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YouTube is turning in to a little bitch

I watched Hickock45's videos. I was not subscribed I don't think. Google has decided to banish those presenting their opinions on guns and politics surrounding the second amendment.

First YouTube and Google Plus pick winners in political efforts. Now they prevent gun education. Way to be evil guys. Please provide a service to people you disagree with as well as agree with. This would be great. Thanks.
 Hickok45 just made a statement on his Facebook page.
Apparently, Google + is more sensitive about firearms related postings and such. I never use Google+ and did not even realize the videos were being posted over there, I guess. I will keep you posted via Facebook here and the Hickok45andson channel. I have communicated with YouTube via email this morning, and hopefully, we’ll be able to get the channel back up soon. I had just posted a new video.
Found here

Apologies for the double quote. I'm not sure how else to tell the story.

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