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Why soldiers miss war

Frightening stuff. This sounds better than any war movie I've ever watched or book I've ever read. It makes me want to not get close to war, ever.

‘He’s Long Gone’As if on cue, we both looked up and in the direction of the rocket’s flight path. Along that line of sight there was a tall radio antenna inside the Army compound, about 100 yards from the crater.A few hours prior, Martin and I had been standing underneath the towering steel structure, chatting while we sipped on Blue Monster energy drinks.  When the attack came, we survived by diving into a concrete bunker that, as luck would have it, was only a few feet away.Further out in the distance behind the antenna, slightly obscured in the valley’s eternal brown haze and well beyond the base perimeter, was a low bluff covered in typically drab Afghan buildings. Apache gunships still patrolled the skies above this area.

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