.

It seemed like more. I’m sure I’ll come up with more to complain about. Give me a bit.

Memory Wipe

Scientists Have Discovered How To 'Delete' Unwanted Memories ( 93
Posted by BeauHD on Monday February 15, 2016 @02:00AM from the eternal-sunshine-of-the-spotless-mind dept.
A new documentary from PBS reveals how cutting edge science enables us to 'edit' memories and create new ones from scratch. "For much of human history, memory has been seen as a tape recorder that faithfully registers information and replays it intact," say the film's makers. "But now, researchers are discovering that memory is far more malleable, always being written and rewritten, not just by us but by others. We are discovering the precise mechanisms that can explain and even control our memories."
What will prevent people from making the same bad decisions that lead to the memories in the first place again? Will companies want this action at the end of contracts? 


Me and my shadows

What am I complaining about in this one?


Little nip



You can kinda tell it's foggy


Ride gome


Old containers, new ones, Life.

What I complained about yesterday


Rust Oleum. The 44 magnum of spray paint. -Hunter S. Thompson


Well, good morning to you too.

Well, good morning.


Red evening


Another YouTuber and cameras and complaining.