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Silence is evil

Rape mobs not just for Germany any more.
There is a cultural component that, as we see time and time again, the culture-deciders cover-up again and again. Oh, they understand well enough that culture plays a role, as can be seen from their constant chatter about a "Rape Culture" and the need to tell men not to rape.
But then, suddenly, when it becomes politically incorrect to note cultural contributions, they stop talking about rape culture altogether and kind of change the subject.
Anyway, as heavily euphemized as it is, the Politico article is a watershed moment, the time when even the forces of coercive political correctness scramble for more politically-correct reasons to agree that we need to slow down on immigration.Meanwhile, in Germany, they're prosecuting a bunch of people in the wake of the sex-mob attacks.
Not for the sex-mob attacks, but for speaking too crudely about the sex mob attacks.Link
The issue is not only one of sexual assault, but lying to the public about it in order to prevent people from protecting themselves. Because people who feel the need to protect themselves just might ... protect themselves.

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